Pass it on?

Hey guys So I just had a surprise visit from my friend Andrea today. We talked and she mentioned that she has a lot of free time now and finds herself bored at home. She sees my yoyo collection and asks If she could borrow a yoyo. Of course I was fine with that, I’ve lent yoyos to close friends before. My question to you guys is, do you lend your yoyos to friends? I think it’s great to help pass on this wonderful hobby to others it might interest. :]

I have one it for friends before. But they don’t understand sometimes about how it matters if you beat the crap out of it and drop it a bunch. But it is still nice, and just don’t give them your favorite yoyo. Plus they will want to join more if they can get a free play if you will and not have to waste their money and not like the sport in the end. But I would also encourage everyone else to do this if someone asks.

I’ve lent several yoyos to a friend of mine. No worries and I don’t give it a second thought. If they are nearby, then sure. If distance is involved, I tend to not do that. I like to have my stuff close. I’ve had a lot of stuff(not yoyo related) stolen so I can get rather “need to keep it close”

The guy I throw with on weekends knows he can borrow anything he wants to.

I have given away a few yoyos to some different pups around who want to learn to yoyo.
I like to bring a plastic yoyo that is cheap around with me so if someone I feel is truly interest, I can give them the yoyo. Always good to get more into it.

Yes, and I would do it again. It’s way more fun to have a yoyo buddy, than a mint yoyo…not that someone has dinged my yoyos, but still, could happen.

I would feel the same but they all quit after 2 weeks so it is always a wasted beater yoyo.

Yeah I have, but they tried to the the “gravity pull” on my Protostar and he said it just spinned at the end of the string and the yoyo is broken so I should get a new one. :-\

Someone pulled that on me.

They insisted they use the yoyo I was using at the time, which was a Protostar. Threw it, spun at the bottom of the string. Said it was broken and I should buy a new one. I said let me check… snap started it, threw it, did a Mach 5, did a bind return and said “seems in good working order to me. You sure you don’t want to try ONE?”

I let my buddy learn on my X-ConVict. C=

i bought a die nasty … and glow strings … and then i showed it to my best friend and I couldn’t leave his house with it lol … he still has it … he actually throws from time to time but not as much

I used to, I don’t anymore. Now I sell them, not for the money, but for the effort. I realized that when I lent the throws, they didn’t persevere and gave up fast. of all who I have lent a throw, none is still throwing today. But when they make a little effort to get the throw, they tend to keep at it a little more and some are still throwing.

I bought a Kickside and gave it to a friend of mine who was just starting.

Sounds like one of my good friends, gave him a yoyo back in 06 when he was interested in learning… just a beater fh2 to learn with. Only throws when were hanging out now which isn’t that much since we only hang out maybe once or twice a month now