Yomega Hot Shot.

Hello all this is _|@<06, who has hijacked Q’s account since I’m at his house and I’m on his home computer. The computer is round with a princeton monitor. 2002 HP Computer, with windows 7. Classy.

Intro: While I went to register for classes I stopped at a hobbytown USA on the way home, they had a whole variety of Yomega brand yoyos, from fireballs to the metal maverick. I decided I wanted to buy a new yoyo since I haven’t bought a new yoyo in over 10 months. I had to pick between either the maverick or the hot shot since both of them were more high level than the raider and the fireball. I ended up going with the hot shot since I had heard that the maverick wasn’t very good for a metal yoyo. Glad I picked it.

First Impressions: I ripped open the package while I was still in the mall. I made sure the cotton string was good on it and threw it down, it did have a little vibe but it was ok. The thing I noticed most was that it was uber quiet, and really responsive. Threw it a little while, then decided that it wasnt any better than a plastic yoyo. I was rather angry that I wasted $20 on a yoyo…the last hope was to clean the bearing I decided.

Looks: When I examine this yoyo it had the metal underneath the plastic so as to not infringe on YYJ’s patent. I wanted to try it a lot since I particularly like bi-metals. Overall, It looks pretty radical, the blue anodized metal underneath the plastic gives it a cool look in the sunlight while I’m throwing it.

Bearing: I took the shields off the bearing only to see that it was seriously packed with lube, chunks of lube were stuck to the shields. I cleaned it in paint thinner and dried it as usual then stuck it back in the yoyo, not expecting anything really different to happen to the throw.

First NEW throw: Holy mother of lobstertail deoderant. The hot shot was now almost dead unresponsive, and the spin times greatly increased. It had a nice weight to it on the string (swapped to poly right when I got home). It carried string slack very well since it has a fairly tight gap. I describe it as being sorta heavy on the string, but not too bad. Sleep time is pretty good, about as good as a YYJ bi-metal but not quite.

Construction: As I said before, the metal rims are encased in plastic as to not infringe on the YYJ bi-metal patent. I think that gives it a really good potential to be a beater on somebody’s belt because you dont have to worry about hitting the metal rims on the pavement. It performs pretty well. The tiny gap doesnt allow for many string layers, but think of it like a Pyro of the old days; it gets the job done. The shape is a lot like a Pyro Light now that I think about it, nice and comfy.

Overall: I think this is a steal for $20, since you basically get a YYJ for $20. It plays well for its price point and it should be in everybodys collection for the price its at. If you do buy it it would make you a better yoyoer since its sleep time isn’t super amazing and it does have a smaller gap. I dont know why but I’m completely obsessed with it right now and I can’t stop throwing it. Just clean the bearing and put on a poly string and you’ll be good to go. It also comes in lots of cool colors for any flavor out there.

Great yoyo. Get one.

Q’s Section:

'Lo all. Q here.

The only real opportunity I have had to throw this yoyo is while Jake was writing his section of this review. And I must say, this is a yoyo worth buying. If given the chance, I would snatch one of these up in a heart beat. This would make a fine beater for my tastes, and beaters are some of my favorite yoyos. A word on the stock response is that it is the standard rubber inserts that we see from many of the Yomega throws, but once the bearing has been cleaned, it makes a fine addition to any case. If placed in the right hands, it can do many of the tricks that we find in standard 1A, and more. I have tossed some of my hardest tricks at this yoyo, and it laughs at the challenge. Snags do happen if you bind incorrectly, but if you can get used to those, this is a fantastic throw. Tight binds, dead unresponsive, and works well for combos ending in low RPMs.

This yoyo, along with the review, get the Q stamp of approval.

holy mother of lobstertail deoderant? :o

nice review

Great review. This is really ironic because I was just thinking about getting a Hotshot sometime, but was unsure. Well, this review has convinced me to get one. Just need to find it somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I started out with, the girlfriend’s little brother has it now, can throw suicides on it like nothing.

I got one of these today. So nice but a little unresponsive.

I’m kind of tempted to try one of these out, I do have the Maverick so I am familiar with the Yomega response setup and strange bearing size. I do love the Maverick by the way. Next time I’m near a Hobbytown USA, I may have to pay them a visit. I do however hear that their return policy is…well, doesn’t exist…no returns, all sales final. Also, I kind of want to try out the blue Dash to see how it compares to my Maverick. Cool detailed review by the way, glad to see there’s still some love for Yomega anyway.