Watch out for yoyolegacy!!!!

Last week, yoyolegacy offered me a g5 for my tactic. I decided to go through with it, but I guess that was a bad idea. I sent off my tactic with a tracking number, and I waited for him to respond. The next day, I sent him the tracking number, and that is the last that I heard from him. He gets on, and I send him message after message, but he will not respond. I checked the tracking number I gave him, and he got it. It was delivered on tuesday. Even now he won’t respond. I lost my tactic because he scammed me out of it. I am done with yoyoing for now too (that was my only throw :frowning: :’( :(). If he changes accounts, here is part of his address:
3 CR 153 (I won’t give the rest to respect his privacy).
I may have lost my tactic, but at least I can warn everyone.

The attachment is the tracking # proof that I sent it.

Sooo sad.
One less AK yoyoer. (Where there many to start with?)
Does this guy have no shame? :’( :’(

look!!! he cant change his name but can make an account, yoyoexpert can watch there ip log so if they see another account wich is ageanst the rules they will ban him and we will all force him to give the yoyo back. trust me its possible

I traded my psp to him and never got my yo-yos, he strted to make excuses and I never heard back for 3 weeks !!! Yoyolegacy is untrustworthy

he said he’d send me a PGM but never did haha. I never sent anything yet so its alll good.

He is spolse to be sending me a superstar so I will see if that happens, Hopefully he does.

I don’t know, i was makeing a trade with him a yoyotower for a pgm. He specifically said he was haveing problems with his post office and the shipping was back up so he insisted he shipped first. He also said he didn’t have regular access to internet

I also gave him my e-mail address because he told me he can message me from his phone, but I got nothing. Not even a message that he sent it out.

That is exactly watt happened to me

Pm’d :slight_smile:

While I don’t like the fact that there are scammers in this world, it makes me :)happy ;D that there are people like LCW11635 and Apetrunk: people who look after fellow yoyoers, and share some of the same feelings!

I can’t believe someone would scam EVER

Wow. Don’t trade with yoyolegacy. He’s not trustworthy. So now we know. Nice job scamming people yoyolegacy. :stuck_out_tongue: