Promoting the Yoyo Cause?

I want to get some feedback on raising some funds to be given out to help promote yoyoing. The thought is to get a group of people together that donate their own money (probably a monthly amount). This group then reviews yoyo related requests (contest funding, helping a club, travel expenses for a competitor… ) and decides on where to send the money monthly. My thought is $1,000 a month is given to one recipient. My motivation is to just help promote yoyoing so everyone can benefit. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in participating? Does the model make sense? If you want to see an example of how it could work, check out


I mean it SOUNDS awesome, I don’t have the first clue about the process of it all, but whenever you start getting a large amount of money involved I always see the potential for problems. Like I said though I don’t know enough myself to speak any further on it myself.

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This is kind of already what most yo-yo companies do. Instead of donating money and getting nothing in return you can just support yo-yo companies and buy yourself some new throws. Just my 2 cents.


My honest opinion? You joined this forum 3 hours ago and are potentially trying to raise a large sum of money to give away. This raises some red flags for me.


Frankly I get a little bit nervous when money is collected “for a good cause.” Who decides what’s a worthy cause and how it’s spent? Who audits the account to verify it went for the intended purpose and not for a set of new tires for the founder?


Just curious, did you review the website I mentioned,

I would think it could be done in a similar way. I certainly wouldn’t want to do this without some safeguards in place.

Interesting bit of skepticism. Not sure where that came from, but if you are worried about checking out my credibility I’m sure that can be done with no problem.

My thought is most yoyo companies could benefit if we could promote the sport or hobby outside of their efforts. They are doing the best they can, but buying a yoyo is only one way to help out.

Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with not wanting any issues regarding money. Fortunately, the way these things or set up is the money goes ouy almost as soon as it comes in, so there is not really any larger sum just sitting around to be targeted.

5 people liked his post so I’m sure other people were thinking the same thing


Thanks, I guess I was a little overly optimistic about folks accepting a new person to the group. This forum must of had its share of scam artists in the past, which maybe I’m paying the price for right now. Wish folks would focus on the issue instead of my credibility. That can be dealt with later if the issue has some merit.

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Takes time to gain some trust in any community. Hang out, get to know people, let people get to know you. Have a good time. If your intentions are good, people will catch on.

Also draw up a more detailed plan so you can hold yourself more accountable. People are gonna want to know all the ins and outs of everything you plan to do with their donations.

We all want the best for yoyo


Thanks for your thoughts. Now I’m a bit skeptical of this group. I approached them asking for an opinion about a concept and that was all. I got a really unexpected response. Maybe my approach was wrong, but I also think this bunch may not be for me. I may go about this another way.

You should have probably mentioned that you’re friends with @DocPop or had him introduce you here. I feel some context was missing from the first post.

People have learned to be skeptical online of strangers, and sometimes of people they think they know. I have just recently seen a major falling out on a forum I frequent where some sociopath manipulated the entire community via ghost accounts and a false identity that was revealed by someone who got close to them. Ive only been here a few months, but everyone here seems really nice and would probably be on board with your idea if they could trust you. However, like was said, most yoyo companies already try to provide these types of things to their sponsored players, so what you are proposing is basically a sponsorship without a true backing company. In theory it could work, but how do you select the people you choose? Is it a one time thing? Do you try to spread the wealth, but also give it to those who need finding to appear at contests? Most companies do this with the motive of promotion for their product. You see why some people may be skeptical?

The yo-yo community has literally had well-known members fundraise for things (including the American Cancer Society) and embezzle the money. I don’t think you’re “paying a price” in seeing some skepticism on the part of forum members when it’s suggested they donate money to an amorphous cause rather than simply support the companies who in turn go out of their way to support players and events. It’s not a matter of this community being unwilling to accept new members. If anything it’s a matter of preferring to accept you as a person and get to know your perspective, experience, values etc before jumping onboard to support a financial cause out of the blue.

edit: Welcome to the forum btw!


Over many years on yoyo forums I have found them all, including this one to be very accepting of new people. At the same time a number of pleas for good causes by trusted members have gone sour, thus the skepticism regarding the first post from a new member.

I just want to say that as a new (a few weeks) member I have been blown away by the trust and generosity of this forum. I think all that was said was that some flags were raised, and that’s completely reasonable. I do think you will find this a great space if you give it a chance.

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Thanks, i am pretty unfamiliar with online etiquette and probably didnt think this through. I will give it another shot.

Im going to give this another shot. I have become interested in yoyoing in the last couple years. I am 59 with what most would consider a very good career. I have been a Patreon sponsor of Doc Pops, G2, and for quite a while now. If you would like, maybe one of those folks would let you know what they think of me. I am looking to see if there are 10 other like minded people that wouldnt mind giving $100 dollars a month to a yoyo cause. That would add up to giving away $1,000 dollars a month to a cause the group decides is worthy.

I truly believe this is a philanthropic gesture that could be used to support any yoyo related cause the group is excited about.

It could be 20 people at $50 a month, but as I see it there is a need to help get clubs started or events promoted… and everyone in the yoyo community could benefit if we are able to help grow the number of people involved in our hobby or sport.

Lastly if im not trustworthy and this idea could be beneficial then tell me who is and maybe they would like to help.

Thanks for listening.

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