Fake Magicyoyos

I just got this from a local forum, and backed up by the official MYY. I didn’t have much info though, other than there are fake Magicyoyos. And if you happen to get one especially from a random shady Ebay-like place, and the price is very low, chances are you’re getting a fake one. That might also explain why some people have bad experience with them. If you want one, you’ll have to get it from a reputable source.
Quoting a friend who is an official reseller, the easiest way to check is the fake one used concave non-stainless bearing, instead of the stainless or sometimes gold plated concave/center trac the real one shipped with.

*Btw let’s not turn this into a business ethics argument and all that sort. I’m just here to inform.


People make fake magic yoyos? LOL

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Yes, people will fake just about anything if they see opportunity to make money. Sad, but, this seems to happen all over the price spectrum of the hobbies I have.

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Magic yoyo seems like a kind of stupid thing to fake imo. There isn’t much hype behind it and there are tons of better yoyos in their price range. It makes sense that they’d fake YYR since those sell out instantly no matter where you put it up for sale at and there is pretty large profit margin if they do it right, but magic yoyo just really doesn’t seem like the smartest thing for someone to fake lol.

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Dang that’s crazy. I’ve seen this company called Smart&Cool that seems to have a bootleg of the MagicYoyo T5. Also have seen some yoyos that look like just MagicYoyo from different sellers but there’s no engravings on them.

Even Auldey has fakes. Magicyoyo pretty stands out compared to most Chinese brands (there are tons of them) and they have team/sponsoring contests, it still makes sense.

Here. In the USA.

I’m pretty sure they do better in SE Asia, where they have a much larger presence.

And for anyone considering to even buy a magicyoyo throw, I would highly suggest you don’t do it. Even if you do get a yoyo that is not fake, the quality of the MYY yoyos are pretty bad.

First hand experience: When I was just starting unresponsive yoyoing, I had not ventured at all into the yoyoing community and knew pretty much nothing about YYF, One Drop, CLYW, and all the other amazing companies like those. I did not know any good yoyos to buy. Consequently, I bought a MYY yoyos from Amazon: the MYY N11. I’m pretty sure it was not fake, but still, the quality of the yoyo is still very poor. Needless to say, after that I bought a YYF Shutter. I haven’t touched my N11 since then, except a few times when I wanted to laugh at the poorness of its quality :D.

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Bootleg MagicYoyo’s? lol

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Hahaha a bootleg of a bootleg? that’s a first.

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Tell me which one is bootleg… no really.

And this one isn’t really “bootleg” we knew, it’s downright mis-labeling. You know Aoda makes bootleg 888 but at least they still call it Aoda.

Honestly I can’t see any difference quality wise between Magicyoyo and most companies within its price range ($30-50). No vibe, proper 6061/3 alloy, except that they simply don’t suit my preference, I can’t see anything wrong with them.

Btw where did you guys got one and which model, I’m curious, and what issue did you encounter?

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Cloned MYYs? Oh man, thats like cloning a Huffy. It just is sad, confusing, and dumbfounding. If one was to go through all that effort to rip something off, they chose that???

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There is an official MagicYoYo store on Amazon that has authorized merchandise. Sharing the URL falls outside the framework of this forum. The information is available on the official MagicYoYo FB links. It may be a good policy to order yo-yos from reputable dealers. I have purchased yo-yos from YoYoExpert because I trust the company (and on top of that… they have had great deals at the 2015 Nat. Contest and other contests attended).

am i the only one here that likes magic yoyo besides Rizki? :-\

I like them to an extent, and for the price I’m super impressed honestly. They are unresponsive, relatively smooth and play pretty well. For 10-15 dollars they aren’t bad. I have a k8 and when you take the plastic sidecaps off (ridiculously difficult to do) it’s pretty impressive for it being a magic yoyo.

I wish Magic yoyo was around when I first started. Not something I’m gonna reach for daily but they blow yoyos like the zombie out of the water.

I like magic yoyo i have a few n11 is the worst by far but the new m00 line is awesome i have the m002 april its a daily carry and if i ding it not a big deal only cost like 21 bucks and prob has best bang for your buck imo

It pains me to admit this… But after I took the fake Z-stacks of a Magicyoyo N9, it was one of my favorite feeling yoyos to play…

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First off, I have to ask…why? As if Magic Yoyos weren’t cheap enough. To me, that’s like reaching a new low. Don’t get me wrong, I have 2 very awesome MYY’s (T9 and a K6), and then I have 2 MYY’s that make me ask “why?” (They came in a mystery box from another place so I had no idea these were coming).

The 2 strange MYY’s I have are the K9 and K8. I should try to remove those rather useless plastic caps on that K8, and doubt I’ll be needing to use them again so if they get destroyed in the process I’m fine with that. The K9 had some cool bearing fingerspin cups but came with a cost: One barely spins. Impossible to remove (to clean the bearing) so that was an idea that kind of went nowhere.

The reason why is because they can make money (I think we all knew that part :p) It is just like when yoyo factory made the replay. They came out with a pretty good yoyo at a cheap price. Since it’s cheap many of us have boughten multiples of them. They can sell more at a cheaper price. Not everyone is looking for really expensive yoyos or even moderately priced ones. There is money to be made by selling stuff for a small profit margin per said item. They wouldn’t be making the bootlegs if they weren’t making good money off of them.

If you copy Magicyoyo, the potential buyer are most likely beginner who know little about it, or people who don’t really care about that much money anyway. I mean, if one copy a Yoyorecreation people will spot it right away, because the ones who buy Yoyorecreations are most likely been on it for a while thus more likely to be able to spot the fakes. Besides, no one selling “bulk YYRs” on generic online store.
It’s smart if you think about it that way.