Who would like to "Pass it forward"? *GOOD KARMA INSIDE* :)

Hey guys not to long ago I was apart of the gift exchange and didn’t receive anything, no big deal. Anyways during all that happening it made me think how bad it would have felt had I been someone who wasn’t able to buy his own throws and has a decent collection. Chatting with other forum members we started talking about some type of yoyo drive where we have a group of yoyoers who aren’t fortunate enough to have a decent collection due to a shortage of money, being young and parents not buying them a throw ever, people new to yoyoing who cannot afford a yoyo, Etc… So with that said I want to gather a group of forum members who wouldn’t mind giving up a throw to someone less fortunate.

It goes something like this

-gather people will give a throw and “pass it forward” including myself which I have 2 throws for this specifically both of which are metals possibly even 3 maybe.

-have people suggest candidates they feel would fit into someone who would truly appreciate a yoyo and CANNOT AFFORD ONE THEMSELVES.

  • have the candidates write a short paragraph about themselves, while also including what tricks they know and are working on, as well as what yoyo/s they have. (To determine which yoyo they should get )

  • talk amongst the people who will be passing it forward to see which yoyo each person should get due to their skill level and current situation etc

  • send yoyos and pass it forward :slight_smile:

So if you feel like you have a yoyo you wouldn’t mind giving away while also making someone else very happy please comment below and then I will PM you. I want to wait a while to gather as many people as possible to participate to make as many people happy as possible. No yoyos will be shipped to me each person will ship a yoyo or however many you want to give away but each person will receive one so keep that in mind for shipping cost.

Also if you know anyone who could really use a yoyo and is legit in a bad spot, or can’t afford a yoyo, or anything of that sort please let me know. Besides people’s word there won’t be a good solid way to know if someone is telling the truth about their situation so please be honest :slight_smile: if you have a yoyo collection chances are you won’t qualify to get a free yoyo this is for the people who TRULY deserve a yoyo. I have so many that I don’t mind at all giving up 2 or 3

I already have a few people who I believe want to participate in the passing it forward part of this so I will contact them and see if they’d still like to join. Have a good day guys, I will write a more detailed description of everything once I get some suggestions if how everything should work, also if anyone wants to help me with coordinating everything let me know cause I’m taking 16 credits this term :slight_smile: thanks everyone!


Love the idea. :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m afraid I have nothing to give up, but I’d also like the point out the Throw it Forward “project” by Ten Yoyo.

While their approach to the work is ideal, starting with the company and allowing the yoyoer’s to pass on a beginner plastic after purchasing a more than amazing competition throw, it appears to have done little to nothing. Not trying to be negative, just thought I’d point this project out.

Hopefully this gains some drive and gets some yoyos out there. Even if we all simply selected a yoyo in our collection and established a day on which we all attempt to “Pass it Forward” (Yoyo Day- June 6 perhaps?). Take a picture of the gifting to the other person if successful, and create an online scrapbook of sorts.

Wow dude that’s also a great idea! I was just really thinking a bunch on how bad it would feel to be scammed when to begin with you don’t have much. A couple other people and came up with the idea too which was cool so I am hoping it pans out and quite a few people end up with a decent throw in their hands, it would be cool if some of the people were new to yoyoing because then people who don’t have much to give but still want to give if they can will get the same satisfaction as anyone else giving away a yoyo. I’ve given away a few yoyos to these Kendama players I met but they could very well afford one themselves so it wasn’t that satisfying feeling of giving something to someone who truly will cherish and appreciate the gift ya know?

Thanks for the input brother!

Im homeless atm, couch hoppin, the only things i have are my 3 throws and some clothes right now. Im not askin for a handout but if someone wants to trade 100$ + throws, with me im down. But we cant say what yoyo, mine had some dings n scuffs but no vibe. Im just tired of the same throws… Currency should of never been invented. The struggle is hard when your out on your own. Advice to kids. Be good, do what your told. Have integrity respect and learn accountability. Cause i hate my life atm.

Im giving my friend jackie’s little bro my psg tomorrow, he has autism an its autism awareness day, im gunna teach him all i know. i read awhile back that yoyos and other skill toys have a positive effect of autistic and other LD kids, makes sense to me, i have adhd like most of us throwers and it relieves a lot of stress and helps me get focused.

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I’ve actually thought about just doing this on my own. I have plenty of great metals, way more than I need or can realistically play. I’d love it if one or a few could go to someone who was really dedicated and might just need a little help on the financial end to take it to the next level.

But, I couldn’t think of a great way to be sure the recipient really needs the help. I sure wouldn’t want to turn down a few people who really deserve it and choose someone who wasn’t being honest with us.

References? I mean maybe even parents? Maybe people from local clubs and we could talk to the people running them? Cause I also want to make sure they go to someone deserving

I was thinking that I’d like to see a video. I wouldn’t even care if you were that good, I just want to see that you’re making progress and it’s something you’re passionate about. A short note, like maybe 200 words or less about what you plan to do with your yoyo’ing or why you think you’re a good candidate would also be nice.

I’d really like to think that the community could generally be trusted not to scam a charitable, good natured thing like this. Maybe I’m naive though.

That, and I’d probably prefer the recipient be under 16. If you’re 18 and can’t afford a metal, get a job. ;D

Nevermind yo, i figured out a way to get some cash. Hopefully.

