So I was looking for a yo-yo case/bag to carry my yo-yos to school in, and I came across Yomega Yo Bag while browsing YoYoGuy. I wanted to get it, but being very conscientious, I wanted to get a Yomega yo-yo along with it. I have very little experience with Yomega, so I’m looking for ideas on what I should get. Please post your thoughts on any Yomega yo-yo. And please try to stay away from the auto-return ones. Thanks!

Yomegas in my opinion have good loopers. I would suggest a yomega raider.


Amazing yoyo.

hot shot or maybe a lancer

I’m not so big on looping, mostly because I can’t really loop well in school without narrowly missing a person’s face. But I’ll definitely look at their loopers.

Those two look good. Just a few questions:
-What bearing size do they use?
-Are they uber responsive out of the box? Is a little modding required for unresponsive play?

I love the Xodus 2 for off string.

I do offstring a lot, mostly as my secondary style. And I’ve heard great things about the Yomega Xodus 2. But remember, I’ll be using the bag to carry my throws to school. I don’t think I can do much 4a there, so I think I’ll pass on that for now.

Also, I need some thoughts on these yo-yos. I really can’t learn much about the yo-yo if all you say is, “It’s awesome.” At least tell me why you think it’s a great yo-yo. Thanks guys.

Hey Catorameus, I’d check out the Hyper Warp Heavy Wing (HWHW) if you’re looking for a good 1a/3a/5a yo-yo by Yomega that’ll accent the appeal of the yomega case :wink: If you like playing unresponsive you can clean the bearing, it’s a great yo-yo, a little smaller (as far as width goes) which makes it great for fast tricks and 3a tricks but you can also do some complex stuff with it. Check it out, some people don’t like how plain they look, it’s up to you, but that’s the only yomega yo-yo I’ve thrown besides the Xodus 2 that I’ve actually liked :slight_smile:

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Two things:
I’ve taken a look at the Hot Shot and I think I like it. Just wondering about the response; is it similar to o-rings? When I looked at a picture they sure do look like carbon copies of o-rings.
I’ve heard from some places over the internet that the Lancer has some cracking problems. Is this true?

both the lancer and the hot shot have cracking problems ny hot shot started cracking from the part where the nut goes but it hasnt expanded and the response isnt like a oring its bigger and they are responsive but after you clean the bearing or break it in its more unresoinsive

Is it dead unresponsive? Or slightly unresponsive?

they’ve fixed that cracking problem in the hotshot. if yours is cracked, send an email to yomega an they will replace it for free. all of their items are backed with a guarantee.

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You could try to get an ooch-yo as well, even though it’s not made by Yomega.

Its under the yomega label though.

He’s right though. The Dash, Maverick, or the Ooch groov would be your best bet. I don’t have the dash but I have played with one. Its a good yoyo. I have the other two and I prefer either one.