VERY weird situation with ilik2bike07

so a while back we arranged a trade, and i sent him a near mint TFL for his skyline and another plastic for a filler. his yoyos were in this thread.,20943.msg211603.html#msg211603

it’s two years later and neither of us have received our yoyos.
i didn’t track it for literally the first time in so long, which i guess it was my fault. but we both claim to have shipped. i did ship, and i dont see why he wouldn’t have too. his account over on the nation had lots of positive feedback so yeah.

i’m not really looking for a solution because its evident that i’m never getting my tfl back but just wanted to tell everybody.

If you both did not use tracking, then it is a lost cause. I am pretty sure that tracking is free now a days.

If you did ship, with no tracking, then he might just of said he never got the package. You did not receive because me might of never sent a package. It is all speculation. I find it very odd that he has zero feedback. Well, I do not feel weird that this problem happen because he has zero feedback. Good luck in getting your problem resolved.

I would have made him ship first if he actually had zero feedback. on here he has no feedback, but over on the nation he had quite a bit of feedback if i remember correctly.

neither of us did do tracking though.

uploaded is a picture of his trade feedback on the nation.
the last 3 trades were all scams. they were in july of 2011 and i traded with him in january.


Sounds like you got scammed bud. Maybe you were the first.He never sent his, but he did receive yours. Just lied and said he didn’t. with no tracking you can’t really prove otherwise, but you know thats what happened.

So what’s the point of bringing this up 2 and a half years later, regarding a guy who hasn’t been on here in a little over 2 years?

there really is no point i guess. sorry about that lol. feel free to delete if you want, i just thought maybe someone that saw this might know something about him.
EDIT: and his email doesn’t work anymore so nevermind.

Yeah, this guy scammed me a while ago too. Pretty hard, I might add.

Doesn’t he live in Connecticut? If he does, then that’s pretty close to where I live.

Wanna finish him up for us?

He got me for an ILYY fury. Sorry to say, Ben, he probably hit you too.

Pretty sure I can take him :wink: What’s his address? No one will care if you give out the address of a scammer.

brandan clark
62 omelia rd.
broad brook CT 06016

Reading back through, I should have known he was a scammer.

Oh the differences three years can make.

Holy crap, I have a friend named Brendan Clark lol, he’s not much of a YoYoer though.

but is he? you should go to his house and get my tfl from him hahahahaha

Yea, he lives further away from my house than I thought, and I doubt my parents would drive me lol

ahhh fair enough. i go to ct a lot so i might actually stop by his house sooner or later…

You do? Stop by my house too lol

ill pick you up hahahaha

I think I traded with him a couple times through YYN. I know this doesn’t help at all so… I guess I shouldn’t have brought it up. :wink:

That address is probably his grandmas so his grandma gets in trouble LOL