Do you say no?


I don’t know about you, but when I meet a thrower (at a club,contest, or just see one) I almost always say “can I try your throw if you try mine?”
I know you guys are nice, but do you ever say no? Like you dont trust the person and don’t want a ding or something? I usually trust people, how about you?

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Hell yes, I know there’s a throw out there that’s perfect for me but I’ve never paid attention to it…


Yup, plus it’s extremely fun to try new throws and sizes and shapes and brands etc.


I always let people try my (limited) collection. After all’s said and done, they’re just yoyos. It’s not the end of the world if one gets dinged.


Yoyos that cost $100+ :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, my Puffin’s been tried by at least 50 people. Don’t sweat it


No I don’t most of the people who try my throws already know what there doing so I don’t worry. Unless someone can’t even bind then I would say no.


At my first contest I was hesitant about letting people try my throws. At my second I didn’t care a bit.


I not only refuse to say “no”, I’ve even been the one to put one of my treasured yoyos into a complete beginner’s hand. Went to a meetup and a fellow was just learning to bind. He was using a Whip, which is perfectly fine. I was using my until-then flawless El Ranchero.

Thing is, I’d never tried a Whip. I really wanted to try one! So I traded him for a while. During that time, the El Ranchero got its first ding. I didn’t care and when he sheepishly tried to return it (for fear of more dings), I just said, “If you’re enjoying it, keep playing it. I really don’t mind.”

I wouldn’t say the “best” part of meetups is trying other gear, but it’s certainly up there as one of the things I enjoyed. :smiley: Wouldn’t begrudge anybody else that.


If I had a yoyo I didn’t feel comfortable letting other people throw (I don’t), I just wouldn’t take it out in public. For me, contests/meetups are a chance to get to know folks, have fun, and try new yoyos - not sharing would totally put a damper on that. Just my $.02.


Dang it. Another accidental thank you.


Depends on the situation for me. If I’m carrying a beater or plastic, I would let anyone use it. If I’m carrying a mint metal, then usually I would let people use it if we’re indoors where it won’t get scratched as badly as on gravel or concrete or if they’re an experienced thrower.


I think I’ve only ever said “no” once when someone was taking multiple yoyos out of my case at a time, hitting them against the ground, and continuing to keep begging to try out my yoyos after I told him to put them back.

Other than that, it’s always been “Yes”.

However, you should still ALWAYS ask to try out a yoyo, even if you know the person who owns it is going to say yes. Few things are more frustrating than thinking you lost a yoyo because someone was trying it out without your knowledge.

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Depends which people. I’m friends with a lot of top throwers I would let use my best stuff. (I let my friend use my summits at MWR) But I wouldn’t let a beginner use a throw that I know will get beat up and I paid for.


In my mind, if they know how to throw, then ill say yes. But, if they like really short string, I might say no. I use Unknown Yoyostrings, at almost full length. Its like a foot more than YYE polly.


I have just gotten back from some time at a camp. I am known for yoyoing there, and, due to so many requests to try, my once mint sine// saw has an amazing new pattern on the rims where the paint was scratched off from so many dings. I really wouldn’t mind having a yoyo slightly damaged (unless it induced vibe or the yoyo is my precious first run chief).

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One of the only times I’ve said no was when I let someone try a yoyo when they said they would be careful, they start swiping it along the ground, and while it’s still spinning there on the concrete, they ask me to try the Ronin in my hand. If they show a blatant disregard for my toys, they don’t get to try any more.

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The only one I wont let people use is my SkyWalker, and that is solely for the reason that I want the condition to stay perfect for my pal (Cbaxt) who I’m trading it to because it has sentiment with him. All other throws everyone is welcome to use! haha none of my yoyos are mint anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I also agree with PatCondon. What I actually do is let them test run (If you will) one of my “I dont give a diggity dam about” throws and if they use that well, I let them move up in the world (Or case ;))


I never said its the only fun part about contests! I just said is really really fun. If he’s learning how to throw I would give him my onestar, not a metal…

And crazyshanky2, what thank you?


It depends.

First, most players at meets and contests are way better than me, but that’s OK. So, I know going it, it’s often safe to say “yes, you can try something of mine”. I’m usually not trying other people’s stuff out, mostly since I’m running sound or doing something else that prevents me from being able to try other people’s stuff. I will try stuff when I can.

I got asked a strange question at BAC, someone wanting to use my Anglam if they made it, since they were using an Anglam. I said I just didn’t feel comfortable with that. He was OK with my decision. I don’t think he made finals though. But, perhaps soon he will!

At this one meet, a kid was bought a new MVP. Having never throw before, the “proud parents”, after watching their litter “darling precious” DESTROY that yoyo(after refusing any sort of help), waltzed over to my case and DEMANDED I hand one over since I had so many. This kid took a NEW IN BOX MVP, that his parents paid $120+ for, which the kid banged repeatedly into the ground until the axle snapped and broke. The yoyo itself was no longer salvageable either, full of DENTS, dings, scrapes and looked like chunks of metal missing as well as no longer appearing to be round. They then attempt to snag a CLYW out of my case like it was their’s to rifle through, and I promptly took the yoyo back and said “No”. I explained that we tried for 2+ hours to help your kid learn to yoyo, and instead, you watched him bang an expensive yoyo into the ground until it was just a chunk of metal to be recycled. I told them if they wanted him to go destroy another yoyo, go inside the store and buy another one for him to destroy, but leave my stuff alone.

At these same meets, I ensure that anyone who knows how to play, who wants to try “expensive stuff”, INCLUDING my Anglam, gets the chance to.

Saying “yes” is what I prefer. I dislike having to say “no”. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

There’s a few people I don’t even bother giving permission to. They know the policy: If it’s there, play it! At my house, theroybit knows whatever is in the cases(or even new in the boxes) is all fair game.