Help! Don't know which one to get

i’m looking for a great intermediate yoyo from yomega. as long as it has a ball bearing i’ll get it.

So out these choices tell me why that yoyo is so good.(I would appreciate it very much :))

Maverick , Raider , Hot Shot , Metallic Missile , Hyper Wing , Raider EX , Dash , Or any other one i missed

Thanks for posting :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, the yoyos you are thinking about are for different styles of play. The maverick, dash, and hot shot and hyper wing are for string tricks. The raider and raider ex are for looping.

The metallic missile is more for string tricks, but it is not a butterfly shape so I just would not suggest it in general.

Out of all the yoyos you are thinking of, I’d say the best is the maverick, BUT for $5 more you could get a YYF protostar or YYF Northstar. They are unresponsive, so if you don’t know how to do unresponsive play, don’t get them. If you do, then they are 1000 times better than any yomega.

Yeah, I myself am a huge fan of Yomega so I must recommend you to go with the Dash. Don’t listen to him ^^^^^ (no offense). But if you get a Dash just clean the bearing and your home free :smiley:

Woah, excuse me?

A Maverick or Dash is great. They can be unresponsive and they are extremely smooth, sometimes it’s smoother than my Raptor. Out of the box, I wouldn’t expect much, but if you clean the bearing, break it in, it can handle anything on the list no prob. I vote Maverick or Dash.