Advice on my new Yomega.


I decided to get the Yomega Maverick as my first yoyo. Does anybody have any comments on this one? Any problems with it?


You’ll enjoy it. It’s great for learning and getting you up through quite a few tricks on the “Learn” page here. I bought a Dash a few months ago and it got me back into yoyoing. After a while you’ll want something more advanced though!


I started learning on a maverick. It’s a little harder to do some tricks on it when you start out, because of it’s size. But it will help in the long run! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I own a Maverick and I am going to say categorically; “ehh, it’s okay.” It’s a great little pal to shove in the pocket of your jeans when your just headed out and about. They’re a fun little throw, but they won’t take you to the big dance. The Yomega metals are a great place for any beginner to start. Both the Maverick and the Dash are acceptable metal throws to begin to learn some string tricks. The nice thing about them is that they are often more accessible to young players just starting out as stores such as Toys “R” Us usually carry them and they have a price tag that won’t even make noobies cringe.

I noticed you list the YYF Genesis as your favorite throw. If you already own a Genesis you’ll find the Maverick to be quite a few steps back down the ladder.


Awesome! That was my first yoyo! I have the one with the rubber o rings (I’ve heard there’s one with pads now.) and they wore down after a couple days of straight playing and It became semi unresponsive, and so it was good for learning to bind. It is a good yoyo to start with, but it won’t be able to take you to the more advanced stuff.


The maverick was my first metal throw. I siliconed it and got a dry 10ball for it. Plays pretty decent. Im not very accurate when I throw, so the small size / gap can be an issue. If you can consistently land a trick on a Maverick, it will become 2nd nature to you on a high end full size throw.


The maverick was my first throw how I found it very nice for a start got me to around advanced part 1 the I decided to upgrade


it was my first metal. since i learned how to bind on the thing, i could bind on anything due to its narrow gap! also after two months of throwing it, the response was so broken in it was more unresponsive as my grind machine. it grew with me as i learned. but soon the thing wont cut it (unless sili modded and clean bearing)


there’s nothing wrong with the maverick, once you break it in and get it to be semi unresponsive it can hang alright. it was my first metal throw and i really loved the way it looked, although in retrospect I kind of wish I had gone with the northstar.


What I did with my maverick was clean the heck out of the bearing lube it up make it unresponsive by using flowable silicone and change the string because with in the first hour of play the stock string snapped and the yoyo went flying