Please put Yomega in the shop.

Dear YoYoExpert,
I would just like to suggest adding Yomega yo-yos to the shop. They have some good throws, for beginner to advanced for 1A and 2A, and they have a new yo-yo going to be released soon. (Which I can’t wait for.)


A lot of people actually requested like you did, but I think Yomega only sells their yoyos on their site. That’s why you can’t really see a Yomega on an online yoyo store. :slight_smile:

Oh. Thank you, for telling me. I did not know that, and I did not know it was already requested.

I don’t think that is true unless they have changed their policy recently.

Im pretty sure that Yomega does sell to yoyo stores, but YYE had a falling through with Yomega and Andre does not carry them for professional reasons. Don’t take my word for it.

I think it is more because they are hard to work with. Different bearing sizes, response systems and the like. Just doesn’t make for a very shop friendly item.

I heard it was because Andre only wants to carry yoyos from manufacturers who benefit the community, after that whole worlds business and all. That’s what I recall, but don’t take my word for it. I don’t really wanna start this whole thing again.

Although honeys did to yo-yoing what the fishigi did to contact juggling, people really need to get over it and let bygones be bygones. By doing what they did they have wounded themselves and the scar will be there forever but the community needs to let the wound freakin’ heal already. The respect has been lost and will probably never be restored with those who’ve been throwing for a while. But noobs gotta start somewhere.

Just like to add I’m not specifically targeting you Patrick, I know you understand as well.

As usual, this discussion has deteriorated…