Happy ending to scary mail delivery problem

Hey guys, sad yoyo story incoming…

I have a collector friend that I periodically buy yoyos from. I have no idea what he sends, he just selects a bunch from his collection and sends them my way. I am a sophomore in college and the mail system isn’t great. You need swipe access to the building so often packages are left outside of the door unattended. To mitigate concerns about theft, I asked that the packages (2) be sent certified so that if there was no one there to sign for it I could go to the local post office and pick it up.

Lo and behold, both packages are delivered yesterday morning, Saturday 10/19, at 8:32 AM. Packages are brought to the house office where they are sorted and then we can pick them up with our student ID. I received no notification yesterday or today so I went to speak with the building manager and they are nowhere to be found.

I am guessing that whoever took the packages has no idea what they are and they’re probably going in the garbage. I will be on the lookout for 50-60 2000-2008 era metal yoyos online. If anyone sees a lot of these in the same place I am happy to pay a big finder’s fee. I asked what he sent me and will update when I know.

TLDR: 50ish 2000-2008 era yoyos were presumably stolen from outside of my dorm and if you see any suspicious collections popping up online I am paying a sizeable finder’s fee.


That sucks. Hope you can find them:)


I got eyes on EBay for you @mrciurleo! Sorry to hear that happened!


They are insured?


That sucks Matt. I’m curious though, were the packages actually signed for?


Hopefully they weren’t actually delivered yet. I’ve had packages listed as delivered, but then they show up a day or two later. Put up a list, once you have it, here and on FB BST so you have more eyes on the lookout. Either way, good luck!


Delivered and possibly went back with the driver. No record until off the truck.


Id check the post office just to be safe.

Its happened to me before where it says the packages is delivered and its nowhere to be scene and its just been in the post office, without any notice. Id check there before losing all hope


Yes this. I’ve had packages reported as delivered that I didn’t receive, and the post office eventually found them after I contacted them.

I also had a bunch of mail stolen by some USPS employees, and they were all reported as delivered. That’s another story, but again reporting the missing packages/mail eventually led to the right outcome.

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That’s what I’m going to try to find out tomorrow. More times than not there are packages left outside because deliverymen can’t get in. There are 400ish people in my dorm and I’m guessing my 2 were among a bunch delivered in the morning… will report back

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@Dino_Trucks @ryanmcg I will be at the post office tomorrow and this would be great. I’ve personally never had this happen on either end of hundreds of transactions but I guess there’s a first for everything.


At least 3 times in this past year(or less); I’ve received texts from the USPS; stating that my package has been delivered.

All 3 times; the package was not where they said it was.

One of those times I was literally at the service window; asking the counter person to check a tracking number for me? She said it is currently in route to your address. While she was talking to me; I got a text saying that the package was just delivered; not only to my address but handed to the resident at the front door.

When I left my house about 10 minutes before; my girl was on the front porch; feeding our squirrels(Chucky and Nugget). My porch is on an elevated lot(17 steps to the top). I have an extended porch with a swinging bench, stantions, hanging plants, etc… ‘We’ can look down at anything ‘coming up’ the steps.

I immediately told the the counter person about my text. From the counter; I called Karen and asked her if ‘ANYBODY’ delivered ‘ANYTHING’ since I left the house? She said ‘no’; nobody from any delivery service; has even come down the street. And that nobody handed me anything; period.

I told the counter person that my girl was right at the top of the steps and if anybody would have even approached the porch; that the squirrels would have instantly ran up the tree!

So… she pulled the tracking number up in the system and amazingly; it said the package was out for delivery🙀. But assured me it was on the truck.

She said if it doesn’t come by tomorrow; check back with us.

I asked her to do something for me. I asked her to go to the back and check ‘Ron’s’ area because sometimes he leaves to his route extra early and misses a few items that should have left with him.

She was gone for about 12 minutes. And then; here she comes around the corner; with. stupid look on her face… and my package.

…Another package said ‘delivered’ and I was home All day and we didn’t even see the mailman. Turns out the package was delivered to 749; it on the North end of town.

I went to the house; personally and asked the people if they had received a package with my name on it; accidentally? The woman told me, ‘finders keepers; losers weepers’. We keep what they bring us.

I told her, ‘ We will see who is weeping when I come back. I told the story to the Post Office. And an Actual Postal Inspector happened to overhear my story and went back to the house with me.
As soon as they realized that Funtime was over; they gave him my package…

I could go on for quite awhile…

I still believe that most delivery services and pretty reliable(delivering well over 90 percent+ of their packages.

But when they screw up; boy they really screw up.

…One package(in another instant) was delivered directly to me. I specifically said and paid for; release only with signature of stated recipient. I am just standing in front of my house; and a mailman that has never seen me in his life; stops at the bottom of the stairs and hands me this package. I asked him where do I sign? He said, ‘That’s ok; I know you got it’. I mentioned to him that he doesn’t even know who I am. How does he even know I live there? He laughed and said, ‘That’s ok’.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

Matt; I hope they just screwed up and still have your packages in the system?


Update: They are not at the post office and the clerk told me their computers show that the packages went out.

The school I go to has a central mail center, but as I mentioned there are packages left outside of the main door to the building I live in on a somewhat regular basis. The only thing I can think of is that the USPS might deliver their mail to the main center whereas some of these (relatively) smaller couriers might attempt to leave the deliveries at the door of each building. Either way, mail sorting happens on Saturday (and possibly Sunday as I’ve seen people in the office) and they’re still not here.

Thanks for all the kind replies and fingers crossed :slight_smile: I hate jumping to conclusions but a few friends have already had their packages lifted this year :cold_sweat:


"Federal Laws on Mail Tampering

Because the United States Postal Service is a federal agency, mailboxes are considered federal property, and mail theft is charged as a federal offense. If you are charged with mail theft, you could face up to five years in federal prison and fines of up to $250,000."

Perhaps a “gentle” reminder posted in the dorm won’t hurt.

BTW, I am sure there is a camera CCTV at the entrance. This would be an easy one to review.


It appears there may be a happy ending. I traced the four places in my city the packages could be and I’m hopeful they’ll turn up in one of the middle two (not the post office or my dorm building). The fact alone that USPS doesn’t leave packages outside of the buildings makes me think the packages will show up :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed for you @mrciurleo! :crossed_fingers:


Same here!

I’m running possibilities of who the seller is through my mind…

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that’s great!!

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Happy final update: The packages were recovered and it was not the fault of the sender or USPS. A bit embarrassed that I jumped the gun, but after seeing packages stolen from in front of the building this year I was a bit concerned. Happy ending :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Cool! What happened?

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