A bit of common courtesy at Meets, contests and other gatherings


I know this doesn’t affect most of you. But there’s a select few of you that this pertains to. This is for those rare individuals who need a little reminder.

I treat my stuff good. I try to treat stuff I borrow BETTER. This way I can try to return it in the same condition it was handed to me.

So, I’ve seen how a few of you treat your yoyos. What I am asking is that you NOT try my yoyos the way you treat your yoyos. I would like you to treat my yoyos with respect, care and a slight bit of caution, and if possible, please throw over soft surfaces Please try to avoid nicking, dinging and scratching it.

My issue comes from seeing stuff at other events. Again, this is NOT the majority, this is a very small number of individuals. Also, I have not fallen victim to “yoyo abuse” of my own equipment.


I handle other people’s throws with crazy caution…I am so scared of dinging their throws…


i don’t even use other peoples yoyo’s because i get so scared I’m going to ding them.

(SR) #4

It’d be funny if someone let some kid borrow a really expensive yoyo and put on the string like an offstring yoyo and see their face when he throws it down. hahahaha


That would be hilarious lol


I’m glad the majority of us care about stuff that isn’t even ours and was very selflessly handed to us to try. I feel people that abuse this fact or simply do not care about someone else’s valuables are extremely rude and therefore have betrayed the trust factor between the two parties. Plus, no one is gonna pay to have a dent fixed or a yoyo replaced, so if you are expecting yourself to not cover the damages of other people’s throws if you harm them in anyway, I would HOPE you would be EXTRA careful with them.

I don’t think I could sleep at night if I dinged someone else’s nice yoyo and then just walked away.

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while it’s reasonable (and awesome) to be more cautious with others’ yo-yo’s than your own, it’s also reasonable not to put a yo-yo in someone’s hand if you don’t have a clear sense for how they’re going to treat it. personally, having a LOT of yo-yo’s, i have no problem with bringing pretty much whatever to club and handing it to an 8 year-old saying “go crazy”. do i bring my flores yo-yo? no. do i bring my og peak? not usually. if you want something to stay nice, don’t put it in the path of a hurricane (or even the unpredictable). to my mind though, it’s all just stuff that was made to be played with and you can’t take it with you, so the number of throws i try to protect from the [human] elements is comparatively tiny.


I just wish I could go to contests, never been to one in my life…
If I went, I’d be SO scared of dings. Mainly others’ yoyo…
And maybe accidentally swinging my arm and hitting a fellow thrower in his face.


went to triple crown this past summer, and YYE set their booth up where you could try yoyos all you wanted. I picked up a code 2 they say you ding it you buy it. This should just be a universal law. ruin the throw,and expect consequences

(Alex Fairhurst) #10

I was at IN states and YYE had a booth. Some kid was trying out their Petr Kavka Chief and dinged it. They didn’t make the kid buy it. But they did lower the price on it by like 20$

While I think the “you ding it, you buy it” policy is the best way go about things. You can’t really make someone fork over the money. Especially if they simply don’t have it.


I almost hate trying others’ yoyos at contests. Some will hand you theirs and I crack out some of my weakest tricks. Haha. Of course you get the ones like Ed, who say “Go nuts,” after all they are meant to be played with.


I let a kid throw my Yoyo once and he totally messed it up and dinged it and I had said something and he got mad that I said something lol when he had promised he would only throw it over soft surface. I was like wow he messes up my throw them gets mad cause I say something? Kids these days