Still no gift from gift exchange

Yeah I passed because I can afford yoyos and luckily it was me that didnt receive a gift because it could have been someone that isnt able to afford throws and it would have been a much bigger loss for them then it is to me. I dont want to offend Yomagic by declining his gift but by no means is it his responsibility to make things right for mx.yoyo if mx.yoyo wants to make things right I will gladly accept the gift but no one else should have to do it for him, sorry if that doesnt make sense lol I am typing in a hurry because I have to get going.

Anyways I just wanted more than anything else the satisfaction of knowing that mx.yoyo wont be able to participate in another exchange and possibly do this to someone else who doesnt have as many throws and money to buy throws, in that situation it would be pretty sad. I know that there was one person who thought that I had made this thread to shed light on the fact that I didnt receive anything in hopes that I would receive something else from another forum member. That wasnt the case tho.

anyways as long as mx.yoyo doesnt participate in the next gift exchange and yomagic allows me to participate then I am content. Just wanted people to know that they should be careful and what not because this could happen to anyone

He should have provided you with tracking information, if he did not, then he was probably scamming. It is sad that people won’t follow through and can’t be dependable

Once again I really am thankful that you offered to send me a gift yomagic, if my situation was different and I didnt have as many throws as I do then I would have taken you up on the offer but I know theres someone else who would appreciate the throw and throw it more than I would. Just the thought that you would have sent me something is more than enough for me :slight_smile: oh yeah and that mx.yoyo doesnt participate in another gift exhcnage. Although if mx.yoyo makes this right I will accept the gift but I feel like the chances of that are quite slim lol I will eventually leave him negative feedback I want to see if maybe he will reconsider and PM me back. Anyways thanks again man. Hopefully if you can maybe you could give the yoyo you were gonna send me to someone who would put it to great use?

Maybe we can make a thread and have kids who arent as fortunate as some of us who have a lot of throws and ask them to write a short paragraph about why they feel they would be deserving of having a free throw? what do you think? I will also put a throw so that two people can receive a yoyo :slight_smile: let me know what you think about that

yeah he said he lost the tracking lol
and he said he went to the post office and that they assured him that the package was shipped but how could they know what package it was and if they did “know” why couldnt he have asked them for the tracking number? oh well tho stuff happens

I honestly personally feel that he didnt ship anything to begin with, it would be cool if he could send his gift that he recieved back because its not right that he gets a gift but didnt have to send anything out

Even if we don’t let my.yoyo participate in exchanges what’s to stop him from making an alt account, getting feedback, and scamming again.

We need a real name. And maybe a black list of sorts with names of people who have scammed in the past. YYN had one.

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Likely story that he lost the tracking, and that the package still didn’t arrive. Even without the tracking it would have showed up at your doorstep you know? It sounds like he never shipped anything. Yeah it is definitely unfair. Unfortunately these things happen. You can trust most, but theres always that ONE…

I wouldn’t want the hassle of organizing that thread myself, but if someone else wanted to do it, I would participate in something like that and offer a throw. I love the idea. Maybe for those 15 years old and younger. When I was 16 years old, I had a steady job and bought my own stuff. When kids are younger than that, they are at their parents’ mercy. I could get Summer jobs at 14 and 15 years old, but year 'round things were rough even then. :smiley:

I have no problem organizing it, it would have to be this weekend tho. And we can each pick a person we think is a good candidate for each throw? If you guys don’t mind I have no problem organizing it

I wouldn’t mind being a part of it either. :slight_smile:

Jcpd’ if you are busy this week, just do it next week or another week. If this is done right, it will be awesome for kids who cannot afford throws. What ideas do you have for rules? Will the kids sign up for the list by writing the paragraph about what they are looking for in a throw, or if they have a collection of some sort started, prefer plastic, metal, oversize, undersize, heavy, light and so on? 1A, 2A…? :-\ Will the sender choose the kid they have a throw suited for, or will a kid be assigned to the sender? Will we have enough participants to send out to all kids? Maybe you should first feel out how many senders you have on board, and how many throws they are willing to put up. I will look through my stuff now. Will we send a certain minimal value? Let’s bounce some ideas around. How much feedback for the senders? We don’t want kids to get let down either.

when i read this, it reminded me of all the businesses that turned me down because of my age. Now since I’m 15, they started calling me back. Sad thing is, i could have accepted the offers if my school didn’t switch the classes for band. I have to buy all my throws, though. It’s a responsibility that i love!

Do you guys still want to do this? Because I was going to set it up tomorrow?

You got robbed bro, nothin you can do but pick up your pants and move on. Ive been robbed before, it sucks, but if ya’ll make a huge deal about it I see yye not letting ya’ll do a gift exchange because of the drama it stirs up. I could care less about that because i have no trades on yye. Doesnt mean i cant buy someone a gift…

Lol I’m over the scam man I just bumped the post cause we had started talking about setting up a variation of a yoyo drive

my bad, i havent been active lately due to pooop reasons. I should have read more i thought it was more recent.

Look man, I’m sorry, my wording is off and I’m not blaming you. The entire fault is on the guy who didn’t send you the gift. I was more or less “annoyed” (for lack of a better term) that you waited three months to issue your proclamation.

You have the full right to be angry, that’s understandable. I’m not going to act like I wouldn’t be going crazy on the forum over what happened, and I really am sorry if I came off so vociferously. I am a representative of the community as much as everyone else on the forum, and I shouldn’t drive you away.

Also, I will be joining the next gift exchange, if it happens. I just hope that next one isn’t as bad as the former.