Help me out!!!

Alright guys this ones a tough one!!

So I have recently had my first trade and it went pretty smooth I thought his part showed up no problem… And about 2 days ago he said mine never came… I told him it’s be there and I have tracking on it. So I went and checked and it said the package was delivered two days ago… He is telling me he never got it… And I’m in no means calling him a liar and I’m actually inclined to believe him but the usps told me it was delivered and there is nothing more they can help me with… He told me if he doesn’t get it soon he is goons change my feedback to negative and say I scammed him I told him I’m doing everything I can to figure out where it is but I don’t know what to do obviously something needs to be done help me out??? Do I send it again another 15$ and two more throws to equal what I had?? Or what?? Leave me suggestions please!!!

I’m not sure what you should do you could send him a link to the tracking information and show him that the usps says it was deliverd but i dont know what you shouild do really

I did he said it was my problem and I have to fix it…

Well I dont know what else you can to try pm gregp or studio42 because there both forum experts maby they have some ideas

What is the tracking number?

Let’s just say he is lying. Hypothetically. He would receive 4 yoyos. But let’s say he’s telling you the truth. It’s not your problem and it’s not his. It’s USPS problem. Ask USPS to find out who delivered it. If you can get the deliverer to match up the person he/she delivered it to you can tell if he is lying or not. Or you could ask the guy you traded with to ask his neighbor if they received it by accident. That happened to me before. Let me know how it goes.

Something like this has happened to me, but the tracking said that it was “in transit,” and it stayed like that.

I don’t want to get too in depth to this particular case, but if you purchased a yoyo from a company and it was sent with tracking, if that tracking says the throw has been delivered then you eat the cost of that yoyo unless the company is fantastic. I know because I’ve had this experience several times. One company actually offered up a replacement throw when this happened to me, which was truly spectacular (although I declined that offer), but the other companies I’ve had this happen from (only one was another yoyo company and was not YYE) didn’t even consider sending a replacement. As far as they were concerned they’d completed their end of the bargain. In fact I contacted them solely to ask if they’d had the packages returned as I, as the buyer, had no proof I had not received the products.

In the instance of a trade I would recommend coming to a more amicable arrangement if the tracking truly says the package was delivered and it is not forthcoming after a few days. I would hope the two parties could settle at say splitting the cost.

USPS should have regular delivery people on the same route for certain days so that’s where I would start. Go to your USPS store and have them contact the receiving hubs store way they can talk with the delivery person on the day the tracking says it was delivered.

I’ve had packages on front porch, back porch, blown across the street, one even blown back behind my shrubs which was found months later, at neighbors, etc… Really no telling and that’s why I’d ask the courier them self.

Thanks all we worked out a deal I took the advice and split it with him thanks again!!!

Glad you guys could work it out

Don’t ask me to get involved. My solution involves a home visit, a battering ram, duct tap, a 4-pound sledge hammer(long handle), some damp sponges, a car battery with jumper cables and a box cutter.

Oh sorry about that. Still extra warped from the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.


My local carrier has told me about carriers NOT delivering packages yet scanning them as delivered. It could be a lazy carrier or a mis-delivery. You do need to contact the local post office where it was handled before being out for delivery, or at least contact your local branch or office where it was taken in.

The best way to handle such issues is to have a delivery method requiring a signature. While not foolproof, it ensures it went into someone’s hand and often if not deliverable at the residence, is held at the post office until it could be picked up. Anyone with the slip could claim the package though.

Then again, if it’s like at my house, UNLESS I check the mail, I won’t get my stuff. Not to go into “sharing too much information mode”, but my wife hides all the mail. I got my business license and DBA renewal notices 9 months late, just as one of many examples. This is coupled with this scenario:
Me: Where is “insert object here”?
Wife: I put it away.
Me: Then where is it?
Wife: I don’t know.

Kinda defeats the whole concept of “put away”, doesn’t it?

Another time, I bought some yoyos from Haru Ray, and the package was delivered to my neighbors. The neighbors weren’t paying attention and opened it, couldn’t identify the object and I guess after being “what the…” looked to see they got my package by accident and brought it over I guess the next day or two. Stuff happens.

No system is perfect. Let’s everyone calm down a bit. Let’s let this take another week to resolve itself. Step 1 is that the package shows delivered. The recipient claims “not delivered”. Let’s contact the post office to investigate this to initiate the process. While this goes on, other things may resolve itself: neighbors might contact each other and get the item into the intended person’s hands.

I know this issue is considered resolved. I’d still try to get the USPS involved to see if there’s any issues.

