Perhaps this is the wrong place for this, but I am seriously wondering what the etiquette is for allowing people to handle your yo-yos.

I know this may seem a little long but I could use any advice people have to give.

I have a “friend” who started yo-yoing with me 7 months ago. He screwed up his yo-yo and then gave it up. Recently I have been buying more yo-yos as I have gotten into throwing more. Upon receiving a Noctu in the mail my friend decided to start throwing again and went out and bought a SPYY Solarus. A week later he is bragging on how it is the greatest yo-yo ever and how it can “beat” anything I have (whatever that is suppossed to me).
So here comes the etiquette part. He sees my SPYY Flying V and just picks it up without asking and starts throwing it. Then he says Oh, this is responsive. To which he then uses it to Walk the Dog across the sidewalk (on asphault). Then when I call him on it and take back my scratched to hell Flying V he just laughs and says What it is a legitamite trick, don’t be so angry. You have many more yo-yos anyway.

Next day he comes in slams his Solarus into the ground twice then when it is wobbling, reaches for my Noctu. I stop him and say that if he can’t respect yo-yos he isn’t allowed to use mine.

He claims I’m being selfish.

So what is the proper etiquette here? Am I wrong for wanting to protect my precious yo-yos? Or am I being petty by not letting him use them?


well for me, I think you made a right decision, because yoyo is not something that you only play, but you should also need to take care of it, so it can last longer and it will play like new (meaning it won’t wobble or anything). What your friend do is kinda disrespectful, and he is like wasting his money, buying on high end yoyos and didn’t take care of it.


It’s hard to say definitively what right or wrong is. Doing something as simple as walk the dog may seem lke a no-brainer trick, but when it involves a method where the yoyo MUST take damage(metal on hard surface), it’s WRONG. I think anyone who enjoys yoyo would understand and respect other’s gear, especially when they may or may not know the costs of it. If it’s not mine, I’m just of the attitude of asking first.

When my DM2 arrived, I had it on the counter. my brother in law “borrowed” it and did a couple of poor throws, but he did get it back into his hand. I wasn’t around, I found out threw my kids. Well, a few weeks later, I took the thin bearing out and put in the larger bearing, and once again, my brother in law decides he’s going to play with it. Oops, it’s broken now, it won’t return. He threw it in the garbage to save me the hassle apparently. I come home. “where’s my yoyo”? My wife, who “puts things away” as a term meaning “it’s lost, don’t bother looking for it” is of no help and I find out from my kids that my brother in law threw it away. So I had to dig through the garbage to get it. Fortunately it wasn’t too deep.

Of course, realize these are the same people(family) who has taken my gear, broken my gear and not told me about it(borrow and break), taken gear and sold it, taken gear and given it away and generally do not take care of anything at all. I mean, they had a box in there garage, like a really big moving box full of scratched to beyond useless CD’s and DVD’s and broken cases. We’re talking probably over $7K in useless media. People who don’t tighten screws on pots and break glasses and dishes so frequently that they turn through 4-5 complete sets of dishes a year. Also, they borrowed my truck, lost the primary set of keys, then borrowed and lost the back-up set of keys, and as a result, I could not go to a gig and get a job done thanks to them. They also seem to also seem to like to borrow my car, abuse the brakes and never fill it back up, or when they borrow the truck never put any diesel in to replace what they used. But I digress about disrespectful people.

Or do I?

If I were to go to a meet, I’d have no problem letting someone at a meet borrow or us a throw of mine over grass. Heck, even I don’t want to play over hard surfaces. I would like to as much as possible keep my gear nice.

Your friend is flat out disrespectful. He SHOULD know better. It just goes to show you can’t buy manners.

Your gear, your rules. Period.


Yeah, my “freind” did that. Someone told him dings dont matter, but he took it as “THROW UR j0j0Z ON DA GROUND WENEBAR POSHIBLEZ” His new 888x was VERY used in about a day. we stopped him from coming to our meets because everyone was tired of having thier stuff destroyed.


Ed Zachery


If I’m keeping a close eye on my stuff I usually have a Northstar or some other plastic standing by so that if they do ask to try I let them use the plastic so they can do whatever damage they want and I won’t care. Also it’s fun to watch others try and it’s good that they take interest. I don’t discourage newbies.

At yoyo club if I leave my case open I have to watch it like a hawk from the preteens reaching in. They’re usually pretty good about asking though.

My brother who has no idea what he is doing with a yoyo, saw my case open on the table, so without asking he reached in and grabbed my Epic which had an extra long string. He put it on his finger and attempted a sleeper. Of course he wasn’t prepared for the long string and it smashed on the floor. I just looked over at him astonished :expressionless: :o. It was mint before he threw it, now it has a flat spot. Nice. He was awfully sorry and felt bad, but I’m like “you gotta ask the expert before you do stuff like that, why didn’t you grab the plastic you nOOb!?”

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If your story is true
your friend is selfish
not you.

I even put it in a poem. ;D


Ed is a genius!

I still find it funny that I have no problem handing a $700 mic to a noob on my sound crew or letting them use my $60K console, but I won’t them within 10 feet of my yoyo. Is that wrong?


Your gear your rules. Also, You probably have more sentimental value placed in yoyos :slight_smile:

YAY Cyclic conversations!


He’s being a jerk and disrespectful. Not you. Just tell him, if he keeps it up you wont let him see your yoyos anymore. If he gets mad at you for it, then hes not being a very good friend.

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…sound consoles more durable maybe?


my friend laugh when I freak out about a ding. they’re like, your a baby, what harm could it do. One frined was being a jerk so let him do an arm grind with my freshly dinged yoyo. He was laughing as he put the yoyo on his arm. lets say it didn’t go to well for his arm.


When someone tries my yoyo, first off they usually ask me to try it. If I only happen to have a metal on hand, I move over to a carpeted or grassy area. I do the usual warning them not to walk the dog or bang it up, and that they will probably have trouble getting it back up. Otherwise if it’s a younger/shorter kid, I simply tell them that the string’s really long, too long for them.


I think it’s just common courtesy to ask permission to use someone’s yoyo. And to do a trick like walk the dog with it is just plain thoughtless and stupid.


Someone taking your good metal throw without your permission and walking the dog on concrete, then saying it’s a legitimate trick is akin to someone driving off in your 2012 Camaro ZL1, rolling it into a ditch and saying “What, they are suppose to be driven real fast.”


At contests and meets players always have their giant collection cases open for others to see and try. In fact and the US nats there was this one guy with a beret that had a gigantic case full of different throws. He yelled out that anyone can try but, as there is honor amongst yo-yoers, we all asked anyways.

Your friend is being disrespectful to your possessions. Tell him that it’s courtesy to ask to use something of yours before taking it. Tell him to do tricks over grass if don’t trust him with your throws and if he dings it, as long as he deeply apologizes and it was an accident, then don’t get mad over it. If he doesn’t do the latter, then you have every right to be mad. He will come around eventually, once something similar happens to him.


Yea, if I ever use one of my brother’s yo’s I always ask, as far as your “friend” goes, beat him with a box of coconuts.


Hey, I did that to this one guy…