Yomega Ooch Yo Review

This is my first review so bear with me.

I picked up the Yomaga Ooch Yo as a step up from the Duncan Metal Drifter I got for Christmas.  I am working on intermediate tricks moving to advanced.  I needed a little better yoyo to move up as my skills increase.

Yomega OOCH YO Specs:
Diameter:         53.8 mm / 2.12 inches
Width:         38.6 mm / 1.52 inches
Weight:         68 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response:         Yomega Rubber Response
Material:            Plastic with metal weight rings
Colors:              White or orange

I have a Yomega Raider and I love throwing it so I thought I’d take a look at the Ooch.  I use the Raider for looping and will most likely use the Ooch for string tricks.  I will keep the Drifter to explore counter weight tricks.

My Raider is black and silver and as true Denver Bronco fan, it is a little hard to have a black and silver Raider.  My Ooch is orange and blue which makes me feel much better!

The first thing I noticed about the Ooch is the bearing.  It’s a Size C rated at ABEC 5.  Very smooth throws!

The big advantage over the Drifter is the gap width.  Both yoyos are semi-respnsive but the Drifter binds at weird times.  The Ooch does not have that problem.

It seems like it comes with a Slick 6 string.  I swapped it out for a Mondo 100% poly string which significantly cut the responsiveness.  It still responds to a hard tug.  Rumor has is you can mod it to be unresponsive with a swap of bearings.  I’ll check that out later as I move into more advanced tricks.  (Or I’ll just pop for a Dark Magic.)

Throwing the Ooch is a lot of fun!  It has a great weight and lands on the string with ease.  Spin times are good, more limited by my skills than by the Ooch.  The metal weight rings look cool and help with spin times.

It is made in China but it seems like good things are coming out of China these days.

So should you buy a Yomega Ooch?  For $22.00, yes!  It has a lot of bang for the buck.  It looks good and feels good in my hand.  I am looking forward to throwing this and getting better at the craft of yoyo.

Great review! Pretty ironic how you have a black and silver raider! :slight_smile:

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is the bearing it comes with lubed? cause if it is you should be able to make it unresponsive by cleaning it.

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Good question. I am not really sure. I am not ready to move to unresponsive quite yet so I like having a little bit of bite.

It really fits my needs right now.

Thanks for the tip! I will keep it in mind!!!

It must have come lubed. It is getting more unresponsive as I throw it. I guess I need to work on bind returns… :slight_smile:

Also, I had an issue with the string slipping down into the gap between the bearing and the side wall. That may be more due to the thrower not the throwee.

Good review, but personally I thing a yyf whip would be better for getting into string tricks because it is less expensive, is unresponsive out of the box, and possibly sleeps longer. But its all what you like.
Great job on the review! :wink:

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Thanks for the tip, yoskater… If only they came in orange… :slight_smile:

So Yomega’s now using C-sized bearings in their new ‘modern’ plastics, that’s a step in the right direction. Was just looking at the new Ooch-yo on YYE’s store and it actually looked pretty promising. It’s still using the weird rubber response with metal spacer sitting on top of it, right?

And the Ooch looks like the newly revamped Hyperwarp Heavywing which looks like a nice Yomega plastic. Now how about some new metals/more metals from Yomega as they seem to be coming out of their cave.

Yes… C bearings… Plastic… Metal weight rims… Metal spacers with rubber response rings…

Throwing a grooved bearing in is said to make the yoyo unresponsive.

I am not an expert but it is a fun yoyo for not too much coin.

So after a week, the Ooch is still going strong.

It is becoming less and less responsive. I am becoming more and more comfortable with it.

It’s pretty much all I have been throwing the past week. Throwing Atom Smasher, Atomic Bomb and Mach 5 with ease. Popping the Trapeze with no trouble. Working on Boingy Boing but can’t blame the Ooch. I am still learning it. :slight_smile:

The Ooch is really opening up the next level of tricks for me!

Looks like a keeper!

Do you think you could put flowable silicone in replace of the rubber response? So what I’m asking if you think the grooves are deep enough. I have a lyn fury that had o-ring and I just siliconed it and it was completely unresponsive.

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Not sure. I will keep that in mind and give it a shot if the rubber response system fails.

So I’ve been throwing the Ooch a lot for the past month. No real huge issues.

I have not quite graduated to unresponsive play yet so keep that in mind. (I am getting there…)

I did blow one string when it slipped down in between the bearing and the yoyo. Kind of cool. I think that was more my techinque than the yoyo. I may be holding back a bit because of that.

One thing throwing the Ooch has done is that I am now throwing my Metal Drifter more. Maybe I am learning how to handle non-responsive yoyos better.

The Ooch is more un-responsive than the Drifter.

I like the feel of the metal on the Drifter. Just a personal thing.

I thinnk I read somewhere something like it’s not the yoyo that makes the player good, it’s the player that makes the yoyo good. Both throws do well for my current level of play. However, I am moving into more advanced play and I am not sure they will keep up.

I am currently learning the Matrix and it is easier with the Drifter due to sleep time.

Stay tuned…

Doesn’t the Drifter sleep less because of the lighter weight? And nice review by the way.

Doesn’t the Drifter sleep less because of the lighter weight? And nice review by the way.
Yeah… It is most likely my technique. I may be holding back a little after the string exploded. Basically, I am getting more comfortable with less response so I am throwing better overall which is good. It’s good to throw the Ooch a while then switch to the Drifter.

I am keeping the response using 3-in-1 oil on the bearing. It’s good because I start out with a responsive yoyo and gradually more to less and less response.

Thanks for the props on the review! I was looking for a review on the Ooch and figured I should just jot down some thoughts…