Shipping first - Split from WARNING: CLYWcollector & Addicted2yoyo.

I agree with the above. Wow, things were quiet in the Trader Feedback part of the forum for a bit, but I guess the scammers are back in action…full force. Thanks for the heads up.

This is a side question, but I have some good people in here who can answer this for me. Why do people say “ship first?” Someone can send you a rock in a box with tracking, so does it really matter that they “ship first?” When I deal with someone with little feedback, I let them know that I don’t trade yo-yos, unless I receive and inspect theirs first. It would take longer to do the deal, but I’ve been afraid of getting a rock in a box. Am I from another planet, or has anyone thought the same thing? It just always confused me. :-\ I just don’t see how “ship first” will really protect you.

I have never traded yo-yos…unless it was in person, as you might have guessed. :smiley: I buy or sell only.

Having the other user ship first allows you to receive the package, then pay them, so you can thoroughly check the yoyo in person, and so you know for certain they are not a scammer.

But when trading yo-yos even I mean (a throw for a throw). They usually trade yo-yos and ship theirs a day or two after they see the tracking number provided by the other party as described above. I never understood it. They never say ship first, and when I get yours…I’ll ship mine out. If they don’t wait to receive it, they could get a rock in a box.

There is no point in shipping after getting just the tracking. If the person is going to ask someone to ship first, the person with higher feed back should always wait for the package to arrive first before sending theirs out.

Okay, just confirming that is what should take place. I’m just hearing a lot otherwise, and want to make people aware that getting tracking only means they shipped “something,” not necessarily a yo-yo. Thanks.

Also, the tracking number usually does not disclose destination, so it could be a whole other package nothing to do with the trade.


That’s how I got scammed once!

Like Wes and felipe said, having someone ship first then ship only when receiving the tracking number is a waste. Who knows what you’ll get.

If the situation seems shady, I just have them ship first, then wait for the package to arrive (if it ever does) if you’re a newbie, you’re better off buying for awhile until you get your trade count up and your presence known in the forums, then I’d recommend trading with people who’ve already traded a lot or are well known.

That’s good advice above. I was a buyer in the beginning or traded things with practically no value, like YYE cards. Then, after I had several transactions, I put something up for sale myself. I am usually shocked when I see people sell before they’ve bought anything.

I agree that if I traded with someone with no feedback, their stuff would have to ship and arrive at my doorstep before I go to the post office to mail mine. If a newbie really wants to make a deal, they will still do it and make the effort, even if the transaction takes another 4 days to complete.

Like Felipe said, tracking will only show you that something has been sent “somewhere,” so not only might you get a rock in a box…you have no idea where the rock will end up. :smiley:

Oh the joys and woes of commerce.

If someone has less than me I never ship until I receive it. If they don’t like that they can do business elsewhere.

What if it’s like, one feed back less lol

One feedback less…might get a pass :smiley:

But seriously, I’m curious of something and I’ll tell the story first. I was looking for a mint item on the BST. I looked at a guy’s feedback quickly and nothing stood out, so I sent a PM. It was the weirdest thing, but when I looked at the feedback again, there was a neutral on there that I missed. The long details of the neutral were that the person did not ship an item mint as it was described. Not only that, but the person never owned up to it. Before the person wrote me back about the offer, I PMed telling him apologizing, and telling him to disregard my message about being interested. He then wrote me back as I was honest, telling him that it was due to his feedback that I changed my mind. He wanted to try to work something out, but I went as far as to tell him that there was no way the deal would go forward, unless he was going to ship first and get paid later. I didn’t expect him to do that of course, or even like that I said it, but it was truly the only way the deal would be done under the circumstances. He was not too happy about it and stated that if it was not as described, I can make a Paypal claim so he didn’t really know what the big deal was. Then, I explained that at this point in my BST career, I don’t even want to put myself in a position to file a claim with Paypal, because that must be a “process” and I don’t want to wait for any “process.” Me and this other person would be going back and forth stating our best argument to Paypal, and I’d have to hope they see it my way. Where I’m at these days, is I see a red flag and avoid it no matter what. I try not to be too anxious to buy a throw that I compromise my trading standards. I sincerely told the guy that he was better off resolving that neutral feedback with that person, who has a ton of feedback, so he can move on in the BST. This is an item where I was looking for a collector type of yo-yo…a truly mint condition and smooth throw. I was not going to take a risk buying it from someone with a history of not sending an item as described. I was not going to feel like I made a gamble on it.

It happened to me before. I bought a mint Dingo in the BST. I received it and it had damage, not in collector condition at all. It had like a few scratches and a flat spot or something. I paid to ship it back, and I insured it too, because now I was responsible for the yo-yo that I don’t even want. He could always say it came back to him broken, so no refund. So it cost me shipping and insurance to get it back to him. He gave me a refund, but it was a pain, cost me money, inconvenience and I didn’t want to go through all that again.

So, I have to ask, has anyone filed a Paypal claim? If so, how long did it take to resolve? I’ve filed disputes on Ebay, and they take a while to resolve, over a week or more, but I have to say, they always have forced the other party to pay or ship (that is always the reason). I’m not sure about Payapal. Ebay owns Paypal…I’m just not sure how the process works when the transaction is outside of Ebay.

Thoughts? Answers?

Hah, you tried to snatch the TiWalker on the BST.
The guy didn’t even respond to me, I guess he doesn’t want to sell it much :slight_smile:

Depending on how the purchase is made, the claim can be impossible, it has to be actually a registered product sale, not a transfer of money (gift), so watch out for that.

I saw the same TiWalker. As soon as I saw no price posted, I figured he was looking for an appraisal. A serious seller quotes a price right on the listing and maybe say “negotiable.” Otherwise, those posts are never serious to me. “Offer” is just people trying to find out what their collection is worth, in my opinion.

I definitely would not send as a gift.

This may be a little late… I just read this thread. I never thought about someone taking the time to ship a rock, but I’m sure there are scammers that would. I’ve been really lucky and pleasantly surprised with this forum. Reading this made me laugh and think about this -

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Is this the same CLYWcollector from YouTube?

Idk why ship first

What? Seriously, you need to write full sentences or nobody will ever understand you.

Srry I won’t reply