Yomega Maverick?

I’m looking to get my first metal yoyo, a Yomega maverick. Should i get it or something else? I don’t really know how to bind yet. If it is not for me, can you recommend a metal yoyo that is around 30$?

the yomega maverick is a great beginner i started with the 2011 yomega dash. i still have my dash and it cant take alot of what i throw at it.
you would be hard pressed to find a better metal for those prices…

i say go ahead and buy maverick it will back you up later on.

Mavericks are great! They come responsive, but they can wear in after a little while to be unresponsive, so I would definitely recommend working on a bind as soon as you get it. Throwing in any string-centering bearing will make it completely unresponsive once you’re ready. I competed with mine in a trick-ladder when I first started, and got 2nd place!

It’s still a good yoyo, I don’t use it often as I have many yoyos now, but it can handle any tricks you can do, as long as you can do them well.

The Kilter is in that price range, I’ve never played it, but from what I hear it’s amazing for the price.

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Do you guys know where to buy yoyos in Canada? i chose the maverick because it is sold at a toys ur us.

The Kilter plays very well for the price as well as the Pause

If I were you, I wouldn’t bother buying a metal yoyo until you know how to bind. Buy an unresponsive plastic first, learn how to bind well, then buy a metal. There is no need for metal before then.

I recommend getting a YYF Onestar, then when you can bind, get a YYO Kilter or Kilter 2.

My first metal yoyo was a Maverick a few months back; got it as a gift… I didn’t really get into it.
A few weeks later (while in Chico, CA) I bought a (6061 Al) unresponsive Chico Bulldog 225, and I enjoyed every minute of learning to bind and nailing tricks with it.
I’d say, get what you like, and have at it : )