Letting other people try your yoyo

if I don’t have my bag on me I always at least have my No Jive (My current pocket throw) that people can use, But I also usually have a imperial, luminator, or mosquito on me in case anyone wants to try.

Hey Agent, that no-jive sounds familiar to me :wink:
Anyways, Ed I would agree with you, but sadly my shiny yo-yo’s are my only ones I carry around. I’m getting more and more reluctant handing over my boss or my P2, most of the time people ask and they throw it palm down, then kinda whip it around, and just let it spin (around, sizeways). I’ve had one run in with concrete back when I was starting with a girl, a curb, and my X-con…After that, I’m very hesitant!

If they want a shiny one get one of these to carry around:


Haha. I normally carry aroung a yoyo I won’t let people use, in example my Wooly Marmot or Skyline. Then I carry a beater, such as my M1 or Dv888. I’ll also let most people try my plastics.

I never thought about that! That’s a good idea

Unless the yoyo is mint and I jest got it, I will let anyone try it. If the person yoyos at all, I’ll let them try anything.

I have yet to have a bad experience with letting people use my yoyos but i always carry an extra yo yo or two just in case they want to try

I don’t know about you guys, but when someone asks me to lend him/her my yo-yo, I do so. I just tell them to wait; then I grab a spare yo-yo(almost always FH2) from my bag/pocket. However, I don’t have a gripe with anyone using my DM. What’s a yo-yo if you(or anyone) can’t have a little fun with it?

While I don’t mind letting people play with my DM, they usually give it back as soon as it hits the floor with a loud ding. Then they’ll be afraid to throw it out of fear of breaking it :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually let people try my fireball. I also have a modded FH2 if anyone wants to try unresponsive play. and one time I set my Hayabusa for 1a and its perfect because its big and has rubber rims!

What happens 95% of the time:

  1. Can I see your yoyo?
  2. They let it lazily fall from their hand, producing a lopsided-spinning out type deal.
  3. They very hilariously attempt to bind it or try to manipulate the string in some way.
  4. Them: I’ll get it next time.
  5. They have difficulty wrapping it up.
  6. They try to take it off, but they eventually find out that it in fact uses a slipknot.
  7. I help them remove the slipknot
  8. I wind it up.


That’s my experience so far.

Since I don’t like to carry around a bunch of throws I just take a Velocity with me. I’ll let anyone throw any of my yoyos though because it’s something a I’d rather have people do with me rather than watch me do. I am glad for the Velocity though. I watched it spinout down the length of the floor of a bar one night because someone wanted to try it. That was pretty funny.

some thing WORSE happened to me. In the past few days, I let people use my dark magic and now it is SCRAPMETAL!!! today I went to school and I only let them use my crap duncan freehand. Now they are starting to tease me A LOT!!! what should I do??? :’( :’(

I get alot of nieces and nephews asking to try out my throws…I usually use the “you gotta be taller than the string” line. I started carting around some older throws (yomega hotshot and raider ex) with a few shorter strings if they are really persistant. At the yoyo club on saturdays I’ll let anyone there throw anything (someone always has extra strings we can cut for the kids if need be) but ding one off the floor and you don’t get to try the mint ones anymore :wink:

Thats a sad story. Well if it is scrap metal maybe you should let them use it. But if you don’t want to do that heres what I suggest. Don’t bring your yoyo to school. Or just be persistant with not letting them use it, they will probably stop teasing you after a while. Or tell them that they are expensive and that they’ve already damaged it so your worried about letting them use it. And the one more thing you could try is to tell them that if they put even one scratch on it they have to buy it from you for $40. You’ll find they won’t want to use it as much. Of course this is just asuming they want to use only your DM. If you have like a plastic maybe let them use that instead.

thanks for the advice. anyway, iam starting to cheer up a little. One of my friends actually bought me a large pizza from the canteen to try cheer me up. anyway, I just got my new dark magic in the mail so I am going to give my dark magic to my friend and never bring any of my yoyos tpo school again. But once again, thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:


I usually offer people to try if I notice them watching me yoyoing. Most of the time I get a no, but the way I see it, they can’t do much worse to the yoyo than my son and I do. I have a 4 year old, who loves to play with my yoyos, so they see the floor quite often. :slight_smile: I’ve bought my 4 year old his own yoyos but he still likes mine. Though I do have a Henry’s Lizard for people to try when they’re at my house.

It depends on which throw I have on me. If it’s one of my nicer metals, no way. If it’s the Lyn Fury or DM, sure no prob.