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After reading he was trustworthy from yoyo1197, We agreed to me buying his crucial a la mode for $65.00 and I gave him an extra $7 for shipping (tracking was implied) on July 2nd. I used paypal and he got his money in about 5 min. He was suppose to send it on Tuesday July 3rd. Friday rolled around and no yoyo so I sent him an email asking where it was. He only replied that he sent on that Friday. Tuesday july 10th rolled around and still no yoyo so I sent him another email. No reply. Check his last log in on his page and he has been on but refused to reply. No communication. Tried to send letter to yoyo1197 to help this problem and the account was closed. Yoyo2911 may have padded a couple of accounts in order to scam. Not sure. Opened a dispute with Paypal on Wednesday July 11th for a full refund. I’m not the only one this has happened to but on others they eventually got there yoyos or pieces of them. Not this time and I seen that new trades are now popping up of other dissatisfied trades. Stay away!

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Good to know,

thanks. :slight_smile:

I sent Friday in a priority box and it wasn’t my fault he got half of a yoyo package ripped in mail I am sending him something else to make up for it if u don’t mind calling me again ghost 8982

i delt with yoyo2911 awhile bak flawless. no probs what so ever if a package doesnt arrive in a week u shouldnt freak out. give it a little bit usps is running kinda slow right now trying to catch up from the holiday

You want my take on this guy?

I’m the one who gave him the negative feedback that has him all in a twist.

He is trying to work out a deal with me to have the negative feedback removed but yet he still has not got back to me after sending him a pm about it.

I don’t have the excat dates in front of me, but can certainly produce them if needed. I purchased a yoyo from yoyo2911 and paid immediately via paypal, as always. 5 days went by and did not receive a word about the yoyo being shipped. After a pm he got back to me saying “he doesn’t have a car and has to wait until his mother or father take him to the post office, sorry”.

For me: If you are selling something and someone agrees to buy it then pays promptly the seller should reciprocate and ship promptly. If he can’t ship immediately then it should be noted in the transaction. This way you don’t have to guess as to when it’s coming.

Eventually I got the yoyo but only half of it. He sent the yoyo in a business envelope. 9x12 with the two metal clasps at the top that go through the hole and flatten over each side of the hole they go through. To me this is an unexceptable form of shipping. He replyed after I pm’d him that “he ships that way all the time and this is the first time it has happened, sorry” again.

For the RECORD the package was NOT, I repeat, NOT ripped! I have it here right in front of me and will produce pictures upon request if wanted. The seam down the back of the envelope came apart due to what looks like poor quality. The glue line on the paper is right there in plain site where it came apart. I know that the padded USPS envelopes don’t due this. I know that boxes don’t do this and I also know that shipping tubes don’t do that. All of which are far superior means of shipping at only a small increase in price. Which at this point seems like it would have been smarter to utilize in order to protect his feedback status.

I don’t know yoyo2911 on a personal level and I would not pass judgement on him based on that. All I can say is based on the experience I’ve had dealing with him is that his methods need to be watched. Now with another story of similar results coming up, it’s even more so.

The one flicker of light to this story is that he has been willing to make good on the deal. I give him props for that and that in itself leads me to believe he seems to be a straight shooter. Perhaps a bit hap-hazard about it but seems okay.

If he falls of the face of the earth mysteriously then we will all know. If not and he makes good then so be it!

I will follow up with the ending of this, guarantee.


I just had a deal with him. Went flawlessly

I would love to give him the benefit of the doubt but he won’t reply.

Had good deal with him as well. Just took a little to ship but acceptable.

I’m almost completely sure yoyo1197 and yoyo2911 are different people. 1197 and 2911’s posts are very different in personality.

Update: As of right now the situation is on a very short leash.

But so far yoyo2911 seems to be true to his word and has plans to make good.

I will let everyone know when the situation ends.

yoyo1197 is my best friend we both live in same town we may some of same throws bc we both trade with each other alot

Here’s a little update about yoyo2911 and my recent situation “buying” from him.

After saying that he was ready to rectify the situation he made a verble agreement with me for a solution. Now, no surprise to me, he’s stating that there’s no deal because his mother “won’t let him ship anymore”.

This is typical of the looong drawn out mess of a deal that I have had with him.

Said I could talk to his mother about the situation but then he logged off.

I feel that it’s the shippers responsibilty to ensure an adequate type of shipping and when it arrives ruined because the package was junk then it should be up to him/her to make good.

I have a case filed with the post office and will also file with paypal as to see if I can be reimbursed.

Few people take responsibility for anything in this world anymore and he is no exception. Plop it in an envelope and good luck not my problem anymore I got paid.

It’s gonna happen again people…just not to me.

Yeah this guys a joke. Big talk and no reply to any of my repeated pm’s or emails. He’s a shame. When he pops up as somebody else watch it.

I know how you feel, I had bought a dv888 at the beginning of the month, still haven’t received it or heard from the guy. and its been 17 days! Said he would be gone on vacation for 10 days like ok, everyone has something to do but 17 days later and still nothing, no pm or anything.

Reviews from someone with almost the same username is def a red flag. Although im sure there are tons of usernames with yoyo in them. Hope it works out for you though.

More bad reports on this guy. Mainly dealing with deals made and no follow through, not actual scams or bad trades.

Careful w/this one.

Bingo! Thats just what this is.

He is a scam artist, we extanged addresses, he said he was going to ship, two weeks after the day he was suppose to ship, I start to send him messages, and he refused to answer them, then after I sent him like 10 messages, he replys, saying “not shipping,I decided to stop yoyoing instead of ship the yoyo, sorry bro”

Do not trade with him, you will be SCAMMED!!!

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Please move this to the Traders Feedback section.
Be careful everyone!

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Yeah this is supposed to be moved.

But be careful with this guy! This is the second thread I’ve seen that said he’s a scammer. I say just don’t trade with him.