ive played the n9 once, and it plays smooth dont get me wrong, but im not sure they have licenses to sell a yoyo with hubstacks AND a konkave bearing

I have a T9 Dark Angel and its pretty good. The only thing i dont know how to do is take off the Z-Stacks. Can anyone help me?

Is that even a weight ring or is it just a raw strip that’s not anodized to stand out?

A manufacturer having variety in designs means they must be stealing???

I recall a YYR sponsored player mentioning to me that a lot of YoYoJoker designs share a really similar profile to YYR. I can definitely see where he’s coming from. I’ve seen people comment that the upcoming CLYW Glacier Express doesn’t look like a CLYW. Meanwhile I felt the OD Burnside felt more like a YYF than a OD, and the General-Yo Entheos profile looks totally like a DV888 to my simple eyes. I guess all these manufacturers are occasionally “stealing the inspiration” from others. Although I’d love you to explain what the difference between “being inspired by” and “stealing the inspiration from” others is.

From what I’ve read elsewhere it’s just a raw strip not a weight ring as YoyoGeezer mistakenly implied.

Seriously, there’re a bunch of Chinese manufacturers that are still producing blatant copies of original designs that deserve to be criticised. Magic YoYo is a company that is actually doing the right thing and deserves all the success they get. Also the new N10 appears to have a completely original finish which demonstrates they are becoming more creative now that they’re established.

As far as I’m aware the konkave and hubstack patents only cover the USA (someone please correct me if these are patented in other jurisdictions). I know at least one retailer in the States sells some Magic YoYo with a flat bearing to abide by the patent.

Personally I own two Magic YoYos. I think they’re great value for money but have to disagree with one of the previous posters about the bearings. I found the stock bearings to be low-quality non-stainless steel like most budget Chinese manufacturers.

^^^^^ thank you

The glacier express might not look like most clyws but that doesnt mean theyre stealing anything. The GE looks nothing like any yoyo ive ever seen. Im not hating on magic yo. My first 5 yoyos were magic yo and I still play my n9 from time to time. They make decent quality yoyos for great prices. You cant beat that. Especially for beginners. But when I open my case and see an avalanche, a chief, a gnarwhal, a code 2, a genesis, a superstar, a skyline, and others, the magic yos are not even noticed. Theyre great starters. Some more than others. But they will never out perform the high end companies like OD, YYR, CLYW, SPYY, or even YYF OR YYJ. My advice for new players, get one. They will serve you well while learning.

I will say this is debatable. It all comes down to preference. I’m sure there are a few out there who feel like a certain Magic Yoyo is the best you they will ever play even though they have “high end” yoyos. It all comes down to preference. But I think say quality wise they might fall in with the “lower end” YYFs like say the JK, DV888, Yuuksta, Superwide, 2.0.

Seems some people are afraid to admit that something $20 can be better then something that has more rep and work thrown into it. Honestly who cares? If I had a pair of jordans and some cheap pair of shoes from a bargain outlet does that mean I’ll walk better in jordans? Just because things have a higher price tag that in no way makes it any better.

Aluminum is cheap. U-groove bearings are cheap setting up a CNC self loading lathe is easy.

I don’t care what it costs, as long as it’s fun.

The Magic Yoyos sell for cheap. They seem to be well made and play well and I’ve had ZERO issues with the bearings. I like them.

If people knew the mark-up on yoyos, many would soil their pants. Some might just soil them anyways, they just do that on their own. I’m not here to judge.


Well said. Just like canvas and paint are cheap. It is what the artist does with it that brings value.

no but I bet those jordans are more comfortable, perform better on the court, and will last a hell of a lot longer. Im sorry but there is no way that these magic yos are better than the clyws, spyys, yyr, and so on. Theyre great for the price. And play well.

Well said. I’m sure that without exception then higher price ALWAYS equates to “better quality”.


I’ll push this in the direction of stuff I know: Pro audio.

It’s odd how when I’ve done high end sound installations with people buying this vastly overpriced “audiophile” crap, the amount of time and effort and TECHNOLOGY(and hence additional costs) to properly tune the system to the room is astronomical. But as they say, a fool and his money are soon parted. I have to rent a $15K measurement device coupled to a $2800 measurement mic CALIBRATED to each other to “sniff” the room, then use very precise 31-band graphic EQ’s as well as some parametric EQ’s and sometimes some hybrid EQ’s just to get reasonable.

Yeah, they pay $100K+ and in the end, it still sounds like a$$. Of course, most of them fail to properly TREAT their environments too, so we’re also having to deal with room reflections, which adds all sorts of other issues.

Now, let’s look at studio monitors. I have a paid of studio monitors I paid I think under $280 for the pair of active speakers. They are the KRK Rockit 5 G2’s. I love these, they sound amazing. I also added the 10" subwoofer, which that cost me more than the two speakers. Stepping up to a pair I paid over $600 for, KRK 6000’s. Hands down these are my favorite nearfields EVER, especially coupled with the Rickbacker PA300 amplifier and the heavy gauge Monster Cable with the tips I put on them.(yes, it sounds different soldered via crimped, the soldering put a slight load on the cable and helped tighten up the highs, which was why I went that way). The amp I got used for $150, popped in a case I paid around $80 for and the cables I forget what those ran me, it’s been a while.

Ideally, I’d like a pair of Meyer HD-1’s, which cost I think over $1600 each, which in a 2-way design that goes down to 28 Hz, well, that’s amazing, as well as with the output they do.

Stepping back down the price range, I’ve had amazing results with the Mackie monitors and wouldn’t mind owning their latest 8" active offering, the HR824mk2, which at nearly $600 EACH, are loud enough and work suitably enough for use on the doghouse at my FOH position, letting me avoid headphones if I wanted to. They also sound great.

Studio speakers can cost from very low prices($89 or less for stuff I can use and trust) to thousands of dollars. But, without correcting for the environment at the very least, how can you be sure you’re getting a translatable mix? You can’t.

Let’s look at headphones:
My Ultrasone Pro650’s cost me over $260. Yes, HEADPHONES.
My AKG 240M’s cost me $110 each.
My AKG 44’s cost me, well, I got them free with a microphone.

The 240’s sound the best(preference) and are the most accurate according to measurements. The 650’s are closed back and are accurate, but work better for me for live sound due to the isolation. THe 240’s semi-open back design makes them useless when doing concerts.
The 44’s just plain suck in my opinion. I leave those by the in-ear rack for quick monitoring.

Let’s go to mics. In an impartial shootout of handheld mics intended for vocal use, a guy went through many mics, ranging from $50 to $650. What worked best? AN $89 mic was the best fit for his vocal. The point here? Matching the proper transducer to the source.

Let’s address shoes:
I tried a pair of Jordans. My impression: I absolutely without a doubt hated these shoes. No way I’m ever going to consider them again. That’s just my opinion of them. I’m fine with the Asics I got on sale at Big5 for $35 or the pair I got on sale when Mervyns went under a few years ago. They fit better for me. Last longer? Who knows, those Jordans were SO incompatible with me they never even passed the “walk test” in the store. And let me tell you, I’ve met Michael Jordan, but that doesn’t have anything to do with anything else.

Now, let’s get back to yoyos:
Determining what is “great” SHOULD NOT be based on price. Determination of “good, better and best” should be something only the individual player should be able to rule on. I won’t argue that SPYY and CLYW and One Drop make great stuff. I don’t have any YYR, I won’t comment on them to be fair.

In the right hands, darn near any yoyo can perform amazing. That includes inexpensive stuff like a PSG, Asteroid, Protostar, Northstar(used to win Worlds in 2010!). Price is something necessary to facilitate retail trade. Nothing more. Many factors go into determining what that price should be, which INCLUDES a mark-up from the maker(so they make money) to the mark-up the seller(such a YYE does) so they ALSO make money. The only thing that can determine BETTER or BEST is the player using the yoyo. If they are kicking butt and taking names with a sub-$30 metal, then that’s just fine with me!

The Magic YoYos are apparently this sleeper of a brand YYE might want to consider jumping on since so many of us have already discovered them and are buying them. They perform 3-5 times what they cost. These perform not only “great” for the price, but “amazing” for their price, or “obscenely good” for “stupid cheap”. I for one am taking advantage of these sellers before they realize what they are doing. I’m sure they are losing their profit over the shipping. I mean, $16 for a good throw with shipping from China and arriving in 6-9 days on average for me?