If I had provided a tracking number to a buyer, and the buyer calls it my problem, threatens negative feedback, etc…, then I am VERY suspicious of that buyer. He/she need to go to their local PO and talk the the manager and the carrier. You did all you could - it had tracking.

I have had packages marked as delivered, but not. It is very rare. The only thing that you can do to be sure is mail with signature confirmation, which is what I do with all expensive purchases, and I make the sender agree to the same thing. Costs a few extra bucks, and maybe not worth it on small-dollar purchases.

I believe insurance is cheap, but I do not know how easy/hard it is to pry insurance money from the PO’s hands.

I would not have paid the other person half, or done anything else (unless that seller was a long-time,
well-known and trusted person on the forum), because there is no way to tell if I was being scammed. The PO is still pretty stinkin’ reliable, considering how much traffic they have.


New USPS I think includes $50 of insurance on all Priority Mail as well as free delivery confirmation.

Having never had to make a claim to any carrier, I cannot claim any experience with this process. I’ve heard it can be nightmarish.

I know that this is resolved, but I will comment anyway, because there are some points not previously expressed by others.

If I give the buyer tracking, and the package is scanned “delivered,” my part of the deal has been fulfilled. It’s not my problem if you live in a high crime area, apartment building where anyone can access your mail, or your packages are left sitting outside for someone to steal them. The most I would do as a seller, is handle communication with USPS, to track down the carrier for that specific day and time, and have a supervisor ask him/her if they remembered a box delivered to so and so buyer at this address. The only reason I would do that, is because USPS prefers to deal with the sender (the person who paid them for their services). If you catch it within a few days, the carrier will likely remember. If they remember, and it was delivered…not my problem as the seller. If they do not remember at all…still not my problem as the seller, but either way, I put forth the best effort in handling communication. I would ask the mail carrier if that address is in an area known for theft problems, or if the package was left in an area where other people had access. That would help me figure out what may have happened. No way will I agree with any solution to this, that will enable or encourage buyers to scam by saying “It was tracked and scanned delivered, but I never got it.” I have posted before, about the fact that you can be scammed…by a buyer. I would never, ever, under these circumstances, split the cost either. That may just be another scam for a discount.

Also, be aware that the insurance guarantee on the new Priority mail deals does not apply to theft alleged on an item scanned as “delivered.” The best you can apply for that is relief if the item arrived broken. Unless you have a yo-yo worth $50 or less, it would not entirely solve an issue for you in that case either.

I will put myself in a buyer’s shoes for a bit. The only way I’d be suspicious of a seller, is if the package is scanned “delivered” and we live in the same city. I’d have to think that he waited outside for my package to be delivered, taking a chance that I’m not home, and took his package back after it was scanned. I mean, even in that scenario…how far fetched is that? There should be no suspicion of a seller who mailed a package that was scanned delivered by USPS. Be suspicious of the people in your household, your neighbors, aliens, or mother nature, but not the seller who shipped the yo-yo.

Split the cost? Never.

I have to add that I give many of you a P.O. Box address for more reasons than one. My neighborhood is in the city, but quiet, a lot of retired folks and such. I have nosy neighbors too, so anyone walking across my property would stand out. A thief would have to walk an estimated 50 to 60 feet off the street to get to my doorstep where there might be a package. But, If there is any chance I may not be home to get a box when it arrives, I give a P.O. Box address. The post office is 2 minutes away, and the box will sit at the post office until I pick it up. I don’t have any mail issues, but there are people who know they do, who take no steps to ensure safe delivery of their mail.

Based on my feelings about this, there is a good chance, in my mind, that you got scammed by a buyer. I can’t wait until you guys exchange feedback, so I can look at your profile and figure out who it was you dealt with. They actually threatened to give you a negative? I can’t wait to see who it is. I think that was pretty low…my honest feelings on it.

If you were comfortable splitting the costs, by all means that’s great, but if you did it to avoid a bogus negative feedback, you should not have. With tracking scanned “delivered” I’d write to YoyoExpert myself and ask him to remove it. Period. I can’t wait to see who this is.

Brandon19… First you did the right thing and then you did the wrong thing.

You sent the yoyo with ‘tracking’ and the tracking number identified the package as delivered? And then you ‘worked things out with the other party by splitting the cost’?

BEFORE you read the following information, make absolutely Positive that you sent the package to the Correct address? Make sure the guy you traded with did not give you the wrong mailing address? If>>>> he Gave you the Wrong address accidentally, everything from that point is a Fail! Once you have Confirmed he sent you the correct address and you ‘Put the right addy on the box, then continue to read the following’

(Note; if you wrote down the Wrong address, accidentally, then you failed. Please realize that possibility. Note 2; I Always(always) use my cell phone, to take a clear image of the address label on packages that I am sending. That way I have proof for any assertions that I may have labeled someone’s’ package incorrectly. < You can’t put up a very good defense, if you can’t at least prove you wrote the correct information on the mailing label.)

