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I had made this post previously on the lively Yomega thread but it accidentally got deleted in an attempt by another moderator to clean out some of the other Yomega bashing posts so here is a rewrite…

In regards to Yomega:
A few people associated with Yomega made a stupid mistake at the World Yo-Yo Contest a few years ago. Does it mean their product sucks and everyone working/associated with them also sucks? No. And any bashing of them on this forum needs to stop there.

So why doesn’t YoYoExpert carry Yomega product:

It has absolutely nothing to do with their conduct at Worlds that year.

In general Yomega is a somewhat difficult brand to carry. They don’t really ‘work’ with retail stores to sell any of their high end metal yo-yos - instead they try and bring all customers through their own website by passing the high end yo-yo retailers. None of their parts in their yo-yos are compatible with any other brands which complicates the system all together and it can be difficult to get the spare parts people inevitably need. And a big one for us is they also don’t currently promote or sponsor any yo-yo contests. We choose to try and work with manufacturers trying to promote the sport and yo-yo community as a whole and they have decided to focus their efforts elsewhere. It isn’t necessarily the “wrong” thing to do but not our direction.

Yomega definitely was a great brand and still makes some good yo-yos - but right now there are a lot of other choices that have been great to work with for us.


This was greatly needed, thank you Andre.


Ok. :slight_smile:

i think that cleared up alot

Yes Andre thank you.

I just realize they didn’t support the community.
i wonder what they thinkin. .