Yes, I like my CLYW’s. Yes, I like my One Drops. Yes, I like my Spyy Solaris, but my Ronin not so much. And I think my Magic T5 plays up in the $80 range if not higher. It’s actually been a go-to yoyo for me recently, where-as I’d been playing my Chief quite a bit until the T5 hit my mailbox.


Yep… And…

Well ima gonna agree with studio on this and thats just how I feel. if you feel differently then thats yours to keep.

Do the Jordans feel better? I like dr. scholls and they cost less ;D
Perform better? The shoes are not the ones performing
Last longer? Probably but that hardly is comparable to these yoyos. If I put a clwy next to a magic yo on a shelf for a 1000 years they would have collected dust just the same. There aluminum.

Honestly and this is just my opinion no need to rebuttal, yoyo vs yoyo is a silly fight. sure some are smooth as others and some are not but did ya have fun with it? and besides, performance is in you not the yoyo.

Lets kidnap Jensen kimmet and you play with his clyw and he can play with a magic yo 9 and lets see who gets there bumkiss kicked. :smiley:

If you like the yoyo, use it. If not don’t. is it stolen ideas, maybe maybe not. Is it up to you to bring the yoyo world to justice or is it the yoyo creators of the world responsibility to protect there ideas?

Get it, don’t get it.

I think it’s time for the mods to lock this thread as there is to much “no, your wrong”, “no, your the ones that are wrong” attitude that is becoming a breeding ground for hate.

Wrong, right, who cares. Go throw a yoyo!

Great points. And I do have a magic yo n9, n8, n5 despardo, and a t5. So its not that I think they suck. I still play them, just not near as much. I dunno, it is hard to say because every person will have theyre own individual experiences and preferences. So as ghost said, im going to go throw and have fun, hope you all do the same. :slight_smile:

Amen to that :slight_smile:

First point:

They aren’t cheaply made.

I’ll use guitars as an example. Take the Gibson Les Paul Standard. It has all the features that the Epiphone Les Paul Standard has, but ranges anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on finish, wood quality and pickups. Meanwhile, the Epiphone costs about $500 for slightly less quality and made in China. Gibson’s cheapest model, the Junior Les Paul, isn’t a great guitar, and pulls in at $750.

While Epiphone IS owned by Gibson, my point isn’t that YoYoFactory should buy Aoda. Or YoYoJam buy Audely. My point is that Magic Yo makes quality products, that unfortunately leave some to be desired in some areas, such as not having a grinding finish, IRG or good pads.

Second point

They’re not ripoffs

Funny you should mention those yoyos. Most of the ones you mentioned look NOTHING like the ones I mentioned. The YYSkeel Anything looks nothing like the N5. Completely different catch zone shape. Looks more like an Asteroid to me. Yo know whats funny? The Asteroid is basically a plastic Magic YoYo N6. Funny, cause I coulda sworn the N6 came first…

Weird you should mention a Phenom for the second. They’re nothing alike. The Phenom boasts Brass weight rings placed in the center of a somewhat rounded angular V-Shaped 56mm diameter yoyo. The N8 sports a more DV8ish shape with angles in the catch zone. It has A focus on rim weight with a 47mm diameter. That raw part is just non anodized aluminum. Nothing fancy.

Ok, I’m really not seeing this last one. In fact, I don’t think there is another like it on the market!

If the three yoyo’s I named (N5, N8 and T10) are copies of legit companies designs (Anything, Phenom and Genesis), than clearly our legit companies need to stop stealing designs from each other as well!

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^Thank you! I couldn’t agree with you more. Lol

My opinion on Magic Yoyos:

I have 10 of them so far. T5,T6,T8,T9(x2 for Asquared), T10, N5,N6,N8,N9. I have a lead on an N10 and N10.

I got my son a T6 and he’s probably looking to get a T9 for his first stacked yoyo.

So, I like the stuff. Enough said. The T5 plays right up there with my Firmy.