yomega yo-yos

are yomega yo-yos good yo-yos?

You should know. You have one. :wink:

Yeah, they’re good yoyos.

Why is this in videos?

From my opinion yomega yoyo except raider is really not that good. Also thinking of what they did… I wouldn’t want to buy there yoyos. But this is my opinion

O boy… It really is a matter of opinion. Personally, the only ones i trues are the maverick, dash (which i think is a maverick remake), and maybe the hotshot. It seems that the majority of people think yomega is not advancing with modern play. There gaps aren’t wide enough, there bearings are wacky, and they sometimes aren’t balanced as well as most other brands. It seems you can get more for your money with other brands.

Mavericks are pretty nice.

My maverick is less responsive then my dark magic (A.K.A. It’s almost completely unresponsive) but I binds nice and tight. :slight_smile: