Suggesting some new brands and models


I don’t know what the deal is here at YYE because it would be getting into their internal business, and honestly, I don’t deserve to know that kind of information.

OK, so I guess the flack over certain brands such as Aoda, Audley and a few others over “bootlegging”, but its provable that in many cases(OK, nearly all), those who are doing the bootleg finger pointing are the ones actually doing the bootlegging.

Let’s look at a few brands I think would be beneficial to YYE and is costing them sales. First off, I’ll go ahead and say Magic YoYo. Other than the concave bearing(not a KK, but it’s like a KK), why not carry this brand? They make some great stuff at reasonable prices. YYE carries God Tricks, which seems oriented around mostly budget-minded/high performance metals. It appears Magic YoYo is doing the same thing at even lower prices. I’m kind of mixed about recommending this stuff, but I’ve got it and I really like it. Would YYE like me to box my stuff up and send it out to them for a 2 week trial and then send it back to me?(probably with some other goodies I buy from YYE at the same time)

Another brand to consider is YoYofficer. I’m not sure what their deal is, but the Aura I’m really liking so much that I need to get the Brave and Crayon. I had to order the Aura from a Japanese company we almost all know of, since another “domestic” retailer here sold out and is still out of them. Next week I’m going to order the Brave and Crayon.

I feel these are two brands to consider. It helps the players with less cash get great stuff, broadens the YYE customer base and hopefully the numbers justify the decision.

Now, a model to carry: YYE already carries YoYoRecreation, however, not the full line. The Diffusion is a plastic, loads of fun, that I had to get from the above not-mentioned Japanese company. I swear, you HAVE to carry this. Do I need to send this out as well?

I also wish certain brands produced more, such as General Yo and Madhouse. I know Madhouse has some more stuff coming soon though. YYE has no control over that, but I bet they do have some influence in getting more produced!

I like YYE. However, I do shop by price too, and I do have to go to where I need to go in order to get what it is that I want to get. Sometimes that means I have to go elsewhere for better pricing and/or because YYE doesn’t carry it. I hope YYE understands my decision making process. As far as certain brands are concerned, such as YYF, I’ll definitely buy from YYE whenever possible.


You made some good points.

Also, not all Chinese brands are bootleggers.