Yomega/Rhody-o Ooch smoov review

Ooch Smoov Yoyo
So i got this yoyo in late August and i decided to do a little bit of a better review on it! :smiley:

height: 2.04 inches
width: 1.48 inches
weight: 64 grams

First impressions Looks 8/10
when i opened up the box, i saw another little black box that looked way too small for a yoyo to fit into. when i opened that up i found a bright blue yoyo hiding under some bubble wrap. it seemed very small at first but once i held it in my hand i knew it was love at at first sight. this was easily one of the most comfortable yoyos i have ever held in my hand. It looked like a nice bead blasting job that would grind like no tomorrow.The logo on this side is okay, just okay, they could have been a little bit more creative. The little Ooch logo on the bottom half looks like i could have done it with sharpie but i guess its okay.

on the throw First throw sucks 5/10
i threw this yoyo down and that abec 7 bearing sure did do its job. it slept for about a minute and a half right out of the box and was a little bit vibey. but Yomega with their rubber response system is really terrible.(i’ll probably swap that out for silicone) i tried a thumb grind too are this thing is really smooth. the inner ridge is enormous and is so easy to thumb grind. The bead blasting also does its job great. the inner ridge is actually really rough. So once i got it sanded down a little bit with a brillo pad it played great. But the bearing was dripping in lube. At the time i didn’t mind because i was only in the intermediate section. Just recently i cleaned and thin lubed it. now i love it even more than the day i got it.

Playbility Stock play 6/10 After ct bearing 8.5/10[/b]
I can’t even stop throwing this thing any more. thin lubed and cleaned i could get about 2 minutes out of the yoyo. It seemed a little wobbly so i bought a center track bearing in that puppy and it plays even more wicked now. I asked for some chaz pads for christmas and i hope that will clear any problems with that crappy rubber responce. The binds could some times slip on it and it is sometimes responsive on a vibey throw. The long combos it will tilt even with the ct bearing.

So you can see this yoyo is good. Just Good not exactly perfect stock, but with a few minor adjustments it will play like a dream. I honestly love this thing and can’t stop throwing

that looks a lot like a bvm shape wise…

Take one of the stock pads out and it plays dead unresponsive. At first I didn’t like the stock pads but now I love em’.