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WARNING: This is a long review, and I am sure it is going to stir up some controversy, but I set out to review the new Yomega’s with objectivity, and this is the result.

Back in the late 90’s I got to experience my first ball bearing yo-yo. It was the Yomega Raider, and it was the component that hooked me into yo-yoing. Down in Southern California, I did a few school shows with HPK and Team High Performance, visited the Yomega office, helped run X-Brain driven classes, and even managed by own yo-yo store for the Kite Connection. I can tie my yo-yoing background all the way back to a Yomega Brain I purchased in 96 that got me interested, and the Raider that got me hooked in 98. In 2000 I took a break, focusing on college and then my military career. I did a few classes and performances over the years but nothing serious. In early 2007 I got back into it heavy when I saw a kid do a plastic whip. It blew my mind. I asked him if Yomega was still a good brand and he informed me that most of the Yomega yo-yo’s were not designed for the new level of tricks. Shortly thereafter I heard what happened at Worlds 2007. I won’t go into it beyond saying what Yomega did, the betrayal they displayed at the event and on the boards, was both unprofessional and wrong. There are already countless posts in many forms about what happened, and the dirty politics Yomega pulled. I am not looking to rehash that. What I am trying to do is review yo-yo’s and yoyo products. My goal here is to try to put aside the politics and the universal unhappiness the yo-yoing community has with the Yomega Corporation, and objectively review its new line for exactly what it they are: yoyos. Since you can only get these direct from the Yomega website right now, I am going to go quite a bit more in-depth then I have in my previous reviews.

No one can deny the looping power for over cranked Raiders, but as far as advanced 1a and 5a go, Yomega’s products are largely overlooked. The Brain line is very popular with both retailers and kids looking to learn the basics, but only a small percentage of players use Yomega for intermediate and advanced 1a/5a play. Just recently, Yomega released the Lancer II, Maverick, and the long overdue Hot Shot, all looking to find a place in the intermediate to advanced play market.

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Yeah, I’ve been waiting for you to finally put this one out. I don’t even have to guess as to why you’ve been hesitant about it. Lemmie give you my thoughts, and I hope you take them well, as I think you’re a cool cat.

Putting aside the almost incredulous nonsense that Yomega has done, you had to have expected going into this that the products were going to be much less than stellar. This has been a trademark of theirs for so long I don’t think anyone expects anything different these days. There’s much truth to the fact that they got a LOT of folks into the hobby. In the late 90’s they played a part for me when I came to the hobby. With that said, I always felt that they were a day late and a dollar short when compared to the other products and companies, even at that point in time. I had a raider or two, and they were nice, but I also had a Bee, a Fusion, and quite a few others that were just better products in my opinion.

The business at Worlds was ridiculous, and so were the almost unbelievable comments made by Alan Amaral. There are few who would, in good conscience, support them after that whole fiasco played itself out. On the other hand, Duncan (well, it’s parent company, to be accurate) has pulled some questionable moves in times past and the wounds seem to have healed relatively quickly. Some would argue that this is due, at least in part, to the fact that Duncan makes a product or two that people want, and Yomega just doesn’t. But I guess that’s neither here nor there. Just something that was standing out in my mind as I type.

All in all, I’m almost sorry that your review here went they way it did. I really want to like them again, as I thought they were a good company for a long time. Had you review been different, I would have actually gone out and tried these new products, as I value your opinion that much. Despite feeling the way I do, I would have given them my business again. As it stands, your review is no doubt accurate, and I’m not at all surprised by it’s contents.

You’re right, though. This one is liable to (re?)open the proverbial can of worms.

Not the worlds fiasco again! :wink: I think we should all let it go, along with a lot of people. Those of you (im not accusing you DocRobot) who keep going on about this should let it go. I don’t like their products, but I don’t think those who do should be flamed and bad mouthed because they like a company. I think the people that still cares about this should just get up and yoyo, instead of dwelling in the past. It was almost two years ago.


I’m just offering my opinions on his review, man. That’s all. I’ll let it go with a company turn-around and an apology, not anytime before. And nobody’s flaming anybody here. Not really sure where that’s coming from.

Either way, this isn’t exactly the topic at hand, which makes me wonder why it was the only thing you’ve seemed to notice or comment on in this thread.

How about this wonderful review Chris wrote? Do you agree with it? Disagree? Are you interested in trying these products out for yourself? Do tell! ;D

ok will I just started yoyoing like a month and half ago so could anybodyy tell me what exactly happened???

I was looking at the Yomega Hotshot, I’m glad i read the post that settled the issue for me. I’ll stick with the yo’s that I know that are good and wait for the company to come out with some thing worth buying. And I don’t have any idea about the worlds and I don’t think that I want to. ???


As to not rehash this insanity again, there’s your link. You’ll figure out soon enough into it just what happened. What you do with the information is up to you.