When trying another throwers throw...please..

Please exchange the yoyo you are throwing with them.

Think of this situation.

You are at a contest, you are throwing your Element X and a guy comes up and ask’s if he wants to try it
you say sure and hand him the Elex, he takes the Eclipse off his finger and puts it away and takes your elex to throw it.
You are now left without a yoyo and just stand there awkwardly watching him do some random tricks.

When ever you are in this situation, please, I think its just common courtesy to exchange the yoyo you are throwing with the one who is letting you try the yoyo, doesnt matter what yoyo it is, it gives the other something to try for fun. It doesn’t even have to be a yoyo, I often let people try my astrojax when I try their throws. Starts convos and whatnot.

Can we all remember to do this?


I practice this procedure every time I go to a comp. It’s only nice.

I like it when people, rather than just handing me the yoyo they are using, pop open their case and ask if I want to try anything.

same here :smiley:

yup, me too

Not everyone thinks of this. Just ask if you can play with theirs while they have yours. It’s that simple. If you don’t want to asks them then don’t let them play with your yoyo.

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good idea, I rarely ask for trying other’s throws tho, and mine all have counterweights attached so I’m not sure I’d be comfortable to let anyone try 5A maybe for the first time on a $100 throw over concrete or hard surface.

but yea, still a good thing worth saying in general