Definitely sounds like a great idea. I have a few throws to go toward this. I would stick to recipients registered on the forum so we might easily follow up with their progress. Maybe do a mentor program where those of us who always have extra string and stuff have someone less fortunate to “pass” our extras on to.

I really like to give throws to interested kids (when available). The only down side of using the forum as opposed to the physical world, you would want to give them to those without feedback as they would be the “noobs”. This is difficult to judge in a text only form who is genuine and who wants free stuff. I say take it upon yourself when in the walking, talking community to show good form and give. I am going to be at NER and anything that is on the lower end not fitting in my case will be gifted to those that will put them to good use.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. I think you are right. There is no “true” way to determine the need of a potential recipient via the internet. It is best to pass things forward at clubs or contests.

But, I think next time there is a gift exchange type process on here, it should match an adult with someone 15 and under who has no steady job to afford their own throws. It should not be an exchange in that regard, but more of a one way street. The adult gives to the kid, and that’s the end of it. There would be no value placed on the gift, it just is what it is.

I think there should be a separate gift exchange for the older folks, who have maybe 25+ feedback, YYE and YYN combined even, and they can really exchange some throws that they think someone might enjoy. It would be more of a chance to try something you never thought to buy on your own. Really research the person, and send something nice.

Another idea is to do something entirely different. Create a list of participants using feedback, and everyone writes a short paragraph about their throw preferences or “wants”. Then, create a rule where everyone has to mail out a gift to at least one other person on the list. But, no one is assigned to send to anyone specific. One person could get 10 gifts in the mail, another person could get only one gift, or none. Just the luck of the draw. If a person writes that they enjoy undersized, heavy throws, there might be ten people who have a yo-yo that fits that description, so that person will get a windfall of yo-yos. The only organization necessary would be for someone to keep track of who is sending to whom, and enforce that rule that everyone mail one thing out. This one would be funny, cause you could legitimately laugh at people who got nothing and say that they knew they might get nothing. You also might envy the person who gets 20 new throws in the mail. :smiley:

But, I will say that if Pass it Forward came to fruition, I’d participate just for kicks. It’s a good idea. We can read past posts, at least if they are members, and try to gauge need based on that. If a kid posted that he has 20 metals, we know he does not qualify. :-\

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Does it have to be a metal? All I have is a ONEstar really…

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It’s the thought that counts brother, even tho it’s a one star it’s still a Yoyo and a good one at that, which could make someone truly happy. I’m happy to see that you reached out to find a Yoyo to give away. Says a lot man, cause like you told me in the PM you don’t have much but still want to participate that’s really humble man. Just hold onto the one star and hopefully we can get a handful of people who want to participate and wouldn’t mind coming up with specific guidelines as a team so that no one gets left out.


what If instead of giving away nice throws we have away throws that a more experienced thrower wouldn’t want, because if we claim we will be giving away high end metals people might try and qualify and make stuff up but if they know the yoyos would be better suited for a beginner they wouldn’t have much reason to want to try and get free yoyos and instead could help suggest people who would be more deserving . Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

Tomorrow my total artist Yoyo holster comes in from YYE YEAH BOY! Stoked I’m also getting another once they restock my Gf said she really liked it and wanted to get me another one once she gets her tax return and also a summit :smiley: I love the summit I have a bape colored summit but want splash

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Nomination method?

Thanks for the support…and thank your girlfriend too. :slight_smile: I agree about the throws we would be donating. Perhaps it should be no more than $50. Could be anything, like a YYJ bimetal, Classic, PSG, DV888 or whatever. I think that will work, because if the objective is to help someone in “need,” it does not require them throwing a metal to have fun and learn. A person in need will be glad to get anything that will help them have fun and progress with throwing. Maybe we should think of things that would keep them going in the long run, like string and stuff moreso than giving a high end yo-yo. Good point.

I agree with the sentiment of this entirely. Honestly I like all of the concepts that have been discussed in this thread. My only concern really is about the reality of giving away only cheaper throws in this scheme. I reckon that for the most part (not entirely but on the whole) people only sign up to a forum like this once they’ve invested a decent amount of time/some money in throwing. Therefore, while some people are going to be in dire need of a decent cheaper throw, I think it’d also make a lot of people happy to be donated a good higher end throw, as these are the things that most younger folks will have less access to. I really do not mean that people should not donate what they can because every donated yoyo could find a good home, but I think there should a range of throws donated. If this ever gets sorted out you can definitely count me in.

I am also concerned about this. If we all send out 10 dollar throws to people who are past the advanced section it’ll end up a donation at waste. But that’s why I think unresponsive should be in the guideline, along with the ability to do advanced and expert tricks on.

From my perspective, and I may just go ahead and do this in the next few days on my own, the point was going to be that I’d give a higher end metal that would be out of reach for a kid who’s really getting good but just doesn’t have the means to step up from a plastic/lower end throw.

If I did it, the point would be to remove any limits that they might have had to becoming a really great player. Something that could even take them all the way up to a contest if they wanted. That’s the part that would be satisfying…for me.

(Obviously I know that having a high end metal is not always a prequisite for being great or playing in contests, but let’s be real. For those of us who aren’t Jensen Kimmit, there’s a noticeable difference in what a truly good yoyo will allow us to do.)

Hey man. I have a throw that I don’t really play much. I’d be happy to donate it.