has anyone seen this mercury ufo yoyo????

it looks like a bootleg leviathan II, but im confused if i should pick this yoyo up and see if its good. i just dont wanna waste 30 bucks…

so if anyone knows anything about it please tell…

it’s great. absolutely worth the $30. slight vibe sometimes, but it comes and goes and isn’t anything ridiculous. blasted finish, 10 ball concave bearing. plays fast. the bearing comes lubed, so it’s responsive out of the box. just clean it and you’re fine. but it’s not insane responsive before cleaning, so if you don’t mind a little response, you’re fine.

i see it takes along time to get here does it really or does it come faster than what it says

and it says it comes with a stainless steel bearing (dry) but does it really come lubed

hope you can make a review for it that would really help me out… :wink:

I own one, and when I received mine, it was dry and dead unresponsive. Maybe yours was different =P

This is actually one of my favorite yoyos. I throw this just as much as my 54. IT’s fast and floaty, and plays incredibly well for only $30. The only downside is that it took 20 days to get to me from Hong Kong. If you are willing to wait, I’d say snatch one up now. It comes well packaged as well.

I also noticed that when it got here, the shipping price for them was $27.40. So they only made $3 =P

After looking at it, the page says the bearing should be dry.

I plan on getting it just because it’s a TP shape, and I like the shape of a TP.

great ill will probley pick up a solid teal blue one im just angered at the shipping ugg 3 weeks i have to wait.

and how is the 10 ball kk is it as good as a real OD10 ball mixed with a difeo kk

Trust me, it’s worth the wait. You can take my word for it.

As for the bearing, it seems a bit smoother than a normal kk, and it’s quiet. I like it

No one buy it! I have to save up for it!!!

I don’t know how much lube was in the bearing, but I know that on whips and grinds it was responsive, and once I cleaned it, it wasn’t. Regardless, it’s a fantastic yo-yo. It took about 2 1/2 weeks from the day I bought it to arrive, which isn’t terrible, especially for free shipping. It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Ill put it this way: since I got it, every day when I leave for work, I choose between the Mercury, my Battosai, and my nickel 54 as my carry throw.

should i get this or dv888?
like this one should have a bit of vibe but it also says for intermediate.
for expert-master style of level, which one do you guys recomend, dv888 or mercury?

whaats everyone talkin bout?? in the post i don’t see anything…

Google mercury ufo yoyo. I’m sure something will come up.

This is the yoyo we are talking about :-X

That’s the color I’m getting when i get my 30$
lol you can see the guy in the reflection of the bearing.

P.S. Everyone is saying that this yoyo comes with a concave 10-Ball which is basically the best idea ever. So why don’t any company’s in America make concave 10-Balls? I’d buy one.

Because Dif-e-yo has the rights to KK bearings in the US. And he’s apparently happy with the bearing he makes. The Chinese don’t care about anybody’s patents and blatantly copy stuff. That’s why you have to buy them from China. They can’t sell them here. And nobody here will stock them.

That’s dumb :frowning: KK’s and 10-balls are like the best bearings out there, combining them just seems like such a good idea. Oh well, maybe One Drop and Dif-E-Yo will collab one day and we will see 10-ball kk’s sold in America.

its so beast i just got mine a week ago it only took two weeks actually i was really surprised it plays really well too.

I’m pretty sure this is because the patent is only in America, like the word Yo-yo is only patented in Canada.

By the yoyo company who only make wooden loopers. What a waste of an awesome word. lol

I know this is an old thread but there doesn’t seem to be much discussion on this yoyo so i wanted to report back. I just purchased this (same color as the images) for $28.99 with free shipping from Hong Kong off of ebay. It took exactly 11 days to arrive which was quick compared to all the other free shipping from HK!

The thing is solid, slightly larger than a DV888 and does include the 10 ball concave bearing. As stock the bearing feels very smooth and quite but I can tell the lube and bearing need to be broken in. Mine is NOT responsive out of the box and is dead unresponsive with the lube from the factory.

Sleep time is easily 2 min+ on my one test throw so far but it did start to tilt after 2 minutes so I know I can do better. On a great throw this should spin even longer. Build quality is great and very solid and not even a mark after accidentally bashing it into my desk. It could easily become my goto yoyo going forward.

For anyone looking for an inexpensive metal yoyo that plays as well as a $50 yoyo this is a no-brainer. I am looking forward to breaking in the bearing and watching this thing spin forever.

[EDIT: After cleaning and breaking in the bearing it did seem to lengthen the sleep time over the way it shipped from the factory. This thing sleeps crazy long and has made me a believer of a 10 ball KK bearing in the right yoyo. After cleaning and breaking in the bearing it did seem to lengthen the sleep time over the way it shipped from the factory. The same bearing in other yoyo’s helps a tiny bit but none of them sleep as long as it in this yoyo. Right now my longest sleeping yoyo!

I am not one to say “best yoyo evah!!” about every yoyo and “Get this as it is the best yoyo you could ever buy”. And I wouldn’t say that about the Mercury UFO but I still feel it is a great addition to your collection and is fun to throw and great value.]