Donate a Yo-Yo Ended! Goal Exceeded - 44 Throws Total - Prizes Announced!

Our own forum member “Fellavader” started New Hampshire Yo-Yo club several months ago, and it has been a success. He also just became a Yomega Ambassador after winning a recent contest. He has been doing some really cool things, all dedicated to inspiring others to yo-yo. He has been reaching out and going into schools to present and demonstrate yo-yoing. He has a young son who yo-yos and assists him when he presents. He just celebrated one year yo-yoing, and he has contributed quite a lot already. He also got a first place win at this year’s R.I. States Yo-Yo Contest.

He could use some help from us, so a few weeks ago, I decided to post toward that goal. I asked if anyone could donate a yo-yo that the kids can use during his presentations. I asked that they be any yo-yo, which can have any extent of cosmetic damage, as long as it is still in good working condition. We asked for yo-yo donations, or if you had string you would never use, or other yo-yo accessories. We set a goal to receive 20 donated throws.

We have received a total of 44 yo-yos. We received a ton of string and other accessories too. We ended the donations early, on August 13th, as we have exceeded our goal.

We collected the names of all who donated to be considered for prizes in a drawing. My personal donations were a Duncan Reflex, Duncan Freehand, Duncan FHZ, YYF One, and several prizes. Fellavader donated an Hspin, Proyo, Profly and Go Big, and several prizes. YYE donated cards and stickers to the club as well. We visited the office prior to this donation being thought of, and they gave their support.

Thanks for all the great donations, they exceeded our goal!

A complete list of those who donated:

Man of Mystery
Mr. Squirrel
A Soviet Locust

Prize List:

  1. YYE Leather Yo-Yo holder (as posted on the product page, as sold on YYE)
  2. Leather Yo-Yo holder (short promo version, tester)
  3. Leather Yo-Yo holder (short promo version, tester)
  4. $15 Gift Certificate to YYE
  5. Blood Brother (gold polished) Excellent Condition (donated by Totalartist from personal collection)
  6. Duncan Echo Triple Crown Of Yoyo Edition Mint in box (donated by Fellavader from personal collection)
  7. Duncan Keychain (red)
  8. Duncan Keychain (blue)
  9. Signed Mark Montgomery Card in top loader
  10. Signed Andre Boulay Card (belongs to Fellavader, you know I wouldn’t give mine up ;D)

That’s an awesome thing he’s doing, same with you, totalartist. I will see if I have any decent throws to send. Does it matter if they are from the Boom Era? And would y’all prefer 1A style, or would some 4A be enjoyed, as well?


Thanks so much for the thread Totalartist. Ya any yoyo would do as long as its in working order. 4a beaters are fine. It will help with those that haven’t tried 4a yet. I’m going to up the ante and for the sake of the club donate a yoyo as a prize. I’m not saying what it is but it will be a metal 1a yoyo in really good condition that someone can win in a random drawing if when can get to 20 donations. Thanks for the help everyone.

I’m going to try to donate a yo-yo!!!

Hey fellavader. Please Pm with an address! I am going to be sending some stuff out for the kids. I’ve been wanting to donate some stuff to others and this seems like a good cause. Plus it’s been a little while since I gave back to the community.

I have 5 throws that need a cause. Could you pm me the address? Thanks

Thanks so much for the response. He will be demonstrating all styles of yo-yo and showing the kids all different kinds of yo-yos, so any donation in good working condition he is glad to have. We have no preference in the type of throw really, as long as it’s ready to go. It doesn’t matter how beat up it is as long as it’s useful. Other than the yo-yo working properly, we welcome any donation, any level of play, any style of play would be fantastic.

We will be confirming in the thread when we receive a donation. We want to see if we can meet our goal by mid-August.

Thanks for your PM on this. I am going to donate a YYF One, Duncan Freehand and a Duncan Reflex for this…and I am sorting out some string and other accessories to donate as well.

Okay, that’s perfect. I actually counted, and I have 7 yo-yos that need a reason to live, so to speak. Three boomers, a 4A, two loopers, and a multi-style one with a counterweight. I just need to know who to mail it to when the time comes. I hope y’all do well with this, cause I fully support it.

I’m not trying to sound rude, but, he’s a yomega ambassador…can’t he ask for them to donate some fresh throws?

I’m sure yomega is, But think, He’s going to be teaching a LOT of kids, I’m sure. Donations are nice, and Yomega can only do so much. Plus different styles of yoyos from diff brands are nice.

I don’t think it’s rude at all, and I’m sure he could ask them for the throws. But, he is very new, and it may not be the best time to ask for a lot of things. I think it would be more appropriate to ask the corporation for 20 throws for classes, when he really gets going with his own efforts and gets more in a rhythm with things. Also, I think it is so much more fun to draw from the community for something like this, and see what kind of effort we can make on our own, and give people a chance to win a few things too. Also, I think he will get more variety of throws from you guys anyway, whereas he would just take what he gets from a corporation. We all have yo-yos just lying around whether new or beat up that are not being used, so we figure what better way to find them a home?

Being new to Yomega I haven’t reached out to them yet but I will in the future. I’m sure when the club is going stronger we will have some events with them just trying to get a running start. Thanks for the input.

Being new to Yomega, I’d discuss some of your ideas with them, to see how receptive and/or responsive they are to your ideas. You never know. They might even provide you with learning materials, literature, swag, videos and other materials in addition to budget-minded throws to give away or sell on the cheap.

^this post is totally legit. I would try, but then again, what do I know? Yomega is fairly nice, though. Ootch is awesome.

Ya Ooch is the best he is a great teacher and very patient with kids. I will be talking with them soon about my ideas. Hope to go visit them in person seeing the are based in MA which isn’t too far from me.

dang that would be awesome getting to know ooch… before i found out about andres tutorials, i watched ooches! i leared all my beginner level tricks from him! thanks ooch! plus ill be sending my xodus2, my butterfly , and my fao schwartz wooden yoyo. also about 5-10 strings.

Thanks for your comments on asking Yomega, but I want to keep this thread about the donations only. PM him on the other ideas instead. I want this to be just for those interested in this donation idea. I just mentioned Yomega as part of his Yo-Yo resume. Several of you contacted us yesterday offering to send him some things. I appreciate the comments I got too. :)I’m throwing in a $15 YoyoExpert certificate for this. Not bad for giving away a beater. As long as they work good…he can use them.

For me, I have some name brand name cheap beginner throws that are mint, but not worth the time and effort to unload on the B/S/T or auction. This is a good way to recycle a yo-yo that you no longer use, but one that still works as it should.

Also, if you are attending the BBQ Pat Condon is hosting in NH, Fellavader will be in attendance to collect stuff you have.  I will be there too, if anyone wants to see the holder prize in person.  We will do a drawing several days after that.

Link for the BBQ details if you live close by:,45744.0.html