What's wrong with Yomega?

Why don’t a lot of people like Yomega? I heard something about “two idiots at worlds”? Can someone explain this bit of history to me?

Worlds 2007 Yomega didnt sponsor the the contest and therefore were not allowed to sell yoyos there so they went and sold yoyos out of their hotel room.

well right now the main play of yoyos are wide gaped unresponsive yoyos and thats exactly what yomega dosnt make. they make some of the best responsive looping yoyos (raider) but other than that they arent very current with the trends of yoyoing. one thing to not get confused about is that they DO make very good yoyos that can do just about every move a yyf can but there responsive so there are limitations to it but there great pocket yoyos.

The Worlds incident really hurt their reputation within the community, and in this small of an industry that spells disaster. Most people don’t seem to like the quality and performance of their yo-yos when compared to other similarly priced high-performance throws and that doesn’t help either.

The crap that they pulled at Worlds is only the beginning. Alan Amaral posted a few things on forums talking mad crap about Greg Cohen(owns yoyoguy.com and runs the World Yoyo Contest), Steve Brown(done more for yoyoing than just about anyone), and the entire community that supported them. Basically, he doesn’t respect his customers and refers to us as “Brown-Nosers” and “Greg-Cheerleaders”. Which are juvenile insults at best. So he is not only a douche, but bad at it.

Even if their yoyos were up to par, I wouldn’t touch one.

Worlds 2007

I used to look up to THP like crazy man. They were mad mofos at the time. Theyre tryin to get a reunion going now

How can you see the yo yo lofty. jk noob. its Jason. i have all their yoyo’s. i love them. i made the yoyo’s in my Indonesia factory.

i dont know much about yomega and competions but i can i tell u wut i can SEE. yomega seems to be more on the $ making side of producing yoyos. im not hating on them but its easy to tell that their stuff is not as good as other leading companys.

Worlds 07 is nothing to care about anymore. Their yoyos aren’t really up there with the rest IMO, and Alan Amaral is a madman.

They give more yoyo’s away than any other company. So…I see fault in your knowledge.

Besides this thread is 6 months old. Necro is necro.