Carry Magic yo-yo's?

Why doesn’t the store have Magic yo-yos? A Lot of people like them, and you can sell them for a decent price. I imagine you can make a good chunk of change off of them. So, why not?

I’d also like to see YYE carry YoYofficer as well.

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I don’t have 100$ to spend most of the time, so some nice cheap throws would be nice.


Many MagicYo’s come stock with knockoff Chinese koncave bearings. YYE is a big supporter of Dif-E-Yo and the Original Koncave so MagicYo’s don’t seem to be anywhere in the future for YYE.

It has been announced that YYO is coming soon.

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Quote from YoYo Expert’s Facebook page in reply to my question on Why they do not carry Magic YoYos

“We haven’t really found anything by them that we want to carry just yet! In the past the company has copied some other brands yo-yos exactly too which we don’t really like. We aren’t saying ‘never’ - but for now we have other yo-yos we like to recommend!”-YoYoExpert Facebook Page 11/18/2013 9:27am

So its out of respect for other yoyo companies designs being stolen.

They do now.

That last part is kind of interesting. One company that likes to declare “bootleg” is often the one doing the bootlegging, and it’s a brand carried here.

Honestly, I hope YYE never carries Magic YoYo. Why? Because then the prices will increase. I can hit up Ebay and get these amazing yoyos for a fantastic price. Granted, the shipping lag times are horrific though, which can be anywhere from 3-6 weeks(or longer). I kinda like the randomness of a purchase I sort of forgot about arriving. “Hey, it’s like Christmas around here!”

But, if we want to get onto other yoyos YYE carries, I keep buying from YYE so obviously I have zero problems with their ever-increasing selections. Not wasting effort on Magic YoYo leaves for more time to focus on finding something else amazing we should want to purchase.

I actually have 3 Magic YoYos
the N10 Ceramic looking one, i got this one because its pretty and i can display it. Wobbles a bit.
the N12 is an aluminum throw and really rough finish allows for really long grinds.
And the D6 Crystal Blue with white plastic, really nice balanced plastic throw i love it its one of my favorite everyday recreational throws.
all around the cost of about 20 - 40.
Of course nothing compared to my supernova, summit and glide.

I think magic yoyos should be and could be carried. I’m sure they would get cut a deal where we could still get them cheap. There also has to be a way around the knock off kks.

It has very little to do with individual products. More to do with the overall attitude of a company that blatantly copies other company’s stuff.

I see this a lot. Which of their yoyos is a supposed copy? I haven’t seen anything from them that is a copy of anything else. Or are the complaints about the kk bearings and hubstacks?

I haven’t seen any yoyo shapes copied by magicyoyo, but yeah is it just the bearing and hubstacks you are refering to?

I know qixia definitely has direct copies of many yyf yoyos.

They legally license hubstacks from YYF now. Not sure about the KK bearings.

They may also have had origins in bootlegging. Their current lineup does not seem to have any bootlegs in it.

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Uhhhhh they have one that’s a g5 without hubstacks. Like for real. It’s exactly the same shape.

I’d be curious to know which one. MYY’s most famous hubstacked yoyo in the n9, which is not exactly the same shape as the g5.

well magyo t8 shadow does, same shape no z stack