USPS rant....again

So I live in Colorado Springs and a yoyo was supposed to arrive today. Yesterday morning the item checked in to Denver(sorting facility) so I’m thinking “sweet, it’ll be here as scheduled”. Then I checked this morning and got really lucky because my yoyo was routed through San Fran. So Denver is 80 miles from me. Why wouldn’t it get routed through SanFran in the way to Colorado Springs??? Even better, usps tracking still says expected today.

well, How about a package that starts in NV, goes to San Jose, CA, then to Washington DC, then to Maryland, then back to San Jose, CA – the original destination… I think the USPS is in meltdown sometimes…

How late was it? Do they refund the premium price paid for priority shipping? Nope! They do nothing. It’s a great system. And if it actually gets lost, the process to get insurance money back is a real PIA.

Don’t get me started, an example, every year that there is a drought here in California they raise the water rates, then when we have plenty of rain and water they leave the increased rates in place, next drought? they’ll raise the already raised rates again… it’s the same with everything from fed, to state, to local…

Dewd bro. Welcome to the wild and wacky world of government postal services. I am constantly getting shafted by USPS. They never actually deliver my packages either. I always have to wait an EXTRA day to go pick it up. I paid $100 for next day shipping on a $1500 camera lens because I needed it quick. Well they shipped it to my neighbor then picked it up then held it at a USPS facility. it took me two extra days to get my lens. I had to go rent the lens I needed because USPS messed up so bad. I double checked my address and everything. Don’t even get me started on FED EX. They ended up costing 1100 dollars because they put my truck part out side my neighbors fence and it got stolen. I had to fight them for 3 months to get my part refunded and they still refused to refund my $50 shipping charge.

as with all things nothing is perfect. i have had a few packages over the years routed through calif. even though the package was coming from or going to the east coast and i’m in AZ. this has been a rarity. but for price, convenience, and speed i stick to usps. however, i only use computer printed shipping labels and only use priority mail flat rate boxes. it’s more consistent.

I was once waiting for a package via pony express and got put off because of an oat shortage

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humans. what can you do?

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Gotta stick up for the USPS. I have shipped literally hundreds of packages through YYE and ebay. I have had only one problem to date. It was with a transaction with a well-known forum member on YYE. I sold a bunch of high-grade yo-yo’s and happily sent them off. The tracking number showed it at the sorting facility in Portland; then leaving Portland. It then never showed up at the destination.

We waited a few weeks like the post office said - and still no package. I filed a Lost Mail report with the Post office, like they said to; and then refunded the $ the YYE buyer had paid for items that never showed up. Drat…

I chalked it up to fate and promptly forgot about it. About a month later, I get an email from the YYE buyer that the yo-yo’s had finally arrived! (Totally cool BTW). The Post Office contacted me a day later to inform me that they had resolved the Lost Mail issue; the item had been delivered and that they hoped I was happy. I was.

The USPS may be slow at times, but they are a quality organization. Trust the process and make sure you have tracking information.

My 0.02.


Another thumbs up for USPS.
I have received and sent many yoyo related items… and non yoyo related items over the years. Yoyo stuff since 1998 and anything/everything else for the last 50 years.
In 18 years; I have had 2 yoyo problems: 1 lost yoyo and 1 damaged yoyo.

Over 50 non yoyo related years= 1 problem. Package delivered to the Wrong person. And they didint want to give it back. Once I took a Postal Marshal over to see them; I got the package back😁

Btw… The USPS delivered 160 billion pieces of mail last year. Approx. 47 percent of All mail delivered on the ENTIRE Planet.

Not too shabby

That’s it


I have over 1000 ebay transactions and several hundred outside of ebay on here and yyn. Pretty much all with USPS. One damaged yoyo is the only problem I ever had that needed resolution (and YYE quickly replaced it for me :)). A couple other items seemingly lost in transit eventually made it to me. (I was the buyer in yoyogeezer’s story).

I’d give yet another positive nod towards USPS.


Yeah USPS sure does a lot of pinballing, but it gets there eventually.

As a whole I like USPS but it is our local carrier that is the pits. At least once a week, they give us someone else’s mail or deliver ours to the wrong address.

USPS is purty cool if your willing to wait…

No joke… I seriously must have cursed myself, lol>>

I was expecting a package from Japan. It made it to the States… then it made it to California… Then it died in Customs for awhile. Then on Thursday night the tracking said the Package had left Los Angeles at 11:22 pm. Then the next morning(Friday) at 9:22 am; tracking said the package was on its way to San Pedro(30 minutes from my front door).

Then today(Saturday) again; at 9:22 am; the tracking said the package was on its way to San Pedro again.

So basically; the package has been on its way to my house for almost 3 days. From 22 miles away.

I called the Post Office directly(I have an inside number that people actually answer🤓). Gave the tracker to the “Boss” and was told that the package is most likely ‘Still’ in Los Angeles because they could not verify a “departure” scan on their data/timeline.

… Suspence Theater.


See what happens when I talk nice?

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Lol. Me and you both doc!

Update… as of this morning; the tracking info says that my package arrived at the Los Angeles distribution center.

The package left ‘there’ (supposidely) on Thursday🙀

So that means it either: never left Los Angeles or it made it to San Pedro and didn’t get offloaded and took a ride back to Los Angeles.


Hey… at least I know it’s somewhere

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The USPS does know we have been saying nice things about them; …right?


Big Brother is always watching… :o

You must mean Russia?