yomega yoyos?

i was wandering how yomega yoyos are for example Rhody-o Maverick Saber Raider Xodus II Power Brain XP

They aren’t as bad as people say they are… what are you wondering?

to me they suck suck suck suck suck suck suck
yomegas are horrible yet they win contests for people

Please edit that post, and don’t say stuff like that. They may suck to you, but others seem to like them.

Before I found the online world of yo-yoing, I found Yomegas… They are ok for first starting off but I would not recommend them at all. In had a ton of them, and the only one I still use today is the Xodus 2 for offstring. It is actually pretty decent. And occasionally my Blazer, but I would not recommend that either. That is my opinion. I have not tried any of their new metals, so I don’t know how they play.

Many people (namely Jayyo) love the Hotshot as well. (Or was it the Maverick 2…maybe both)

The Brain line is wonderful for people just starting out. If I know there would be nonyoyoers that would want to try a yoyo, I carry all of my 3 Brains with me so that they can try something.

And by the way, Yomega isn’t bad. Their yoyos aren’t bad. Not in the least. The other companies just happen to have better quality/more liked yoyos.

I love the Xodus 2 for offstring.

Alot of people swear by Modded Yomega Raiders for looping…

AND yomega did create the clutch… Which is what 75% of dollar store yoyos are now

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I will do that next time… thanks for telling me.

The Ooch-Yo is absolutely amazing, Yomega knew what they were doing when they made it. Plays as well as any yoyofactory.

Raider’s are pretty good for looping especially when they are modded.

Are Raiders discontinued now?

Yeah, you can’t exactly dis on the yomega line–even if most of us have moved on. They do make great loopers, but I think I speak for most of us when I say that yomega is what got us into throwing. I’ll never forget my first fireball. It’s kind of like dissing on the atari-- yeah, the PS3 blows it out of the water, but would it be around if not for its old-school, pac man spawning brethren? Probably not. Even Jon Rob got started back in the yomega kick.

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i got this yomega high performance (i think thats the name of the yoyo). it was alright for a aute return yoyo.


i un screwd it and the axel looked liked it would fit a duncan bearing.so i got the bearing,two duncan spacers.and inner race of a yoyojam large bearing. i put the race in that deep part of one of the halves then a spacer the bearing the other spacer screwed it togather string throw it 35 seconds of spin time that was aswome. now i need to get some friction strickers and i got myself a awsome looper

if you got one just laying around collecting dust turn that thing it to a awsome looper

Yomegas are underrated.

I love the hotshot, and I also like the Maverick. Raiders are pretty much the best loopers out there IMO.

All from Yomega.

Yomega release their new Yo-yo called “Ching Ching” :D, And it has Lap chung pads. :slight_smile:

Like some have said, yomega is great for a beginner. I personally us an Xodus II for offstring, and it’s decent. Some of the new stuff they’ve released i’ve heard is pretty decent.

Yomega makes great beginner yoyos. That’s what really got me moving to more and more tricks.

i started on a brain then went to a fireball then to freehand now i have a Dark Magic sitting in the postoffice. and i taught two of my cousins to yoyo withe a brain till they got the basics then we did brain sergery to it by taking the small o-ring off the spoolthing. now they got the basics down pretty well.