yomega mavrick or yomega xodus 2?

hi i recently got back into yoyoing from when i was 10. i bought a yomega power brain xp, iv been messing with it for a couple days and feel like its time to upgrade, the only available models at the local retailer are the two in the title. i feel like i should go with the maverick after alot of research but i am wondering on everyones opinions, i do not want to buy a yoyo online as it will cost alot more due to shipping and american currency, i am only gunna buy a legit yoyo and/or specific yoyo when i learn more string tricks, i am just wondering if the maverick is a good choice?
i welcome suggestions for my 3rd yoyo but im really only choosing between the two in the title as its whats available to me
thanks in advance

The Yomega Maverick is a fine choice :slight_smile: But I suggest you should check out the Magic Yoyos on eBay, they are extremely cheap but high quality and performance yoyos and the shipping isn’t all that expensive as well.

I agree with yoyospirit, the maverick is the best out of the two but there are much better choices for less than $20 online

Maverick is a great choice, mine was my first metal yoyo and I dont regret it. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with yoyospirit on this one, a magic yoyo is a subpar choice. The maverick is set up just like a pro yoyo is, it has the same finish, the same features, and a high quality bearing. The magic yoyos, while cheap, have poor quality control, a weird finish, and vary in quality significantly from model to model. Also, do you know how to bind? If you don’t, then a Maverick or magic yoyo will be a frustrating choice. Right here on yoyoexpert, their are a range of nice starter yoyos, such as the yoyofactory Dv888, Hubstack, and recess first base. All are superior to almost any magic yoyo.

You may spend a little more money, but I can tell you you’ll be happier in the end.

As with most yoyos the maverick can be made to play responsive by lubing the bearing. So knowing how to bind is not a requirement to using one.