shen zhou yoyo.... review (pics of metal yoyo out)

so there was alot of bickering about this yoyo and how it is bad and things like that, well today i got mine in the mail and would like to tell you the true things about this yoyo.

pics are at the end
first of all there isnt really a name to this yoyo so i call it the shen zhou yoyo which is apparently the brand. so people were turned away from this yoyo because it looked like there was vibe and wobbling in the video about the yoyo. well when i opened my package i found a box with this yoyo in it. inside was the yoyo and on the bottom little box thing was a bag with 2 strings and a extra set of pads…

so when i first opened it i put the string on and threw it down and it was vibeing badly but i took the yoyo apart and just flipped the axle and put it back together and in like 5 throws it was great no wobbling and very little vibe… so it came with some little invisible marks on the yoyo but its black polycarbonate so i couldent see them easy and it doesnt matter cuz its plastic… so now for the guts… it has a C sized concave bearing and im not sure if its difeo but its still a great bearing, i noticed when i flick the bearing it spins for like 11 to 13 seconds and i cant even hear it moving. it also uses spacers like in the protostar and has a long 25 mm axle that can be removed…

diameter =56mm

width =42mm

gap =5mm

64 grams

it came kinda responsive but i just needed to clean the bearing and break it in. it uses press fit silicone pads. there supposed to be k pads but they are a little wider so idk. the look of this yoyo is very comparable to the legacy it is v shaped and kind of has flat rims… and actually its about the same size of the legacy too. it has 2 gold logo things on each inner rim and a logo on one half in the center ish.

now lets get to the hubstacks. so it has the same kinda hubstack thing as the pgm2 and has a sized bearings. it also comes with clear hubstacks on already which i found hard to get off. but i was able to get them off and i put some yellow rice stacks on mine. i found the hubstacks to be pretty good i cant really compare it to anything but they are good. when using them it does make the yoyo a little noisier and sorta makes it slightly vibe but not noticably. i didnt have any problems with it. also yes ricestacks and yoyofactory hubstacks would fit this.

to sum up i am very happy with this yoyo and i am glad i didnt spend more money on a pgm 2 when this thing is great. trust me for 20 bucks plus 3 bucks shipping and handleing at and u can buy it at amazon for 20 plus 4 bucks first when i got it it seemed to show its flaws but as i played with it the flaws went away and u will find that to. ( not saying that it has major flaws). so for 23 bucks this yoyo is a steal and a true performer im finding myself using it more than my yuuksta. this thing plays way better than my maverick speedmaker and to me as good as my yuuksta and new breed but what do i no lol… jk ;D

durability 10/10

playability 10/10

vibe free 9.5/10 this thing has very little vibe sometimes idk its confusing.

price 11/10 great deal

this yoyo is not to be missed…

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this is my first review so tell me what to work on… ;D ;D

Sounds like you got a good one there.

cool now i might ordier it… how long does shipping take ? is it priority mail

shipping from amazon which what i did took 4 days i ordered on sunday it shipped monday and came on thursday…

I saw them going on ebay for .99 + 21 shipping yesterday. So if ur willing to wait you can probably get with them uncontested at the $.99 price.

either way this yoyo is great and just now i took my ricestacks off of mine and put a drop on thin lube on the hubstacks bearing and now they spin alot longer…

Please refrain from giving direct links to other stores via the message board. Instead a Private Message on the forum is a more appropriate way to direct people that specifically ask. Thanks for understanding.

Looks cool, wonder how it compares to the Duncan Freehand 2010 sans the stacks and concave bearing. I was tempted to try one of these but wasn’t too sure about taking any chances. I had no idea if it was a metal or a plastic, or the durability of the plastic (as in if it kisses the ground is it going to 'splode?). The video did look like it had some mad vibe going on.

At first my sleep times were lower than a few minutes but after I broke it in it spins for a long time. The same goes for the hubstack bearings, I would just throw a hard sleeper and grab the hubstacks for a minute or two to break em in. I’m not sure if it is a true Konkave bearing but it’s close. One good thing about this yoyo is that it doesn’t mark up with an unfortunate smack like my aluminum yoyos. I even like this better than my ProtoStar now that it had a chance to break in and cheaper. Didn’t even clean the bearing yet.

i heard that the guy is making a metal simalar to this or somthing and he is good freinds with me since i did this review for him so i might get some sketches for it…

either way this yoyo is great and ya i took the hubstack bearing off and thin lubed them and they seem a little better.

and its polycarbonate and wouldent let it hit the ground cuz it probley would scratch kind of

If he comes out with a metal I’ll definitely get it it he price is as good as this one. The more I use this yoyo the more I like it. I’ve been using it for over a week now and now I have fully broken it in. I threw my grind machine after throwing this for a while and made me realize how much I like the new yoyo. I’ll probably lube the hubstack bearings after a while but they don’t seem to need it right now. Rice stacks would make a nice addition, I’m going to add some.

i got a secret pic of the new metal one the guy is working on i cant wait…

sry about that i didint realize when i was making the review so if u want to no where to get it pm me.

You forgot to do the most important thing; Putting the name of the yoyo!

I thought the same thing but apparently it is a yoyomamma brand yoyo. Kind of crazy the name wasn’t on the package or anything, all I remember is Shen Zhou on a hologram on the package, “KK”, and Yoyo followed by Asian characters.

this time with the new metal one hes making it will probley have a name… im gonna get a sample one for a review in a week or so i cant wait…

i was talking with him and the new metal will have hubstacks and the concave bearing that was on this one, and its all metal and anodized in a nice red color. roughly that same size i think mabey a little differant shape, probley gonna be around 35-40 bucks

Oh, I forgot nice review. ;D

How can i make it unresponsive? I cleaned it’s bearing and put a clean center trac in and it was still responsive.i took one of the pads out, and heavily sanded the other one, and its still tug responsive. HELP!

uhh put the concave back in with the spacers and make sure the spacers are facing into the yoyo on the larger post side… did u change anything else to it liek the hubstack post and axle and anything

i have altered nothing other than the bearing.when i put the stock one back in the sleep time was drastically reduced (minutes) and its even more responsive and snaggy

hmmm is the kk that comes with it cleaned and thin lubed…

Yeah, I put the spacer in backwards before and I got vibrations and shorter spin times. Make sure the spacer has the longer side toward the bearing and it should be totally unresponsive and vibration free.