Letting other people try your yoyo

Has anyone ever had someone ask to “see” your yoyo? I get this all the time and after some bad experiences I stopped letting other people try my yoyos out. This is what happens everytime I let someone “see” my yoyo:

1.They’ll misjudge the length of the string then WHAM! The yoyo will hit the ground really hard.
2.They’ll walk the dog, resulting in all sorts of dings on the yoyo.
3.For some reason they feel the need to tighten the yoyo which actually overtightens it and messes it up.

I hate doing that for the same reason so what I do is just bring an extra cheap one to try out. No dings and they can’t tell the difference!

I bought a Pocket Change. I don’t like it, but other paople can now bang my yoyo into walls.

My friend “had” to try my yoyo, I was reluctant at first, but I gave in.

And then… she tried to “throw a sleeper” and the yoyo flew onto the floor. It hit a desk too.

Once I lended my yoyo to a “friend” and and he instead of throwing he just let the yoyo go down and when he saw he couldn’t throw he started smashing the yoyo on the floor.

That happens all the time. I saw those resaults coming. I only let people who actually yo touch my yo’s. Once there was a guy on my basket ball team whos like 2ice the size of me telling me to let him try the yoyo, whith an angrey face. I never let him touch it.:slight_smile:

lol this happens to me all the time :slight_smile:

and plus they never can get it to come back, and therefore think its broken.

It happens. Just bring a Brain or something along.

They always let it hit the floor and get a knot somehow. If they do throw it normally then it doesn’t come back up and they say it doesn’t work. Now i just bring a Dragon Fly with me to let people try the yoyo.

3 saturdays ago my old guitarist did that with my Senza Nome and a kitchen floor.
Now I just tell them that they cant try them because they are expensive and fragile and I can’t afford to replace them.
I have a couple older throws that I don’t use and if they are really that interested, I’ll just give it to them to keep and learn on {and probably destroy}.

i let anybody try. usually i’ll have a pair of no jives or proyos in my bag and i’ll just suggest they use those, since they’re less frustrating. but i have no problems with handing over my shiny ones (granted, i have a lot of yo-yo’s). i ding my yo-yo’s up pretty hard, so i don’t fuss if others do the same.

i think a good rule of thumb is to not leave the house with a yo-yo that you’d be really nervous about sharing. whatever your intentions and experiences, it never comes off cool for someone to say ‘hey can i try your yo-yo’ and for you to respond ‘no!’

the king has spoken…

The day i just got my first all metal yoyo (DV888) i let my friend try it on concrete, and because he doesn’t know what unresponsive play is he was trying to make it come back and BANGED IT REALLY HARD ON THE FLOOR!!! know i won’t let him try any yoyos over 20$.

So “the king” spoke and you went exactly against what he said? Hmm…

Ed’s got a point, but I don’t really have any metals anymore besides one that I rarely use so it’s definitely easier for me. :slight_smile:

Lol I follow what “the king” says actually. The only yo-yo I really play is dinged up from me anyway. So I figure why not? And I also carry around a freehand2 if so they can use that. That way I could even teach them something instead of just watching with them. I let my friends use my throws all the time. I guess I’m one of the weird ones haha. ;D

Yes… but the problem with that is they always want the expensive shiny one. Now if I had an OxyTi, and was in a place were it wouldn’t roll away and down a sewer or somehting like that, that would solve everything!

Haha. I usually carry a dark magic with me too. Now I let people try that one out since I don’t care for it much. But I do kinda feel bad for not letting them try out my beloved protostar or hyper raider :’(

This happens to me all the time so now i just bring a yomega fireball or duncan butterfly for them to try

If I had an Oxy Ti and it rolled down a sewer when some guy was playing with it, I’d sue the guy. Since the always want to try the shiny ones, I always say, you use this or you can’t use any.

I let most people use my “shiny” yoyos I just ask them to use it over grass or carpet.
Most of the time though some jerk wants to use my yoyo and I say no.
If I find them friendly and not a rude person sure they can use it.

Good thing all my friends are yo-yoers. ;D

I started the fad.