20+ Feedback Gift Exchange: Completed, success!

HEY EVERYONE! Pm me all your addresses as soon as possible and at most by may 17!

Hey why not! I feel that there are a LOT of people in this category of 20+ feedback, so i decided id organize a gift exchange with less risk than 3 feedback. Not many poeple on his forum have 50 feedback, so we can have the fun too!

Post here if you want to participate!


  1. US only. Sorry, but noone wants to pay 20 bucks for shipping.

  2. 20+ feedback. If you have 15-19 feedback, but you are an active and liked forum member, you might be in. Any negative feedback will ban you from this event, and any neutral will be determined by the community and circumstances of the feedback.

  3. Ship 2-3 day shipping (unless its a big package and 2-3 day shipping is too expensive), on or before May 25 (19 if slots fill up quickly.). If you dont ship by the date specified, i will contact the person you are shipping too, and they will deal with it, and ill try my best to get you to ship. After the seceret santa, scammers will not be tolerated. A week is more then enough to ship, no excuses.

  4. Your gift must consist of at least one yoyo retailing at least $100, or one yoyo retailing at least $80 and another yoyo retailing at least $20 Remember, try to be generous in the gift. The bigger gift, the happier the recipient will be! Extra accesories and such are appreciated.

  5. All yoyos must not have severe damage or vibe, unless its a yoyofactory plastic. Dont give BS about “its not THAT beat”, or “Thats only a slight vibe”. If you have 20+ feedback, you know what condition is considered beat. Any additional yoyos to the $100 yoyo or $80 and $20 yoyos can be whatever condition.

  6. 10 participants for now, but if i get 10 really quickly, ill increase it to 16.

  7. Random pairing. You will give a gift to a random person, and you will recieve a gift from a random person. Even me. Same as a secret santa.

  8. Give feedback to whoever gave you the present.

  9. IMPORTANT! Leave a note with your forum name and maybe a small letter to your recipient on the package.

  10. Slots close on may 17.

NOTE: Just an idea, not mandatory, but people should post their BST’s, preferences or wants lists. You of course do not have to gift from the wants list, but still.

I will randomly pair people on may 18 and PM everyone participating.


2 Jcpdx503
3. Dingo54
4. Proboscis
5. Big yoyo
6 Yoyospirit
7. Logi (i made ONE exception for < 20, since he has 1500 posts and is active.)
8. Totalartist
9. Dynikus
10. Navythrow (One more exeption)

No one?

ok im in

Sorry, but you have no where near 20 feedback.

how bout we all ship to you regardless of feedback and you swap all our stuff fairly so our trades our gifts arent rip offs

I might.

To be honest these Gift exchanges are getting played out. It seems like everyone is trying to run one. I have been running the Secret Santa here for a few years and did the last big gift exchange earlier this year but seems like too many people are trying to do these and they are becoming less special because of that.


Im sorry you feel that way, but i feel small gift exchanges are really fun. The excitement of recieving a random yoyo is invigorating. I felt that apollo2 's gift exchnge is too risky, and total artists is too exclusive.

One day I may be able to join.
Nice that this gift exchange is somewhere in the middle.
Totalartists is a bit exclusive, but that was the point.
Appollo’s was risky, but I take chances.
Yomagic, I hope you will still do your secret Santa. I was never able to participate before and willing to do so this year if everything is fit.

Bump! 6 days left!

Count Me In!!

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I think these gift exchanges are popping up for several reasons:

  1. People are not satisfied with the rules or qualifications required in the original one, and they are looking for something that they can feel more secure participating in;
  2. It is a way to trade, and receive feedback, incorporated with a surprise element. Everyone likes surprises, and if it benefits people, why should it be such a rare occurrence?
  3. It is something interesting to do as a “forum activity.” It keeps members active and participating as a group.

We’ll see if my idea comes to fruition, with the 50+ thing, because while there is some interest now, when the time comes, we’ll see who is willing to put up the big bucks keep everything top notch. Time will tell. I had a ton of fun in Yomagic’s gift exchange at Xmas, but there were a few people who did not uphold their end of the bargain, and I didn’t like seeing that happen to people.

We need different exchanges, because they all exclude people on some basis or another. Those who are excluded or do not agree with the standards in prior exchanges, have to seek out an alternative. But, I think these things should perhaps be called something else. I’m not sure what, but it’s more like a massive trade situation than a “gift” situation. I think of a “gift” as something bought new, with someone in mind. These things where people are sending out used stuff, is not really my idea of a gift per se. Just my personal opinion.

By the way, I’m impressed with Supbreh’s efforts here. He has about 5 people on the list, and they are all good people too. I’m still sitting on the fence, but anything run by Supbreh will likely be a success. Hmmm…

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Thanks total artist :smiley:


I’m pretty stoked to Jc is on the list, he’s awesome!

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im glad people with onsiderable feedback are participating!

I already know what im sending! I know the person wont know who they are getting it from, but i am not sure I want to say what it is

Dont haha, its a small exchange so it would be a bad idea. Too big a chance of getting a gift:P

Plus if in the raffle you end up being my secret santa, itll kill the surprise for me :P.

Ill just say they both retail 80+

Wow Mr. Generous! Whoever gets your present will be happy!

crosses finger to get present from dingo 54

5 slots left! Cmon guys, itll be fun!