Brandonb19, 4 Weeks since I shipped, still received nothing.

On January 9th I orchestrate a deal with Brandonb19 and I ship the next day. I provided a tracking # and it is received by him within a few days.

I ask him if he shipped, to which he replied

A couple days later, I ask him if he’s shipped yet.

to which he replied,

One week later, still nothing.

And again, still nothing.

It’s been a 5 days since that PM and I’ve still received nothing in the mail. I don’t believe him to be a scammer but rather someone who can’t get to the post office very often, with that being said, I would have preferred him to say that instead of telling me he’s been shipping and actually shipping and actually actually shipping.

He said he shipped something to me 3 times… And when i posted about it he said he would do something about it, after one pm witch i responded to i got nothing else from him.

Hmmm… Jbritter had an issue with him, and modman10…now a third person. His feedback is all positive though. I’m confused about why his feedback is entirely positive despite these issues. :-\

I had a issue with him too I had to threaten bad feedback in order for him to ship I though it was just a one time mistake on his part but I guess he is doing it to everyone , he got my yoyo I sent in 2 days I got his in 2 weeks maybe its just that he takes his time


Still nothing.

He lied to you, so you might as well leave bad feedback right now, regardless if you get anything in the mail in the future.

I was about to make another deal with him after I received his package then he like vanished. Last pm I got from him a few days ago said he was grounded and he said he’d ship this week for our other deal too lol good thing I haven’t shipped yet.

I’m sure u will eventually get what u asked for just not in the timing u desire.

He messages me back today. Said he shipped too lol funny cuz the severe u traded to him is what he’s trading to me. I still don’t think he’s going to scam u but I he does and I get the severe ill send it back to ya :slight_smile:


True. I received my first package from him though so I have some hope. I haven’t shipped my package yet so I don’t have any worries.

You’re going to send the Severe to OP and send your part of the trade to Brandonb19?

Yup. Why not? Plus I’m pretty confident he will get his package. The post office he uses sucks. I don’t think it’s him.

That’s a very generous thing to do, I applaud you.

Thanks, no one likes being scammed and seeing their yoyo traded around. I’d hope for the same thing to happen to me.

^ What a stand-up guy. The kind of person the yoyo community should be known for.

I must be extremely lucky or something because I never have these kind of problems…

Thanks pal!

I’ve finally received my things.

Funny I received mine today as well, glad everything worked out! Told you so :wink:

The thread is alive…

I made a trade with BrandonB19 and after receiving the poorly packed throw I asked to either swap back or be compensated accordingly. He had offered a cash settlement of $15 to which I did not argue. Just to make it clear packing instructions were given to which I was replied “Yes sir I always do I hate the people who don’t pack it well”.

On 2/13 I was told "I’ll send you 15 bucks in te mail " and “It will be on it’s way tomorrow”.

After a few days I asked if it was inbound “I sent it in the mail so it shouldn’t take to long but no way of knowing…” and “Ok ill ship it in an padded envelope so there are no questions I’m so tired of this!!! It will be at your house Wednesday at the latest”.

Why are we continuously sending cash in the mail?

yeah that’s not very honest, but you will get your money.