Spreading yoyo love

Just paid the neighbor kid a responsive dv888 for some manual labor. That is all

Nice! Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some tricks in a coffee shop for a 4-year-old and he was astonished and his grandpa said “we might have to get you a yoyo for your next birthday, huh?”

It’s a great feeling spreading the joy of yoyo. That was really cool of you.

The kid was all about it! Showed him how to wind it and do a forward throw

I sold my friend my half skyva half horizon yoyo for $25 with unlimited response change and string. It’s good for both of us because I get a flight😏

I helped my friends mom choose him a yo-yo pack for his birthday. It was fun!
I loaned my classmate a yo-yo and gave her a few lessons and links. A couple weeks later, she came back with a fast 201 and says she’s been having a great time learning!
Its really rewarding to get people into doing something you love, so whenever you get the chance to get someone throwing, go for it! That combo can wait.:slight_smile:

I started a yoyo club at my school!

When I travel I carry an extra Butterfly and a few homemade Beglari to just give away if I find someone who is interested.

I’m doing a yoyo demo for a couple school classes this Friday, should be fun!

I just gave a magic yoyo p lotor to a new hire at work. He said he’s wants to get into yoyoing but hasn’t got his first pay check yet

I gave a friend from work a magic yoyo n12 as his first unresponsive metal yoyo.

Now you get his first pay check, right? :wink:

Haha. I should tell him a titanium shutter is my payback.

I try to always keep yoyos around that can be given away. Sometimes if you’ve done a trade with me, or bought something, I throw in yoyos that I know the person most likely is not going to use, but it’s for them to give away.

I’ve never had a problem giving yoyos away, whether to people who are new, people who can’t buy something for whatever reason, or someone that just is really connecting to a yoyo.

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” Great words to apply to your life, whether yoyo or any other aspect of life :slight_smile:

Uh; don’t look now; but selling somebody a yoyo is not spreading ‘yo-yo love’.

And paying somebody with a yoyo isn’t either.

Spreading yoyo love is done with no intention of any kind of self serving deal.

AaronW is more the benchmark of spreading the love. You ‘give’ yoyos to people. Yoyos, string, a YYE index card with the site and learning info on it, etc.

Funny stuff.

I give stuff away. No edge for me involved.

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I like to give speeches on yoyoing at like retirement homes and the such. Not sure how that helps but hey, I think it’s fun :slight_smile: afterwards people always talk about what yoyos they had and what tricks they could do “back in the olden days” and it’s fun listening to them.

I’ve also given away some yoyos to people (friends, girlfriend, random people at college that seem interested). I actually carry 3 in my back pack at all times that I have to give away. Never know when someone is interested!

Edit: and I gave some yoyos to elementary kids that go to the school I graduated from (my school was K-12).

I’ve given yoyos away, used them as incentives, and I’ve also bartered with yoyos.

;D ;D ;D It’s all yoyo love if the person receiving it loves the yoyo. ;D ;D ;D

I love yo-yoing in front of older people, they almost always have stories about yo-yoing when they were young. So cool. My wifes grandfather saw me once and asked to see the yoyo I was using. His first reaction was “It’s metal??? Wow!” Then he went on to tell me that he had several when he was younger, would’ve been the early 40’s, but they were all wood. Started asking me all sorts of questions, do they still make wood ones, do a lot of people still use them. Then came the stories of the guy that would come to town every summer to teach the local kids, and how everyone had a yoyo when he was a kid. Good times :slight_smile: