I went to a store today that sold quite a few Yomega yoyo’s, and there were 2 that really stood out to me: The hot shot and this one aluminum one that i forgot the name of. I just really wanted to know if those two are good yoyo’s and what everybody thinks about them. Thanks in advance!

Hotshot and Mavericks are great yoyos

I bought the Yomega Hot Shot, and I have not worn down the response yet. So with a new response system, and the bearing still lubed, it reminds me of the YoYoFactory Fast 201.
I never tried any of their full metals yet. I think their is someone on the forums here who has, and likes them. His name is Jayyo, but I don’t know his username.

Heh, his name is Josh and his username is Jayyo. I like all of the yomega metals. The maverick, The Dash (maverick with a wider gap), The Kerari (Rob Kitts yoyo) and the Ooch (Ooch’s yoyo) are all great. I have them all except the Kerari. My 16 year old has it and loves it though.

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rawr. i got ninja’d. ithink.

I’m always just a step ahead. :^)

Thank you for letting me know. Just a side question, “Do the Kerrari and the Ooch yo have deep enough recess for flowable silicone, because I saw the descripton on the Kerrari says the response is friction stickers?”

yeah, the metal yoyo i saw was the dash and it looked good i guess and it looked kind of small. So it’s good? I guess 'll get it cuz i’m really tired of waiting for the hitman pro. :frowning: and i’m kind of impatient when it comes to waiting for the mailman to come.

The Maverick is a great great undersized throw for the money- once you wear down the response system. Definitely worth the price. I for one am not a fan of the Hot Shot- but to be fair I have only thrown someone else’s for a minute and didn’t enjoy it.

Thats a review I wrote on the “Ooch Smoov”- if you’re looking at the signature series that Yomega puts out. Hope it helps.

I like Yomega and their high end stuff. They are really turning around to become a serious player in the Yo-yo community.

I have (actually had just traded it) a yomega dash and I loved it after I cleaned the bearing and the response wore down.

I’ve had a green hotshot and a red one. I didn’t like them too much. They are fine for beginners to intermediate players though. Their metals are great too. Both the Kerari and the Ooch use pads only. Not enough of a recess for silicone. The pads they use last a long while though. I’m talking weeks or more.

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The dash is an all around awesome yoyo and it’s one of my main players. The dash has great spin times, is stable, and is an all around great grinder. You’ll want to clean the bearing and use the wide spacers if you want it unresponsive. That’s the way I play mine and it’s dead unresponsive. The rubber response is great once broken in and it lasts forever, I have yet to change the response at all after 6 months. I do not regret buying mine and I recomend it to everyone.

My dash didn’t come with spacers.

Yeah Yomega is taking a turn for the better. I might pick one of them up. The last time i threw a yomega it was a fireball and 1998 haha

The Ooch made me fall in love with the undersized throws. Just a heads up it’s smaller than what I expected of the pictures, and I didn’t check the the diameter and all that voodoo goodness, but I have not been disapointed in the least at this little bugger, and yes you can put silicone in the dash. It takes a little work. I had to do it twice since I screwed up the first, but I have been able to convert people to the dash with out even trying. It’s great.