To start, I have only met one other thrower in the wild(not including going to Worlds 16). In my opinion yoyoing is a great hobby and I wish more people gave it a shot. I never wanted anyone to feel less special during the holidays because they saw someone else get a gift from me. So this year I wanted to try something a little different. Within the last week I purchased over 30 yoyos from YYE. Mainly Duncan Butterfly XTs, but also a couple gems for close friends(the gf is getting a CLYW Orca). This is an attempt to spread a little holiday cheer and to create an easy first step into the sub-culture we all helped create. I highly doubt all the gifted throws will see an eventful future, but I would be ecstatic if a couple people actually enjoyed it and started throwing. Has anyone here ever tried anything similar?


Step 1 acquire yoyos
Step 2 give yoyos out
Step 3 ???
Step 4 profit?!?!!11**

**(not actually gaining profit, hopefully just more throwers local to me)

Also Happy Holidays to the YYE fam and all of it’s community.


Sounds like an awesome idea ;D


I’ve given out a few as well as sold a bunch to my “local” community. Some stuck with it for actually quite some time, others it was over really fast.

I like the idea! Hopefully we can get more people into the hobby!

(Q) #4

Short answer, yes.

If you really want to try and make an impact in your local community as far as yoyos go, pick up a bunch of plastics that you can get for $5 on the BST. Lyn Fury, Kickside, Onestar are all the ones that come to mind for me.

give them to people who you are close enough to that you can maintain a relationship with as a mentor. Stick around with them for questions and stuff. Help maintain the yoyos you give them and teach them how to do it themselves.

From there, you just ask them to give their first yoyo to someone else if they get a new one.


This is cool I’ve actually already been doing this. Got 4 people hooked already. Hand someone a starter yoyo then step them up and hand the first one to someone new. Auto return->responsive->non responsive



I got the idea from a friend having a birthday recently. He turned 21 so everyone was partying and whatnot with him, but he said of all his friends there I was the only one who gave him anything. He said he laughed at it for the first few days and over the last week he’s picked it up 2-3 times a day. If I remember correctly that’s kinda how I started when I was new.