I've fallen back in love with my Maverick

The maverick is what really got me hack into throwing after about 12 years. I was at my aunts house and her son had a yoyo, I played with it, and really enjoyed it. So I immediately got online and bought the yomega deluxe gift box “yomega was the big brand I remembered from school” and once receiving I played with those yoyos “the maverick mostly” for hours every day.
Now since then I have bought many high quality yoyos, and did not spend much time with my maverick. But recently I pulled it out, cleaned the dust off, threw a KK bearing in it and started playing. And I have to tell you I am completely amazed how fast I can play with this throw, and granted it being small I am just as accurate if not more than my other larger throws. Like I seriously feel like I have waisted a lot of money on expensive throws because there is not a single trick I can’t hit on my maverick just as good as my expensive throws. Like I am completely amazed with this guy.
If you have not played a Maverick before I invite you to spend the $30 and either use a kk Bering or clean the stock bearing for unresponsive play, I promise you that you will be amazed with this budget yoyo with an unresponsive yoyo.
Have a maverick story? Experience, or Question? Post it here.

It was the first yoyo above $10 that I got and I thought it was a pretty crappy throw at the time I got it. In my first week I found that using the maverick would increase my accuracy because of how small it was and I used it only for training myself to hit the trapeze. It barely spins with the stock bearing that I have but it wasn’t really bad. I throw it around now and then but I guess I should stick a KK bearing in. I love the barbwire and skull design.

Defiantly man, gotta use a KK or atleast a clean flat bearing. It does not play that good as a responsive yoyo

My maverick is what made me start yoyoing at a higher level. I loved mine and I had was throwing it for 1 year but right now I am currently throwing my cypher

I keep my Maverick mint and think I won’t ever sell it. I like it to the point I keep it in my “less played” bag where my friends less likely go near it. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, and the grindable surface is one of the best.
I think one of the reason why people think it’s bad is because of the price point, which in turn giving the impression of low quality and cheap.

My Maverick is what got me back into yoyoing around a year ago. I saw one at a hobby shop and figured what the heck. I pick that thing up all the time still and highly recommend it to my friends when they are looking for a new throw.

At first I was on the fence about it since I was using its stock bearing. After I busted my other Yoyo the maverick was all I had left so I took a long break. When i picked it up about 4 months ago I was just messing around with it and then i broke in the bearing. One of the smoother yoyos i have used, but it is a little small, not really small but if you aren’t a fan of smaller yoyos i can see that being a problem.

But as some people are suggesting a KK bearing on it I’m going to try that out right now. Thanks for the tip!


Great yoyo, cheap metal, plays smooth
8/10 yoyo in my opinion

I have given out about a dozen Mavericks this year to the older fols in my class and they have really enjoyed the heck out them and actually rediscovered yoyoing…

it’s a great yoyo…


more smileys please?

This Yo-Yo is what got me back involved as well as a regular player. I got one and went from there, recently installed a Dif-E-Yo in mine too. I appreciate a Full-Size throw, now though.

im throwing the mavericks cousin the dash. It was my first really bearing throw, about two years ago i lost the axle to it and the bearing is mia too. But recently i got a yomega mod and the spacers from the yomod let me put in a kk bearing. now its my favorite all over again.

Do you have a link to these Yomega Mod Spacers? I didn’t know they had those! Do they work like the Duncan ones?

the yomega mods are three different yoyos you can customize… look them up.

Oh you know what man, I think I seen those at the store…I know what you’re talking about now. I thought you meant they had something like what Duncan has. You know I almost bought the High Speed one it was just grossly overpriced at the retail center.

Not to digress, but I ventured into a large toy shop in London a couple of weeks back and they were selling Duncan Metal Drifters for $63.00… shocking. :-\

I can believe it, when there was still shops in the malls here that retailed Yo-Yo’s…They used to really mark up the you know what out of the Yomegas and other brands. The Duncans were well over priced, too. Not like the Metal Drifter you speak of but all else considered… I am happy to be buying online and from YYE now.

yeah people will really mark the prices up to make people think that these are high quality yoyos… in the toy magazine that i got yesterday they had a yomega firestorm for fifty bucks. i mean i like the firestorm but that is a little overpriced.

Ive been throwing a Maverick for the past few months and learned a decent amount of tricks with it. This week I get my OD benchmark H. Can anybody give me a clue on what to expect from switching to the Benchmark from the Maverick?

The One Drop will be a considerable move forward in performance over your Maverick, if it is your first Full-Size Throw that was a good choice. The Maverick is very small compared to the B-H’s. Especially if you were running just the stock bearing on your Maverick, the One Drop will be a completely different Throw. It will seem huge at first but will grow on you.

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Thanks for the reply! Yea it is my first full size throw and my maverick is completely stock. Its what really got me into throwing and what eventually got me to stumble on this forum. Ive been on every day since lol.

that H should be able to carry you all the way to pro if you treat it right.

I bought thin lube and extra string. I plan on using it for awhile.