Still no gift from gift exchange

I had just remembered that I still have yet to receive my gift from the last gift exchange.

I admit I had gotten impatient quickly but I had a feeling that this was going to happen which I guess ended up being right. The kid had said he was gonna send me something since the package he sent “didn’t make it” but when we talked thru PMs he said that he went to the post office to ask what had happened but that they assured him they had shipped the package. Then after waiting a few weeks I hit him up again and he told me since the package never arrived , even tho he never gave me any proof of shipment so he could be making it up for all I know. Anyways he had then told me he was gonna ship out another gift but still haven’t received anything and he won’t reply.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do next? Sucks because I sent out my gift and the person I sent to received their gift but as people had said before that its more about giving then receiving? Whatever works. I just wanted people to know that this isn’t right. Regardless if I receive anything or not its not okay for people to do this and receive gifts but not send anything and get away with it.

Edit: I apologize if my grammar is off, not in a proof reading mood right now.


Why don’t people take pictures of the receipts they get from the post office?

I can go through my phone and find like 10 pictures of receipts from me sending out packages. Heck, even if my phone was destroyed, I could find the receipts, they are in my car’s trash bag. I mean, I take pride in sending the tracking code to the recipient ASAP, nothing shows you mean business by being prompt and professional. I usually have the tracking code sent to the recipient before I even leave the post office.

We have rules where you have to take pictures of the yoyo you’re selling, I think it should be mandatory to take a picture of the shipping receipt, since we have so many stubborn people who can’t seem to keep track of a piece of paper. Funny how people can keep track of dollar bills, but when it comes to receipts that can make or break their reputation… well… they must simply let them blow away into the wind or something? Idk?

I say you shed light on who this user is…


That is a freaking GREAT idea. We should implement this. Especially if someone has low and or questionable feedback. Great thinking!

I agree… partially.

Wait a bit, but don’t wait to long. Give them one last opportunity to make it right, now that you have a thread up and you mean business.


I generally don’t take pictures of the receipt well, because I never had thought of it. Haha. I send the tracking number immediately though. The gift exchange is tough though because you’re getting something from someone you didn’t really agree to trade with.

I’d still save the receipt to cover my butt…

With all the packages “lost” by the USPS, you’d think people would clearly understand you should have proof of sending, I mean… unless you wanna end up sending a ‘second’ package. (If they ever sent one in the first place).

I mean, if you’re a good trader/seller, taking a pic shouldn’t be too much effort. You don’t even need to send it to the recipient, just keep it in your phone as proof, literally takes 5 seconds of effort… which is nothing compared to the 15-20 minutes I spend just packing my packages.

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Look man I don’t want to be mean or anything, but get over it. It’s been like three months. Just be more happy that you were able to make someone else’s day better without expecting someone else to make yours.

On that note, yeah it’s a total sham if someone doesn’t show some proof that the thing was shipped, and I’m sorry you didn’t get your present man.

A bit bipolar are we? haha

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Sure looks like it hahaha. But honestly man, it’s just a throw. I’m the patron saint of yoyos man, i hand them out on the daily, it’s irritating when people get angry in a gift exchange for not getting anything back ,at that point it turns into a random trade. Like come on people…

I getcha… but it still kind of sucks.

I know, but from where I’m sitting, it looks like someone expecting some free gift from someone else in the yoyo community because he entered a gift exchange AT HIS OWN RISK and didn’t get anything in return.

You’re missing the point. Yes it was at his own risk, and yes he shouldn’t nag on it, but it sucks that there are people in this community that would lie and scam people like they did. It’s more so of the fact it happened than his losing something.

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I’ll copy and paste what I wrote before. If I were you, I’d issue the negative feedback now, and post in trader feedback section.

I was not a participant in this, but I think it is unfortunate what has happened. I have read the thread top to bottom, before chiming in. I hope that something is happening back channel to make things right for those who have not received anything. A gift by definition is something given voluntarily, without compensation. But, this was labeled a “gift exchange,” where there were rules attached to participation, qualifications, and there was the expectation that everyone would give and receive. There was an expectation of compensation (a return gift), so “gift exchange,” is an oxymoron in that sense.

Having said that, those who have not received something, should receive something, or the persons in violation of the guidelines should be optionally exposed, and/or receive negative feedback from their assigned recipient. The goal was to keep the process positive, a feeling of “giving.” What ruins that is not the person who has fulfilled the rules in their entirety and expects the other end of the bargain to be upheld. What ruins the feeling of “giving,” is the thought of the kind of person who would sign up for this kind of process, and receive something, then fail to fulfill their end of the bargain in return. If the idea of the thread is, “giving,” why are there people who have not given anything? It appears there may be a few who had the goal of signing up to “take” instead. I believe that those persons have caused any feelings of negativity, not those who kept their end of the bargain and are looking for an explaination about what went wrong.

