Yomega/Rhody-O Ooch Smoov Review

Yomega/Rhody-O Ooch Smoov Review (Pix Below)

Well here is a long awaited review both myself and others have been waiting for. This is a YoYo I have been dieing to get my hands on and thanks to my awesome girl friend this review is possible. This is my first review, so I hope its up to par.

Height - 2.04”
Width - 1.48”
Weight - 64 grams
Gap - 4.7 (approximately, per Yomega)

First Impressions:
Well, the packaging was just a plain black cardboard box w/ a “Made in the USA” sticker on it. Nothing flashy or special, just plain, so I didn’t feel bad ripping into it like a kid on Christmas (it was for my B-Day so I guess that fits). I pulled the Ooch out of the box and I must say, it was much nicer in person than on Yomega’s website. The anodized blue with the orange splash was just sick looking and the bead blasted finish was smooth as heck. Just the feel of it you can tell that grinds will be nice. After drooling on my new Yo, I decided to bust it open and check out the response. The Ooch has a pad type response made of, you guessed it, rubber (made by 3M according to the extras they send w/ it h yo). I’m not to sure what Yomega’s obsession is with rubber response systems, but I think they should take a look at possibly a new response (either way I was playing this bad boy stock, just to see). I also noticed, and I’m sure others will be happy to know, there is a ABEC7 size “C” bearing in this puppy! So now all of you who have a special bearing you like to use you can swap it out.

On the Throw:
Out of all of my Yo’s, this has to be the most comfortable YoYo I have ever held. It fits so nice in my hand, but felt a little light. Most of my Yo’s are between 65-70 grams so this did feel a little odd at first. Only after a day I got used to the weight. Out of the box, despite the rubber response (which I swapped out for silicone at the end of the week), it was just a little grabby. I feel this had more to do with the fact that the bearing was packed with what looked like a thick lube. So I decided to clean it and much to my dismay, ABEC7 is code word for 10 Ball bearing. I was very pleased to have seen this. After cleaning the bearing this Yo plays like a dream. Its smooth with very little to no vibe, and feels as if it will spin for hours. As far as grinds, this thing is, well…SMOOV!!! I love the way this grinds and the inner ring is HUGE!!! I have big meaty thumbs and all of my thumb nail fits in this for IRG’s.

Final Thoughts:
I have yet to put this YoYo down, I love the feel and play of it. I must say though, the only cons I have are the response and the fact that the bearing was caked with lube. All in all this YoYo is well worth the $45 that you will spend on it.

Is that Yomega’s latest yoyo? I thought they were already dead. BTW, beast review man.

Ya, this is their most recent, I think. They were in stock for about a week or two and are sold out again.

Wow thats really nice looking. Great review
Kinda reminds me of a BvsM.

Edit: do you think .555 pads will fit in it?

It should, I don’t see why not. The pad recess is kind of deep so I just put some clear RTV in it and it holds pretty good.

abec 7 is actually the precision the components are made to, a 10 ball actually has 10 balls. otherwise great review

Ya, Yomega states on their site its an ABEC7 but this bearing also is a 10 ball, I counted ;D

Loved this review! I have been kinda nudging in there site every once and a while to see if they are in stock. I might pick one up sometime, thanks to this review!

And lol, I loved the Smoov comparison.

Their latest is the Kerarri

Thanks for the information, but we don’t actually bring back old topics.

Instead, we create new topics.

Just wanna let you know, my friend. ;D

i think that would be an actually good yoyo… for a yomega. IMO yomega’s yoyo’s are always too thin in the gap and shape thats just me tho

awesome reveiw man ;D
i want one of these more than anything in the world (ok not liturally :P)
can u ask ur girlfreind where she got it from ??
thnx a million