How to get YoyoExpert to sell our products?

I’m quite interested in this business and I was wondering even though I have a design that I believe most people would like, I don’t have a method of selling it yet. Any help would be appreciated

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This would probably be best as an email to


Ah I see, I tried emailing YYF for mass production about a month ago, but to this day there’s no response

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YYE doesn’t mass produce yoyos. You want a machine shop.


I said YY-F not YYE

But correct me if YYF doesn’t mass produce

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YYF doesn’t machine yo-yos either


YYF need to do the same thing; get a machine shop.

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Alright then that was a mistake in the past


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@codinghorror or @MarkD may be able to point you in the right direction.

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Yoyoexpert isn’t selling my products (yet? lol).

If someone has a design they want to sell, the most efficient way to get it into people’s hands is to order a small run for yourself from a machine shop and sell them from your own website. You end up taking all the risk yourself, but you can also get a better margin than selling them to a store for a wholesale rate. Stores/companies don’t really buy designs from people who haven’t already been designing yoyos for a bit. You gotta prove that you’re good, first.

It’s very easy to open your own e-commerce store though. Maybe not easy to do well, but it’s easy to get started. There are lots of tools and resources available out there. Etsy, bigcartel, shopify, squarespace, etc.


It benefits YoyoExpert in no way to assume the risk to sell your products when you have not established yet that your products can sell.

Iron out that part first and then retailers will approach you.


Oh my bad, I forgot about the original title. I was meaning on the finding a machine shop front.





I feel like these two links—especially Jeremy’s blog post—need to be pinned somewhere or just more widely disseminated. Some seriously great info and hard numbers there.

Good news, I offer a :new: free “tattoo these links directly on people’s faces” service. Just need to make an appointment!

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