Under hyped yoyos?

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You can totally channel the dirty air out of the cup, but you’d need to create grooves to do it. F1 teams have been doing it for ages on wheels to cool brakes and for aerodynamic effect.


You are correct, and Mercedes as of late has even been making modifications to the plate that connects the hub assembly. However, channeling airflow is not the same as reducing drag. The DRS is a better analogy for the cutouts on a yo-yo. When activated, the DRS as you probably know allows the car to go faster because it creates a more laminar air flow, thereby reducing drag. In F1 that additional drag is normally creating downforce, so there is a good reason to have it at times. In a yo-yo, the cutouts (drag creators)… well, they kinda look cool I guess?? Point is, they do create drag, regardless if they were to channel air or just spin and make noise.


If you add grooves, wouldn’t that also increase the turbulence?

F1 cars are powered, so they can use turbulence to their advantage by adding power to wheels and remove that unwanted air. In a yo-yo; that power will come from the rotational momentum (spin).


The Spin Dynamics Alter Ego has gone tremendously under-hyped.

The yoyo is beautiful and plays like a dream! Still my favorite, and I bought it over two years ago.

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If you channel the turbulent air, it’s no longer turbulent. It only becomes that when it exits the channel.

You’re right. It would reduce the drag, because the air wouldn’t be hitting a wall head on, but it wouldn’t eliminate it entirely because there’s still a hole and channel for the air to flow through.


Blues 100%. Feels a lot like my 420.


Yes, it is very similar to the Yomega Prodigy (apparently machined by One Drop?) and both are great.