Fishy behavior from YOYO_NEWBe

YOYO_NEWBe who has a boatload if amazing feedback(;u=32387) and I did a trade.
888 for tornad-yo. We planned to BOTH ship on Feb 3rd. I shipped, he sent me a message saying “Shoot I’m so sorry! I got so lost yesterday I completely spaced t! I’ll ship today I promise I’m so sorry!”. Next day, “Hey shipped! But I’m out right now I’ll send you tracking when I get home or tomorrow because I’ll be out late!”
Asked for tracking and then on the 7th “I said, still not here”
He said
“Wait it still hasn’t got there?.. So I lost the tracking but I figured everything was good cause it should’ve easily been there already…” “I am out of town for the weekend so I can’t check my mail but maybe I wrote something wrong on the box or my handwriting was to messy… So it might of come back to my house… It’s happened before so let me check and if it has then I’ll ship again on Monday and make sure I don’t lose the tracking and I’ll add some stuff but maybe it is just taking extra time for some reason? I’m so sorry!”

I thought, seems legit. But he seems like he is over reacting for it not coming a day late.

We chatted a bit, nice guy he is.

Then on the 9th. It happened.
It didn’t come, so I shot him a txt, hey, it didn’t come.

Funny thing is, it didn’t deliver. This is probably because the phone is off or he blocked my number.
I sent him a pm a few minutes later saying “Hey, the package didn’t come.”

He replied and said “Yeah sorry my phone has been taken haha gotta love moms. It was sitting in my mailbox with a mistake I guess so can i have your addy again and I’ll ship it tomorrow!? thanks!”

Note I never said anything about my txt to him. Not a big deal, not to fishy, just a tad bit weird.

I asked him what the mistake was and so on(sloppy writing)

The weird thing was on 9th he said he got it.

That just seems to fast. Way to fast. I had a letter go in a loop for two months.

So with those things in mind, on the 12(he said he would ship it today or tomorrow on the 10th, got nothing from him) I let him know my concerns. I let him know I knew it was a unstable prediction and that I was sorry for coming off so sharply, but that I wanted a photo of the package and tracking by saturday. That gave him two days. Plenty of time.

Sent those messages about 10 am. He was online the same day at 5:13
No reply since, hasn’t been on since.

Kinda bummed. I’ll be checking my mail Monday and hoping for the best.

He is such a nice guy I would hate for him to loose his reputation over a 888. I mean, if your gunna scam someone, go out with a bang bruh.

Also, his mom still has his phone…
I mean “has his phone”
" "

Go out with a bang lol.

This is an odd one, for sure. :-\ No matter how much feedback a person has, when your feedback is significantly higher, make them ship first. Make no exceptions. Not only is yours higher, but you have product for sale in the store, and run a legit string company. I hope this works out.

What kind of 888 was it?

I had a deal with him not too long ago and it went smoothly so I really don’t think scam, just a student that has who knows what else going on that didn’t do perfectly with a trade. And yeah, if you did scam, I would hope you go big lol.

I thought he was a really amazing nice person. He took a lot of time talking with me and all.
Heading off to the Post Office with high hopes.

I mean, over 30 feedback you would think…

A black one. It was like. BLACK.

You have more than 20 feedback over what he had, not just a little over. You have your product in the store, and you’re sponsored by a company with product in the store. Push your weight around in that BST and insist they ship to you first. This might work out, but you know, in the future. :wink:

Ok ok. I will.

I can’t help but ask if it was a 2007 model.

I have no clue. I think it was 2010?
Why did you trade for it? Cause it’s beat up.

have you considered weather as a factor? recently i have gotten some packages late due to snow. :wink:

He lives in Utah. LEMME check the weather up there.
Sunny shinning today’s yeah yeah yeah.

He hasn’t been on here for 5 days, so maybe he got grounded or something.
I hope.

He is a really cool guy So idk whats going on with him?

Dannng. It didn’t come.
Dis not cool Bruh.

Still nothing. Called his phone, it is disconnected.

Wjy are you friends with like all fishy bst-ers

Probably a long shot but did you email him? His email is listed in his profile.

Cause I give them free yoyos.

Yeah I’ll do that now.