Postal 101; sit down… Class now in session>

Brandon, Vegabomb asked you for the tracking number? Unless you PM’d him, I noticed you didn’t provide the Tracker???

Did you Double check the mailing address? The package you sent could have gotten to the Destination, but if he gave you or you put the wrong Address on the box, then the package could have actually been delivered… But to the wrong address.

Questions of ‘delivery’ have to be initiated by the sender. You need to call 1 800 275 8777. When the Automated voice starts yapping about stuff, just keep saying ‘Customer service’. < the recording will give you Options… Just Repeat, ‘Customer service’. Suddenly you will get a Live person on the line.

You say this, ’ Hello, I am very concerned about a delivery. I mailed a package to an address. I sent it Priority(or whatever) and I have the tracking number, right here. The Online USPS Tracking states the Package has been delivered, but the intended Recipient says ‘the package never arrived’? Here is the Tracking number, ‘____ ____ ____ ____ ____’. What do I need to do in order to have this Package tracking reviewed, to verify that the package did indeed get to the ‘mailed to’ address?

I do not have an identical item to send as a replacement. So I really need to Identify the actual Location of this package.

If the person you talk to seems to care less… Be nice… Then ask for a Supervisor. (Always make sure at the beginning of the conversation, that you get the name of the person you are talking to. Have a pen and paper and Write their name down. Don’t try to remember it. Once you get their name, address them by name. If you talk to the Postal employee by name, they are more likely to not get snotty with you. Stay very calm and polite. < the person you are talking to! did not have anything to do with your missing package. If you ask for help, nice, there is a very good chance you will find the person willing to Help figure out what went wrong?

… Brandon, I would not have ‘worked anything out’ before having the facts sorted out. A threat of negative feedback is not as important as first sorting out ’ all available evidence ‘. <Like I have already mention, you have to make sure he gave you the correct address and you mailed it to the correct address? The Tracking info will tell the postal service Exactly what address they delivered the package to. If it was accidentally delivered to the wrong address, they can follow up on that. < If a Postal Inspector shows up at somebody’s’ door, they usually give back ‘wrong packages’. It is a Federal Crime to mess with the Mail.

I have been mailing ‘stuff’ anywhere and everywhere for over 45 years. My Favorite Uncle(my Moms’ brother) Jim, just retired from 40 years with the Post office. Uh, you could say, I have heard a few stories and Learned a few things from him, over the years. I would not type all of this for nothing.

1 you use the Postal service. 2 you pay for the Postal services. 3 Then you should not hesitate to ask them for the help you already Paid for.

Giving in to a feedback threat is like putting a band aid on a bullet hole.

…even though you have worked out a deal with the other party, that has No bearing on what I told you. I would Still follow up and call the Post office at that toll free number. I would Refuse to settle for not knowing the Exact final whereabouts of the Package. And I would not give up easy.

Sometimes dealing with the Postal service is like a Game. Everybody likes games, right? Few like losing.

Make an effort to achieve a Result.

Class dismissed.

PS, Verify his Correct address. If you can’t get anywhere or you are just not good on the phone, PM me with all the mailing information(both parties) and the Tracking number and I will ‘see what I can do’. I seldom Fail.


^ Well said.  I don’t want to scare anyone away from dealing on the BST, because it is all what you make of it, and it has overall been a positive experience for me.  But in the OP’s case, he should be aware that a total of “7” posts on the forum, a very new member, one very recent feedback, along with him not being well known in the community, makes him “easy pickins” and “easy prey” for someone who wants to pull a fast one.  Most people are not that way, but some people like that exist.

Please read the forum rules carefully, especially the BST rules, and read the trader feedback section of the BST, so that you can make yourself better aware of how to protect your interests in these transactions.

Unfortunately, you posted here for help, which was a good move.  But, I don’t think you waited enough time for a breadth of opinion and response, prior to making a decision.  An hour and a half for responses is very little time on here.  While the decision is yours to make, I hate to see people act against their interests, when there are no signs they did anything wrong.  As Yoyodoc stated, I think this deserved far more investigation prior to you offering to settle.

But, if you are happy, everyone else is happy too.  :slight_smile:

Oh, and read every single post that appears in blue (the ones with a tack next to the title), it will go a long way:,9.0.html

Ya the kid lives in Smithtown in New York so you could say it’s a crime area

I always do tracking to prove it was delivered.

If someone says they didn’t get it you have 100% PROOF you shipped it…

Your part is done…

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