While I think one or two people were impatient prematurely, by my standards, it ultimately appears their feelings were warranted, when to date, they have received nothing in the mail. I think people should be accountable for not holding up their end of the bargain. This means not necessarily holding someone to a specific date to ship, or to a specific price for the gift, but rather, maintaining the spirit of the deal, guidelines and rules and holding them accountable to their word. No one signed up to a process that required people be “qualified” to participate, to be let down.

I believe that the name of any giver, who has not shipped with tracking, should be given to their assigned recipient. They should work through P.M.s and provide the excuses to that recipient, for not shipping, or whatever circumstance in delay, that can be explained privately. It should be up to the assigned recipient, if they want to expose them in the thread and/or give them negative feedback as a result of the excuse they were given. That gives the recipient the chance to know why they got nothing, react if they choose, get closure, and alert others of the behavior. Let that serve as an example for those who participate just to “take.”

No one is perfect here, but if there has been ample time provided to make things right, and it has not been resolved, action should be taken. Take all of the above from someone who had a “shipping issue” with half my Secret Santa gift. I shipped out 2 boxes to him the same exact moment, via Priority. One box was delivered in 3 days, the other, about a week later. But, I had tracking, and my recipient had the heads up to expect the second box and he also had knowledge of it’s contents.


Yeah I used to do a lot of trading with sneakers and as with that I always give the person the tracking number before I drive off. Actually except for this last trade I did with quickie silver because my iPhone screen was shattered so a few keys didn’t work and certain spots didn’t respond to me so as you can imagine it was hard to text or email etc… I had tried using Siri to text but it wasn’t to accurate cause I have a deep voice. Anyways I was fortunate enough to find a mint iPhone 5 32 gig for 350$ so I picked it up and now I’m back in business. But yeah I always keep the receipt until feedback has been left

Exactly it’s been 3 months haha and it was a gift exchange correct? If I was upset about it I would bash the person. Which I haven’t done, but don’t think that I am going to let kids run around the forums ripping people off without anything being said… You’re right it’s just a Yoyo, but its also “Just” a gift exchange that this person happened to agree to participate in. I did my part so it only makes sense that I let it be known that there are issues involved with some of the people wanting to be apart of the gift exchanges. There should be a way higher criteria. That’s just my opinion tho. Seriously tho I am over it, I just don’t feel it’s right he gets off without as much a slap on the wrist.

Yes, he’s expecting “some free gift from someone else in the yoyo community”…that’s the whole point of a gift exchange in the community.


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Really? Lol
I would love to know how you would have handled this situation.
I don’t want anything from anyone haha I buy my own yoyos. Only reason I even did the exchange was to try out something different I honestly wasn’t expecting anything major at all I wanted some type of plastic which is why I even decided to participate if I had received anything nicer would have just been a bonus. I admit I got upset way to early but if you go back to the thread of the gift exchange you will see that I didn’t even say anything until after the deadline had hit. I didn’t say anything for a really long time while I let this person have time to make things right. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again I signed up for a gift exchange lol and I honestly am over the fact that I didn’t receive anything. All I want is for people to know is that

1: these gift exchange need higher criteria that people should meet
2: there’s a snake in the communities grass :slight_smile:
3: that I can be patient and am not as rude and impatient as I was before

So I really don’t appreciate these comments and statements your making. You’re obviously entitled to your own opinion but I honestly am super curious to know how you think I should have handled this situation. Also are you saying its my fault I didn’t receive anything? Lol because it was at my own risk? I sincerely apologize and am not trying to sound rude but I am pretty new to the Yoyo community I remember joining back in September and in December I wanted to be apart of the gift exchange but I didn’t even ask because I didn’t meet the criteria. Anyways when I saw that there was going to be a gift exchange I felt it would be fun and wanted to send someone a nice gift , well I thought it was nice (aero yo delta , Kendama, Yoyo glove, bearing, stickers and LOTS of string) I honestly wasn’t expecting much and didn’t have any reason to think there was any risk involved. I apologize that you don’t like the way I went about things but I honestly don’t want anything from anyone I just want it to be known that someone didn’t follow the rules and deserves to be exposed because he also had a issue in the Christmas gift exchange. Which should have been a red flag but I didn’t know that until after this gift exchange haha shouldn’t someone have not let him participate? There wouldn’t have been any risk if he hadn’t participated. Anyways I still want to know how you would have gone about this all and what not

Jcpdx503, PM me and I’ll make the situation right :slight_smile:

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are you going to pass on the love like TTYO ? :wink:

I wanted too but he doesn’t want me to send him anything. All he wants is that my.yoyo won’t be allowed to participate in my gift exchanges

I agree that it’s not your responsibility Yomagic. He was given multiple opportunities to make this right, and he has not so far. Due to the past issue and now a present one, it might be best to exclude him in the future to avoid these kinds of problems. Two issues in a row is too coincidental. :-\

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