Strange Happenings

First off, I have no idea if I put this in the right section or not, so please correct me if I made a mistake.


I took advantage of the Black Friday Sale and got myself a Slusny Edition CZM84VK. I got the Priority Mail 3-Day Shipping option. Well, according to the tracking, the yoyo has not left the sorting facility in Springfield, Massachusetts. It has been almost a week already (6 days to be exact). Now, I am not supposed to have it arrive until Monday.
The big problem is, I will be leaving my house on Sunday for Disney World in Orlando. I won’t be back until the following Saturday. This means it will be 15 days until I get it. Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem?

I just don’t like this because I ordered 3-DAY SHIPPING but I am not getting it in the mail until, technically, after 10 days. I want my money back.

Tracking info isn’t always reliable. I’ve gotten packages when the tracking info still showed them in the sorting facility. Sounds like yours is truly late, though :-

If you have an issue, please contact the store.


Well you can always send andre an Email YYE’s customer service is legendary

True, true. But they might not know what happened.

Do you think this could be the problem? I guess I will go down to the mailbox and check today just to see. If not, then I will try Tomorrow. If not, then I am doomed.

Good Luck! hope its there

Nope, not there. Just some Christmas presents that my mom got. Can’t wait to see what those are.

USPS tracking isn’t so hot. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve received items and then days later, the USPS system shows them as being delivered. This is rare.

Also, certain areas of the country get bogged down by storms and other “extreme weather” and stuff just can’t be dealt with. Some areas are just plain slow. No offense intended, but most of the time whenever something heads my way from Florida, Texas or the other “Deep south” states, stuff just sits around for a while before even moving. I can get a package mailed to me FASTER from YYE than a yoyo retailer not 60 miles from where I live. I’m guessing most of the workers at the Oakland postal sort facility are on weed or something and that slows things down even further. Add to that the temporary holiday mail/shipping that is going on, and a system that is normally operating a fair bit UNDER maximum capacity is suddenly choking on its own proverbial vomit. This cold snap certainly isn’t help either.

Two choices:
First, contact the post office and see if they can advice what is going on. They could even try to put a trace out for your package. I’ve found this to be totally ineffective, but I would investigate that lead first. You do have some sort of delivery confirmation or tracking and that helps. I have found these issues tend to sort themselves out on their own though.

Second, you can ask the sender to do the same thing. Hitting it from both ends sends red flags through the system. It doesn’t necessarily speed things up, but a few more people have to get involved.

Last, Priority Mail isn’t necessarily 3 days. It can be up to 7, but 3 days isn’t unusual and 4 is fairly normal. 10 days isn’t unusual either.

They won’t know what happened unless you contact them. It sounds like it went missing in the USPS facility.

You want your money back? I think they are going to have to discount your return cash if you even got any which you wont because you bought a yoyo and you need to be patient…

Something similar happened to me before, and what I have learned is that USPS is just not very reliable when it comes to tracking. Instead of it getting stuck in transit, It told me that it was delivered, but my package wasnt here. I went to my USPS post office, and the guy effectively said “sorry, we have no idea where it is. I hope it shows up at your house, if you dont get it in the next couple days come back”


It showed up the next day but…Just contact yye to let them know, they will probably help you to locate it, and call USPS and figure out what the heck is going on – peace & hope it shows up

I live in a small town, and it’s very common for the tracker to say “delivered” first thing in the morning, when what really happened was it was loaded in the little Jeep at 8 in the morning, and will get to me around 4 pm when the mail always arrives.

I know it’s frustrating, but please remember that YYE did exactly what you paid them to do. The postal service fumbled the ball, but that’s not YYEs fault. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the USPS got millions and millions of extra packages thrown in their system. I know it sucks, but you still have today and tomorrow. It could still show up before you leave.

Good point, good point. I am not mad, just a little depressed really.

I’ve had USPS stuff sitting in my mailbox when it shows to be sitting in some other state on the website.

I know a bunch of stuff is shut down due to weather right now, though.